100+ Funny Life Puns Brought to Life Through Illustrations

Life is so full of ups and downs that it is hard for us to understand at times what is going on and how will future be. It always has been unpredictable and that is the beauty of it so instead of feeling anxious about the future we can use life in humor. Here are some life puns that you can slip in conversations. 

Life Puns

  • He took us to wild-life trip. It had been one of our best trips. It was so peaceful and refreshing for all of us. 
  • The wild-life needed care. Recent times have created a havoc in nature and its creatures are dying slowly and painfully. 
  • She sat there and talked about after-life and we just kept listening to her. We could feel that she knew a lot more than anything. 
  • The after-life tales were myth or reality, we do not know. But we need to keeping doing good work all the time to be a better person. 
  • To stay healthy, they need to bring about a change in their life-style. That is the beginning o everything good. 
  • In her entire life-time all she did was help others. So when she needed for herself, she had entire team ready for her. 
  • Her entire life-time, she spend living in that house with her husband. Now in her last days, she need not go anywhere else. 
  • It was a life-long promise of staying together. He cannot just in the middle of it just walk away keeping me hanging like that. 
  • Apart from everything, it was a Life-long stay in that place. They had to think a lot before investing anything anywhere. 
  • I did not understand how important she was till she left for overseas. She was my life-line. It is all difficult for me. 
  • I did not understand when he became my life-line. It is just that I do not know how was I even surviving with out him. 
  • She lay there life-less and we all had no idea about how to deal with that kind of grief. 
  • You need not worry. The animal was life-less. You can perform surgery on it in order to understand it’s functioning. 
  • She is a chef and hence she has this collection of beautiful life in her kitchen. If you go, ask her to show you. 
  • He and his life came for the party dressed up according to the theme. They were looking mesmerizing. 

Life Jokes

  • His life had called that day during the meeting and he left everything and went home as she was unwell that day. 
  • That night she jumped in water to safe him from drowning. That was her life-saving act else we would have lost him. 
  • They asked us to wear life-saving jackets before we went in water to save us from any kind of harm that could be caused. 
  • She had a life-threatening disease. But she survived because she fought like a warrior against all the odds. 
  • It was a life-threatening situation and we all were stuck there. But that one bright idea made it all okay. 
  • The night-life of that city was so great that no body stayed in at home on weekends. People kept partying till dawn. 
  • They found the life-saving drug and the world rejoiced with happiness. At least now the children will not die a slow death. 
  • The life-span of that kind of animals is not that long. I am shocked that yours stayed for this long under such conditions. 
  • Life-boats were send to save the crew that day. They found them and brought them back. 
  • It was not easy to study the subject through out her life-span. Still researchers are trying their best to make some arrangements. 
  • She worked at the bay. Her job of life-saving did nit bring her much money but a lot of love and blessings. 
  • She was put in life-care unit. She recovered really well after staying there for some time.
Life Puns

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