100+ Ladder puns that will effortlessly get you high

Can you imagine a world without ladders? You perhaps haven’t given them much assumption. Simple household maintenance activities would be far more difficult for us, and many professions would cease to exist. After all, ladder use is a necessary component of the jobs of roofers, firefighters, landscapers, and construction workers. But how much do you know about ladders besides how beneficial they are? For additional information, read these fantastic ladder puns we collected for you.

Funny ladder puns

At least 50% of ladder-related accidents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, were caused by people carrying objects while they climbed. Additionally, injuries caused by ladders result in over 900,000 visits to the emergency department annually. So do not Panic! Why take the risk? Read these ladder puns instead.

  • I once heard a story about a solitary bed raised onto another by a ladder. Thankfully, I was able to invalidate it.
  • You are not my actual ladder, I said. Then, at my stepladder, I yelled.
  • Before being asked to step down, I served as CIO of a reputable ladder company.
  • I’ve just started reading the manual for my new ladder. “Step one, then step two, then step three,” it states.
  • Someone I know once managed to snag a ladder in their tights. Amazing shoplifter.
  • There are many fun board games, but snakes and ladders have ups and downs.
  • I just dropped off a 50-foot ladder. I was fortunately only on the first step.
  • My friend was hired to fix ladders. He is advancing through the ranks.
  • The ladder belonging to my neighbors was taken yesterday night. There was movement.
  • My stepladder was requested to borrow by a neighbor. I concur. It’s in my garage here.
  • That’s not a stepladder, says my neighbor. Me: It is, indeed. It came from my wife’s prior union.
  • I require a ladder but am unable to afford one. Thus, action will need to be taken.
  • My stepladder is caring and obliging. Though, there are times when I wish I had known my actual ladder.
  • I’m asked to give the electrician my step ladder. Sure, no problem, I replied. “Thanks,” he said. But unfortunately, I was never aware of my actual ladder.
  • I have this detailed guide, so I don’t need your phoney “ladder training”!
  • What is the name for a ladder with a large penis? Well, ring.
  • My wife had a ladder when we married, but I did not. I now possess a step ladder.
  • Not even my child has used a step ladder. So it’s not his actual ladder, he claims.
  • A man made a wager that a bunch of hippies would need a ladder to reach the meat on a very high shelf. “I can’t; the steaks are too high,” said the cannibal.
  • Ladders are my dad’s addiction. He only employs them to get high.
  • Why did the young person bring a ladder to school? Mainly because he attends high school.
  • Because you can grow higher the more there is of a substance, drugs should be called “ladders”!
  • Today, a child brought a ladder to class. He desired higher education.
  • According to studies, a ladder is more hazardous than an encumbered rifle. I have ten guns because of this, just in case a crazy person tries to bring in a ladder.
  • A stunning young woman works at the supermarket. She has to use the ladder to reach the top shelf and retrieve the raisin bread. Many of the guys who visit the grocery shop because they find her so attractive ask her to put down the raisin bread so they can see up her skirt when she climbs the ladder, but the woman believes it is merely because raisin bread is so widely consumed. A senior citizen came strolling through the bread aisle one day after the woman had donated raisin bread to dozens of men. I apologize, sir,” she said. Is it also raisin on yours? The old man replied, “No, but it’s twitchin’ a slight.”
  • My acquaintance indicated a ladder as he showed me his tool shed. He said, pointing to his step ladder. Unfortunately, I was unaware of my actual ladder.
  • Over time, the distances between ladder rings have progressively grown. As a result, manufacturers assert that it is a climb at change.
  • At the sordid of a flagpole, two engineers were observant of its top. When a blonde approached, she enquired as to their activities. Sven explained, “We’re supposed to measure the height of this flagpole, but we don’t have a ladder. After removing a few bolts from the pole with a wrench from her purse, the woman set it down on the ground. She then retrieved a tape measure from her handbag, measured herself, said, “Twenty-one feet, six inches,” and turned to leave. One engineer laughed and shook his head. “Standard blonde offers us the length when we ask for the height.”

