99+ Lizard Puns that We Skink You Will Love

Lizards are witty yet funny. Scary, definitely scary for staring so much. But how about turning that fear into a fit of giggles by reciting some lizard puns you read on the Internet? Here is your chance to overcome your fear of lizards; we skink you will love these lizard puns!

Funny Lizard puns

Geck-over here, and let’s read some lizard puns you can use in your favor when a lizard cannot stop staring at you from above the ceiling. No more fear, just some de-tailed adventures involving a bunch of lizard puns, and if you’re a fan of fries, maybe some French flies for the lot.

  • I was afraid to go to work this morning because there was a b-lizard warning on the weather forecast.
  • When a lizard loses its tail, it is de-tailed and graphic.
  • Hagrid told Harry that he has been a lizard all his life and has been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Lizardry.
  • Harry along with his friends attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Lizardry to learn to become strong and powerful lizards.
  • The lizards always teased Harry Potter in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Lizardry.
  • Only one in cha-million get to attend the Hogwarts School of Magic.
  • Lizards are magical.
  • I treat everyday like a newt beginning.
  • I spotted a lizard on the ceiling, iguana go now.
  • I needed to gecko away from the lizards in my house.
  • The reptiles gathered together on a cool ceiling to watch the Lizard of Oz.
  • The lizards came all the way from Newt York City.
  • The Newt York Times reported that a lizard had been captured by the notorious woman living in Manhattan.
  • The lizards were studying for their degree in the Newt York University.
  • The lizards came all the way from Newt Mexico City.
  • One cannot force an old dog to learn newt tricks.
  • The lizard climbed up the tallest building in Newt York and screamed, “I love Newt York,” because he had the best feast of his life.
  • Iguana have a good weekend on the beach.
  • “You have to gecko act together, Sarah!” screamed my mom when I missed school again.
  • “You have gecko be kidding me,” I said, with tears in my eyes, when I realized, they discontinued Hershey’s Chocolate.
Lizard Puns
  • Shh, we cannot quote lizard puns and make fun of them here… we are being monitored by a special lizard.
  • Lizards love to tell tall tails.
  • Lizards have their own fairy tail.
  • No wonder the weather forecast warned about a b-lizard, they are so cold-blooded.
  • Iguana crave lizard puns for a while now.
  • Stay calm-eleon and read lizard puns.
  • The lizard was de-tailed in a police custody for telling tall tails.
  • The lizard was offered a job at cha-millionaire’s office.
  • I skink the house is free of lizards now.
  • The lizard was unlawfully de-tailed at the police station.
  • I skink you will love these lizard puns.
  • I am skinking to go out with the boys this weekend.
  • I skink Newt York University is a good place to study.
  • The lizards gathered together on the weekend before Halloween and decided to watch a scaly movie.
  • The lizards were masters at the art of home gecko-ration.
  • Sarah the Lizard was excited to attend The Rap-tile concert at Newt York City this weekend.
  • One can hear their own geck-ho in an empty room.
  • “Gecko-ver here!” said the policeman who was trying to catch the lizard criminal.
  • The house was surrounded by lizards. I guess it was a sort of gecko-ver.
  • The gangster reptiles gathered on the ceiling to have a few shots of mariguana.
  • The laid-back lizards planned an unhealthy evening full of French flies and watching Lizard of Oz on television.
  • “Iguana ask you again, did you de-tail your mates?”
Asked the Chief Inspector of Lizard while keeping the suspect in custody.
  • Iguana laugh over and over at these hilarious lizard puns.
  • “You are quite the chameleon; I cannot stop laughing at your jokes!” said Sarah the Lizard to Harish the Lizard after hearing bits of his working lizard puns.
  • Fake newts and rumours never boiled Harish the Lizard’s blood, but it definitely played a role in unjustly de-tailing him time and again.
  • I skink he has been de-tailed under police custody for a long time now.
  • The lizard ate a French fly, and I thought to myself what a cold-blooded thing he had done.
  • The lizard planned a quiet evening with her current favorite book of lizard puns and a cup of chamomileon tea.
  • Sarah saw a viral video of two lizards getting into a brutal fight. It was a de-tailed story.
  • The criminal lizard was responsible for the cold-blooded killing of another lizard.
  • They visited the retail store in hopes to get Larry the Lizard’s tail fixed after the brutal fight, but they said they couldn’t help us.
  • “What the gecko is wrong with you?”
I screamed at the top of my lungs on spotting a lizard that would not move from the ceiling.
  • The Newt York Times reported that there were four new lizard deaths in the ceiling of Mr. Talwar.
  • Harry Potter didn’t know how to speak to lizards, but he knew how to speak to snakes. He said, “Iguana learn how to speak to lizards one day too.”
  • The lizards were happy because they got a moth-ful of food.
  • The lizards got together to plan an adventure night of catching French flies and having a moth-fu of food, aside from some trusty chamomileon tea.
  • The young lizard dreamed of having his own fairy tail one day.
Lizard Puns

Lizard Jokes

Nothing is better than a cup of chamomileon tea, a bowl of French flies, and a funny book of lizard puns on a calm-eleon weekend morning. Without further ado, let’s read some lizard puns!

