55+ Funny Kids Puns and Jokes One-Liner

Often we notice the kids tell or do something that is really funny or rather punny. So, why not encourage our kids to crack some hilarious punny jokes that will make you laugh out louder than ever before. Read on to know some of the best puns on kids.

Kid Puns

  • The teddy bear refused to have the dessert because it was already stuffed.
  • What would you name a dinosaur who loves to sleep? You can call it a dino-snore.
  • Name a thing that has ears but is unable to hear. Cornfield
  • What is the end result of crossing a snow man with a vampire? Frost bite
  • One plate told the other one that the dinner was on it.
  • What made the student eat up his homework copy? Because his teacher told that homework are just a piece of cake.
  • Two mango pickles fell off the jar and then they said to each other to dill with it.
  • The Dalmatian had its dinner saying that the food has hit the right spot.
  • Why did the man cross the road? Of course to get to the other side of the road.
  • How will the vampire address people in his letter? By writing ‘tomb it may concern’.
  • Did you know that 6 is always afraid of 7? It is because 7 ate (8) 9.
  • Which subject was the favourite one of the witch? Spelling 
  • To make a lemon drop, simply let it fall.
  • The limestone got angry at the geologist and said not to take him for granite.
  • What would you call a duck who always scores an A grade? You can call it a quacker who is wise.
  • If the sea gull flies over the sea, then won’t the bagel fly over the bay?
  • Water that cannot get frozen is? Its simple you cannot freeze hot water. 
  • Which tree can fit in your hand? The palm tree.
  • Just imagine what would the science book say to the maths book? It said that the maths book has got a lot problems.
  • The cookie went to see the doctor because it was feeling crummy.
  • Suddenly the baby strawberry started crying saying that its parents got stuck in a jam.
  • The baby corn asked mama corn about the whereabouts of pop corn.
  • Where can you see an elephant? The exact place you left her.
  • You can have a conversation with a giant using big words.
  • The bat is the only animal that always remains in any game of baseball.
  • Name the things that falls every year during the winter but never injures itself. The snow
  • We can always know about the friendly nature of the ocean because of its waves.
  • Name the game that a tornado loves to play. Twister
  • When you act like a nut, the squirrel starts loving you.
  • What is the similarity between false teeth and the stars? Both of them come out at night.
  • When do you come to know that the vampire is suffering from cold? When the vampire starts coffin.
  • What is the favourite snack of the computer? Chips
  • The scientists are known to freshen up their breath with the help of experi-mints.
  • What would a banana say to a dog? Well, don’t you know that a banana can’t talk?
  • One day the nose said to the finger to stop picking on it.
  • What is the time when the time on the clock says 13? It tells you to buy a new clock.
  • Once the cucumber goes through the jarring experience it becomes a pickle.
  • Do you know how to make the octopus laugh? Using ten-tickles.
  • One day the little girl carried a ladder along with to school and said she did that because she wanted to go to high school.
  • What is the name of the bank where the fishes save money? The river bank
  • The elves are known to learn elf-abet when they go to the school.
  • Which is the favourite vacation spot of the pencils? Its pencil-vania.
  • The skeleton couldn’t dance because he had no-body with whom he could dance.
Kid Puns

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