Ladder puns

Ladders might not be among the first things that come to mind when thinking of factually important objects. When we don’t need a ladder, we tend to forget about it, and as soon as we put it away, we forget about it once more. However, the ladder appeared around 10,000 years ago and was a significant invention. Humans suddenly had access to locations previously out of our reach. So let’s look at a few fascinating, dare I say “cool,” ladders from the past. So we have got a collection of ladder puns for you. Make sure you read these and have some laughter.

  • Why are step ladders preferable to standard ladders? Because your regular ladder left to buy cigarettes and never returned.
  • A worker at the hardware store asked me whether I wanted a ladder or a hammer while I was there. I was shocked when the staff handed me a ladder after I requested the latter.
  • The man turned to look to his right and saw a ladder resting against the structure. “Climb the ladder to success,” the voice said once more. He shrugged and started to ascend. As the man got closer to the top, the voice repeated and got louder. “Climb the success ladder.” When the man finally reached the top of the structure, he discovered a completely naked man. Hello, I’m Sess.
  • A religious event cannot be conducted utilizing simply a few ladder components. Two rungs do not a rite make.
  • How many employees of McDonald’s are required to change a lightbulb? None, as they are unable to ascend the ladder.
  • What distinguishes a 3D printer from a step stool? The first is a ladder, and the second is another first.
  • On the railroad, two intoxicated people are stumbling. One person cries, “I’m sick of using this ladder; when will our floor be ready?” “Don’t worry; an elevator is coming,”
  • The stock markets are causing terror among everyone. But the firm I invested in, 31 Foot Mexican Ladder, is booming.
  • Yesterday, I dropped down a 30-foot ladder. I was only on the second rung, so I’m alright.
  • The number of feminists required to change a lightbulb is unknown. None, as they are unable to move up the social scale.
  • A dyslexic construction worker was unsure of what needed to be improved. He had the option of the ladder or materials for flooring.
  • Which would you choose: climbing a rope or stairs? I favor using a ladder.
  • What distinguishes a transgender woman’s second phase of life from an extending staircase? One is the ladder, and one is her form of her.
  • In the country of Black Panther, ladders are forbidden. To Wakanda, they are considered unlucky.
  • Ladders come in two varieties: working ladders and damaged ladders. The ladder is inoperable.
  • My mother and father served as ladders. Before their divorce, everything was perfect. However, it was initially tricky before they remarried and I acquired two new step ladders.
  • My grandfather’s last words were, “Stop trembling the ladder, you cunt,” and I’ll never forget them.
  • Yo momma so foolish, she grabbed a ladder when I said, “Drinks on the house.”
  • I once saw a criminal who was a dwarf scale the prison wall using a ladder. And I reflected, “Oh, that’s a little condescending,”
  • A man enters a tavern and places a beer order. He sighs, “What a day at work.” I dropped from a 20-foot ladder. You’ve grew to be unserious, the bartender says. “Are you good? Are you at the clinic where you fit?” Oh no, he responds, “I’m OK. I had only taken the first step.
  • What distinguishes a small 3D printer from a stepping stool? The first is a tiny ladder, and the second is a little first.
  • I wagered $1,000 on my butcher’s inability to reach the beef on the highest shelf without a ladder. The steaks, he claimed, were too high.
  • Why is climbing a ladder near Rick Astley a terrible idea? Considering that he will not ever let you unhappy.
  • A ladder is like a woman. You’ll be required to scale those barriers!
  • This afternoon, I had to climb a ladder to substitute a lightbulb in the garage. It could be said to have been the highpoint of my day.
  • What if I used a ladder to kill two men? Would I be harming the other co-ladder members?
  • I have my doubts about ladders. They appear to be up to something constantly.
  • A farm worker harvesting apples fell off a ladder and broke her neck. She was fortunately promptly brought inside to the stables by another farmhand who had spotted her. Her condition is now stable.
  • I spent the morning smearing grease all over the ladder that leads to my roof space. It’s an anti-attic climb tale.
  • To get help for my board game addiction, I requested my doctor to recommend a specialist. Scrabble, Draughts, and Snakes and Ladders. Any chess? He questioned. I replied, “No, I’d rather go private.”

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