48+ Best Male Puns and Funny Quotes

The story about Adam and Eve being the first humans who were created to build the universe has been very popular ever since. Men with time have played a very important role in this world, they have their vice and virtue that go hand in hand. The thing about men is that they are known for their amazing sense of humor. Let’s look at some puns on men that can make your day regardless of your gender of course!!

Male Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What did the female lion call her husband Infront of others? She calls him her mane man 
  • When the doctors suggested the women to quit anything that is alcoholic in nature, they decided to quit on men. 
  • How are men dealt in the world of women? Well, one women’s trash is another women’s treasure 
  • What is the difference between men and women? The time women spend on wondering what men think about them is not the same as the amount of time men spend on actually thinking 
  • What is the theory of men in love? They feel they need to be loved a little and understood a bit more ,while the opposite is in a women’s case 
  • How do you define an urban man? He would be a man with a warm heart and a cold beer
  • What is the biggest fear for a man in this whole wide-world? The biggest fear is when the ask what is special about a particular date 
  • Why do older men seem to be in more content than the ones that are younger? They seem to have adopted to life disappointments early in age   
  • Why did the two men arrest a guy who asked them if they were gay? Because they were wearing the same clothes 
  • When is the time when a man finally finds a woman logical? Only when he assumes, he is delusional 
  • What is the time limit for men to decide that they are done with premarital sex? Men decide to stop when their daughter is born 
  • What is the toughest time for a woman who does babysitting? The moment she realizes that she might have to baby sit a man child who came in disguise of a husband for the rest of his life 
  • What is a very significant but basic difference in a man and women, when it comes to their age? The most significant difference is that while only a few women admit their age, most men fail to act their age 
  • What was the biggest regret the creator of universe had when he created the men? He wondered that he could have done something better than this and went into contemplation 
  • Why is a man’s mind clearer than of women? Because he changes it often 
  • What is one thing that men fake more than a woman? While, a woman can fake an orgasm, a man can legit fake the whole relationship 
  • Why did the creator od the universe thought of making a man before a woman? He thought to himself that he needs a rough draft before the final copy 
  • What is the most fragile than a glass in this world? A man’s ego 
  • What is a man’s strategy of foreplay? He spends most of the time begging 
  • What is the one condition when a woman actually falls for a man? Only when she has a better opinion of him than he actually deserves 
  • What is the major change in a man that appears when he transforms from a son to a father? A man realizes his father was right only when he has a son who thinks he is not right 
  • Why do men close their eyes while kissing a woman? Because they can’t see a woman have a good time 
  • What is the difference between a man with a gun and a man who owns a bank? A man with a gun will rob the bank but a man who owns a bank will rob everyone
Male Puns

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