100+ Funny Mailman Jokes

A mailman happens to be an important person in our lives. They help to facilitate communication amongst individuals from different parts of the globe. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some interesting mailman pans that should bring a smile on your face as well as that of the mailman.

Mailman Jokes

  • I was told by the mailman that he is going to Spain next month.

I questioned him whether he was visiting Parcelona.

  • The mailman was punched by me yesterday.

He dared to tell me that I possessed a small package.

  • I frightened the mailman yesterday by coming naked to the door.

I have no idea what actually frightened him more, the fact that I understood where he resided or that I had been naked.

  • A mailman who is responsible for only delivering bills on his way is known as Bill Parcells.

_Although a mailman was making an attempt to transport a package and also tell a joke at the same time, ended up messing up the delivery eventually.

_A retired mailman will be called a post icer.

_It is a fact that Prometheus is going to be a decent mailman since it is actually a task with plenty of de-livering.

mailman puns

_A mailman is able to demolish his enemies by de-livering them.

_Being a mailman, I have got plenty of jokes regarding undelivered letters.

However, individuals don’t appear getting them.

_When the wife asked whether the mailman has arrived or not, the husband said no and that he had been breathing hard.

_Have you heard of the mailman who had been a comedian?

Even though the entire act had been good, he required working on his delivery.

_The mailman tried to explain me why I was not receiving mails.

I simply did not get it.

_The mailman for Hogwarts is known to speak the Parceltongue language.

_Although the mailman made an attempt to tell me a joke, it was not that funny after all.

It is imperative for him to work more on his delivery.

_The local people were making complains that the mailman was quite lazy. Although he had been making all the infants, the doctor was performing all the deliveries.

_I had been awoken from my sleep by my mailman who wanted to deliver a washbasin.

Allow that sink in.

_What is common between a mailman and the soil?

Both of them become hostile once their letters are rearranged by you.

_I always receive complain that I am not a good mailman.

Oops this has been posted by me in the wrong location.

_What do you call a black mailman?

A blackmailer.

_Have you heard of the mailman who is known to deliver the identical letter twice?

It is a repost.

_A mailman’s opposite happens to be a femailman.

mailman jokes

_What is the favorite organ of a mailman?

Da Liver.

_What will you get when the mailman is crossed with a Cougar?

Me, as per the Paternity Test.

_Although Reddit wanted an evidence that I’m working as a mailman, I got fired right now.

I’m sorry for I am not able to deliver.

_There are several passive and aggressive individuals who say that I’m not a good mailman.

I know this since they go on writing letters regarding it to their buddies.

_Why did OP lose his job has the mailman?

This is because he was not able to deliver.

_Recently the mailman underwent a sex change.

Therefore, now we can call him as the postman.

_My buddies go on complaining me that I am the worst mailman they have ever come across.

Shit. This should have been posted somewhere else.

_The mailman ended up quitting his job because he did not like the post.

_Why did the mailman refuse to accept letters from the mattress salesperson?

This is because he did not want to deliver any bad news.

_I was being told by everyone that I happen to be the worst mailman in the world.

Shit… I was making plans for posting this elsewhere.

_The secret to a decent mailman joke happens to be the delivery.

mailman puns

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