120+ Lawyers Puns That Make Good Justice To Humor!

Lawyers are an integral part of our society. They protect our constitutional rights and always make sure we get justice when we are harassed or deprived by someone. With due respect to all attorneys across the world, we bring you these funny lawyer puns. Your lawyer friends are going to love these lawyer puns as much as we do!

Funny Lawyer Puns

If you are a student in a law school, your classmates are going to love these lawyer puns. Belonging to such a serious profession, lawyer puns are a great way to lighten the mood. Believe us, on a gloomy day at school. These lawyer puns will be your ultimate savior!

  • My lawyer friend has a daughter. Her name is Sue.
  • The lawyer complained to the airport authorities that he had lost his case.
  • Despite being a lawyer, he never judges a book by its cover.
  • The comedian telling lawyer puns was taken to court as he was accused of mans-laughter.
  • The waiter asked the lawyer,” What would you have with your drink?” Nothing, just ice.”
  • The lawyer said to the semicolon, “You are administered with two consecutive sentences.”
  • The little kid was not allowed into the bar examination because he was under-aged.
  • My lawyer friend has Cole’s Law for lunch every day.
  • I found my neighbor’s hair scattered all over my garden. My lawyer charged him with tress-passing.
  • Abraham Lincoln doesn’t need a lawyer. He was already in a cent.
  • The lawyer’s cow got a mooing violation and he had to move it.
  • The court gave him a death sentence. It was all because of his lawyer’s poor execution.
  • My wife’s parents are being searched for by the police. They are now my out-laws.
  • The lawyer stole a tuxedo from my wardrobe. I am thinking of filing a lawsuit against him.
  • Our priest at church also graduated from law school. We often call him Father-in-law.
  • The luggage lawsuit was over in a very short time. I guess it was a brief case.
  • My friend was taken to court for hanging upside down on the edge of a cliff. The lawyer thinks he might get a suspended sentence.
  • After the lawyer went deaf, he could not attend hearings in court anymore.
  • My friend’s yoga instructor was murdered last month. The murderer has been blamed of a premeditated murder.
  • The light bulb was so relieved to know that he had been charged with just a light sentence.
  • The barrister couldn’t reach the court on time. He lost his lawsuit.
  • The clownfish just told us funny lawyer puns. I don’t understand why they found him gill-ty.
  • The photographer went to his lawyer because he thought someone was framing him.
  • My father is a retired lawyer who now works at a restaurant. He is a sue chef.
  • The golden retriever didn’t get any money during his early years at the law firm. He only worked on proboneo cases.
  • My alligator would have made a great lawyer, given that he is such a wise a-litigator.
  • My lawyer friend changed her surname to Demenor. We call her Miss Demenor at the law firm. 
  • The banker was taken to court regarding a money laundering case. In the end, he forfeited the claims because his testi-money wasn’t prepared.
  • The police broke my fridge while looking for clues at my apartment. I said to them,” Excuse me, Sir! That was not warranted. “
  • I am so attracted to lawyers because I find them appealing.
  • The judge did not consider the elephant lawyer seriously because he thought his arguments were irr-elephant.
  • Somebody broke into my coffee shop last night. I need to find an efficient barista to fight my case,
  • The knight was declared ‘not guilty. He had an iron-clad alibi,
  • Santa’s lawyer is tired of fighting his cases. He always comes with a clause.
  • The lawyer started his free trial because he wanted to get convicted of first-degree murder.

Lawyer Puns

We all understand the palpable tension that lawyers face in the courtroom. These lawyer puns are just a way out of that stress and anxiety of everyday life. You can share these lawyer puns with more people in your community. Everyone will end up being fans of these lawyer puns!

  • If you are a poet and want to avoid paying legal fees to a lawyer, always keep your poetic license in your car.
  • Lawyers always have a fresh breath because they have good judge-mint.
  • The law student went to court wearing a sleeveless shirt. He had the right to bare arms.
  • The convicted attorney could not get back to his house because he was not yet re-leased.
  • My divorce lawyer friend has just opened his law firm. He calls it ‘Null and Void.’
  • If a law student wants to have a successful event, he must have at least two parties.
  • The shabby lawyer was turned out from the court for not making a good appearance.
  • My friend, who is a law student, is not allowed to sit on benches. The court served him a bench warrant.
  • The law student paid his fees and never returned to court. He had no personal bond anymore.
  • The law student lost his case against the airline company. It was foolish of him to forget his arguments in the brief.
  • No wonder the lawyer lost the case. He had no conviction.
  • The law student scored the best grades in class. She had always closely studied her flaws.
  • As soon as the skunk arrived in court, the judge said,” Odor! Odor in the court!”
  • I have two friends. One is a judge in court and the other is an English professor. They are quite similar because they both give out sentences, long and short.
  •  The horse was declared ‘not guilty by the judge. All accusations against him were deneighed.
  •  Only the penguin is allowed to roam about freely in court because the judge does not consider it to be a flight risk.
  • The judge said to the accused battery,” You are guilty as charged!”
  • The lizard judge wanted to balance the arguments of both parties. He used a scale.
  • The judge hates listening to cross-examinations. He has a problem with test anxiety.
  • The man who broke a lamp was sentenced to 10 years in jail for not paying the damages.
  • The defendant was anxious about losing his house at the end of the trial. The judge didn’t give him fore-closure.
  •  The judge was upset with the adamant lawyer because he questioned his honor.
  •  My toe is very brilliant. It wants to be an at-toe-rney someday.
  • You will never see good Irish lawyers. They just can’t pass the bar.
  • When my lawyer friend got married, he didn’t say,” I do.” He said instead,” I accept the terms and conditions.”
  • My banker friends went to law school. She is now a loan shark.
  • The lawyer dropped his briefcase and said to the judge,” I rest my case.”
  •  Lawyers get lost in thought easily. I guess, unfamiliar territory.
  • We have a sushi bar in the locality that only serves lawyers. It’s named Sosumi.
  • The lawyer has been apprehended for not sleeping in his bed. The policeman said,” You’re under ar-rest!”
  • When a chicken graduates from law school, we call it a legal tender,
  •  The lawyer’s chicken crossed the road because he had an easement.
  • A 100 lawyers out together in a basement is a whine cellar.
  • The lawyer had poor eyesight. The doctor suggested he wear contract lenses.

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