  • What is a bunch of lizards who sing rap songs called?
The Rap-tile Singers.
  • What kind of music do lizards prefer to have on their playlist?
Rap-tiles and Hip Hop.
  • What is the war ground of lizards?
Jurassic Park.
  • What did the lizard say to its crush?
“You are one in cha-milion!”
  • What did the lizard say to its crush?
“There are cha-million reasons why I love you.”
  • What did the lizard say to its crush?
“Do you want to be a part of my fairy tail?”
  • What did the lizard say to its crush?
“Iguana make me your Valentine?”
  • What did the lizard say to its crush?
“Iguana ask me out for Valentine’s Day?”
  • What did the lizard say to its crush?
“I cannot gecko-ver your beauty.”
  • Why do lizards keep staring?
Because they cannot gecko-ver something easily.
  • Why did the lizard go on a diet?
Because it was overweight according to its scales.
  • What does a lizard read with his morning tea?
A newtspaper.
  • What is it called when a lizard gets sore?
A dino-sore.
  • What happens when a bee and a lizard is crossed together? .
We get a blizzard
  • Why did the sorting hat put the lizard in Hufflepuff?
Because it didn’t seem like he was Slytherin.
  • What is a lizard called when he is into stand-up comedy?
The lizard is a stand-up chameleon. 
  • What kind of lizard tells jokes?
A stand-up chameleon.
  • How did the lizards choose who will get a favour?
By playing Sheldon’s invented Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.
  • What is the strictest jail inspector in a lizard cell called?
A monitor lizard.
  • What did the lizard dress up as at Halloween?
A scale-eton.
  • What kind of tiles do wizards have in their bathrooms?
  • What did the lizard say to another lizard when he got stuck at one place on the ceiling?
“Iguana stay there?”
  • What did Rihanna say when she spotted a still lizard on her ceiling?
“Iguana stand there and watch me burn?”

Make the most of your day with these collections of the best Animal Puns

Lizard Puns
  • What did the air hostess say to the flight full of lizards when their was turbulence?
“Please stay calm-eleon and fasten your seatbelts.”
  • What is a rich lizard known as?
  • Where do lizards go to get a new tail?
At the rep-tail store.
  • Where do lizards go to get a new tail?
At the retail store.
  • What do lizards prefer to smoke?
  • What is it called when a lizard is stoned?
A Mar-iguana.
  • What is it called when a lizard dies?
A die-nosaur.
  • What is it called when a lizard ends up exercising too much?
A dino-sore.
  • What is it called when a lizard falls asleep?
A dino-snore.
  • What is it called when a chameleon falls asleep?
  • How do lizards check their weight?
Through a scale.
  • What was the name of the smart lizard who turned out to be a famous scientist?
  • What was the name of the smart lizard who turned out to be a famous scientist?
  • What did the gangster lizard say?
“Iguana run away from me?”
  • What happens when you cross a camel and a lion together?
We get a camel-ion.
  • What is a group of atoms in the world of lizards called?
A chamel-ion.
  • What did the lizards say when they saw their friend drowning?
“Call 911, a lizard is skinking!”
  • What happened to the lizards on the Titanic?
All of them skink-ed.
  • What is the Newt-on’s law of Gravity?
We stick to the ceiling and don’t fall.
  • What is a lizard’s favourite snack?
French flies.
  • When does a lizard quack?
When he learns a new language.
  • What does a lizard expect the most at a McDonald’s outlet?
To get to eat more French flies.
  • What did the lizard say to the duck when he didn’t understand what quack meant?
“Iguana learn your language one day.”
  • What kind of tea calms lizards down?
Chamomileon tea.
  • What is a lizard called when it is responsible for finding clues in a crime scene?
An investi-gator.
  • What did the lizard say after returning from the exciting road trip?
“Iguana do that again!”
  • Why was the lizard so self-conscious?
Because it weighed too much for its scales.
  • Where do we usually find giant lizards?
In a giant’s hand, duh.
  • Why are lizards so mean and selfish? .
Because they are too cold-blooded
  • Why was the lizard fired from his workplace?
Because he stopped working and had a reptile dysfunction.
  • What is a lizard called when it enters the profession of law?
A litigator on record.
  • What is it called when a lizard keeps the place untidy?
A litigator.
  • What is a lizard’s weighing machine called?
  • What is a gecko who knows magic called? .
A Lizard Wizard
  • Who is the most well-known gecko who knows magic?
Harry Potter the Lizard Wizard.
  • Why were the lizards having a good day?
Because they got a moth-ful of food.
  • What kind of reptile relies on using the phone a lot?
A croco-dial.
  • What is a rap battle between two determined lizards known as?
A rap-tile diss function.
  • What is a lizard who enjoys taking pictures of food and sunsets known as?
An insta-gator.
Lizard Puns

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