100+ Funny Knife Puns to Make You Laugh

We all use knives mainly for the purposes of cutting vegetables in the kitchen and also for dining purposes. Knives are of different types, including the bread knife, the boning knife, and so on. Here we will be highlighting some intriguing knife puns for you to enjoy.

Funny Knife Puns

  • The last words spoken by my father before he passed away was that my mother should put down the knife since there are only talking about getting a divorce.
  • Chuck does not use knife to cut butter.
  • Instead, he makes use of butter to cut knife.
  • When a Christian missionary access some individuals to come and meet Christ, one of them tells “You first” after taking out a knife.
  • A skeleton having a knife and a mask will be known as a heartless killer.
  • I was invited to dinner by my ex-girlfriend along with her new boyfriend. He said to me “knife to see you”.
Knife Puns
  • One person presented me a knife a few days earlier and told that it was extremely smart.
  • I made certain that the knife did not outsmart me.
  • It’s knife to see you all!
  • What was told by the knife to the other one?
Knife to see you.
  • For what reason did John throw the alarm clock out of his window?
Since it reminded him of a person known as Arnold Clock who was responsible for knife-raping his own life.
  • Your mom happens to be so ugly that she was able to turn a knife into a motionless statue.
  • What is it that is green as well as dangerous?
Kermit having a flip knife. I began to carry in knife following an attempted mugging. My muggings have become much more successful since then.
  • What is a knife joining the track team called?
Blade Runner.
  • What was told by the knife to the tuxedo? .
Looking sharp
  • What happened to the application of the dull knife?
It had been turned down and he simply was not able to make the cut.
  • What is a knife without any purpose called? .
  • For what reason do individuals flee from you in case you possess a knife but charger to in case you possess a gun? .
Because you need to pay an additional charge for possessing guns. I watched the footage of an individual stabbing somebody using a hot knife. It was quite heartwarming
  • What is the favorite knife of a cow?
A moo-chete.
Knife Puns

Knife puns

  • For what reason is a fork more powerful than a knife while you are fighting?
  • Because it happens to be a 4 pronged attack!
  • What are the fresh innovations in the knife technology known as?
Cutting edge technology.
  • My daddy is in the habit of stabbing clocks using his knife.
  • According to him it is an interesting way to kill time.
  • Once I made an attempt to shred cheese using a knife.
  • However, then I came across something grater.
  • My wife requested for a knife which was sharper.
  • The other one simply was not cutting it.
  • Have you heard of the woman who was able to stop a knife fight by making use of cake batter?
  • She definitely took a whisk boldly.
  • When I was not able to find a knife for cutting open the package, I used a CD instead for getting the job done.

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Knife Puns
  • The knife I bought yesterday has got cutting-edge technology.
  • Although I went knife shopping yesterday, I came back empty-handed. Not anyone of them was able to make the cut.
  • I was forced to remove the oldest dagger from my collection of knives.
  • Is simply was not able to cut it any longer.
  • I to the decision to switch to a knife once I started running out of ammunition.
  • At present, they have permanently banned me from the paintball tournament.
  • Have you listened to the particular joke regarding the knife?
  • I need to admit that it was somewhat dull.
  • I expected my new knife to be effective with meats.
  • However, it is simply not cutting it.
  • Although the majority of the individuals having lots of knives appear to be dangerous, they are actually knife people.
  • The person made an attempt of mugging me using a blunt knife the other day.
  • It had been totally pointless.
  • I found out a flourishing knife company.
  • Key to success happens to be the most recent cutting-edge technology used by us.
  • In case you shred cheese using a knife he does not become any greater.
  • Knife sharpening is always going to be a cutting-edge technology.
  • What is the knife which King Arthur uses for cutting his omelettes called?
  • In case you ever get involved in a knife fight with a number of clowns, it will be sensible for you to opt for the juggler. 
Knife Puns

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