56+ Best Llama Puns and Funny Quotes

Llamas are the most adorable animals found in the western country and they work, they are sort of camels hippie sibling and they are free spirits, they are quite peculiar when it comes to communicating with other animals as they kind of humm. Llama are strange but lovely and the interesting part about the llama is that they become more fun when they become the part of puns.

Llama Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What did the teacher suggested to his Llama students when the exam approached? No problama , things will be fine 
  • What did the Llama said to his friend when he heard of his break up? “don’t be sad my friend, spit happens “ 
  • What did the Llama say on his friend’s birthday? “Sound tha A-Llama, it’s your D-Day“
  • How did the Llama mom make her kids wake up for school everyday? She routinely set up A-Llama clock every day!
  • How did the Llama respond to the tasty treats it saw in the house? Alpaca my bags!
  • How did the new Llama great his sibling when he returned from the trip? Hope your journey was LLAMAZING!
  • What review did the Llama students gave to their teacher? They said that the class was llamarkable 
  • What theory does Llama follow to live their life? They believe in No Drama Llama
  • What is a Llama’s favorite weather? They like it to be wooly cool 
  • How did the Llama procrastinate in his job? He kept on saying to his colleagues “Llama get back to you on that asap!”
Llama Puns
  • How did the Llama greet the Indian Llama? He said “Llamaste!”
  • What would lana del ray names her pet Llama? Llama del ray!
  • What was the demand of the teenager Llama when he got his new cell phone? He said “first, Llama take a selfie!”
  • The Llama got together for a party and went for a party dressed up as different characters
  • They came for Llamaween !
  • The lady Llamas went all dressed up for an event 
  • All the other Llamas called them GLLAMA-ROUS!
  • All the Llamas had a spiritual teacher they called him Dalai-Llama 
  • What would an Italian Llama say to his friends? Llama Mia, here we go again 
  • The Llama dressed up for the party, Llama just say she looked fabulous !
  • What was the summer drink for Llamas? Llamanade 
  • Who is the most Popular actor among all the Llama’s ? Al Pacacino 
Llama Puns
  • How did the Llama greet the grass? He said “Nice gnawning you!” 
  • How was the most popular U.S. president among all Llama? Barack Ollama
  • How did all the Llama get educated? They received a dipillama 
  • Who was the most known terrorists in Llama history? Osama Bin Llama 
  •  There was a new rapper in the world of Llama 
  • They called him Kendrick Llama 
  • What is the most popular movie among the Llama world? Alpacalypse now 
  • What is a Llama’s favorite Led Zeppelin song? Whole Llama Love!
  • How do Llama respond on receiving a thank you quote? It responds by saying “No probllama !”
  • I am tired of hearing all those excuses from you , save that drama for your llama !
  • How do Llama cook their meals? They cook it on a spit!
  • What do people call a superfast Llama? Llamaghini
  • Llamye West interrupted Taylor Swift and said “Llama let you finish!”
  • How did one Llama ask the other Llama to give some gossip? It asked her to spit the beans 
  • The summer struck so hard; the Llama’s decided to have a banana spit 
  • What did a Llama say to his friends on the day of hard work? It was quite a llow day with a lot llabour !
  • What was the favorite dish of Llama’s child? It was pizzecria !
  • The Llama had dinner in the café , but they kept on arguing most of the time on who would spit the bill and then later came to conclusion of going  50-50 spit on the bill 
Llama Puns

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