94+ Amusing Map Puns that Will Surely Take You out Of the World

I’m sure you’re aware that the world is a difficult concept to grasp, specifically when we begin studying information about it. We’ve created a map of the funniest map puns to go around if you need it. Check out our fantastic collection of world-class map puns to let you laugh your way to knowledge.

Funny Map Puns

Here are some wonderful map puns about the magnificent world, with a few country puns about country music thrown in for good measure! You can share this with your friends and family for some good laughs, so let’s get cracking! For the funnybone in you, here are some crazy country puns as well as some wonderful map puns!

  • My map is fantastic. Without it, I’d be lost.
  • Where can you discover an ocean that is devoid of water? On the map.
  • My friend can read maps better than everyone else. He’s a living legend.
  • A good geography teacher will never tell a student to get lost.
  • I strolled past my friend Sam, who was drawing on a chart on his boat. I’m sure he’s planning something.
  • Yorkshire Constabulary’s maps have all been taken. Leeds, according to a spokeswoman, is being sought.
  • I purchased a map from Bono. It’s nonsense. All of the streets have no names, and I’m still hunting for something.
  • I purchased a pair of slacks with a map of the London Underground printed on them. I’ve already had to change clothes twice.
  • What is the connection between a beach and an American beer? They’re both near water!
  • Why are there no minerals left on the West Coast? Because they are from Oregon.
  • What occurred to the American who had a fractured leg and went to the hospital? He went bankrupt.
  • Why did President Obama prohibit the selling of shredded cheese? Because he wants to irritate America once more.
  • What method do you use to navigate Alcatraz? A map of the detour.
  • Yo Mama is so old that she recalls Captain Caveman as a lieutenant.
  • The grouchy cartographer was expelled from the map-making club. They do not admit anyone with a negative attitude.
  • You’ll perish if you peek in the corner of a map and notice the word “oregano.” I believe it is just herb-in folklore.
  • A bully thrashed me with a map of Belgium. Bruges has fully engulfed me.
  • I adore my map; without it, I’d be completely lost.
  • What did Tennessee witness that rendered it speechless? Arkansas experienced the same thing.
  • Checked the map to see what the names of the river’s tributaries in Egypt are. Juveniles.
  • A couple of blondes became disoriented at the mall. So they go to the map and find a red arrow that says, “YOU ARE HERE.” One of the blondes glances around and says, “Wow! What makes them think that?”
  • Why are maps similar to fish? They are both scaled.
  • Why are huge maps useless for poker? They always give up.
  • Did you realize that Google Maps can be used backward? However, it is always detected in the spam filter!
  • Boris Johnson claimed that Vladimir Putin is redrawing Europe’s map in blood. I’m sure getting refills for the printer is difficult.
  • I’ve heard of a spider cartographer. He creates maps for the web.
  • A smart geography teacher should never tell a student to get lost.
  • I spotted the ship’s navigator scribbling on the table rather than the map, which made me believe this man is insane!!!
  • I was recently sacked from my position at Google Maps. Apparently, I was bad at drawing borders between countries. They felt I was borderline inept.
  • On my map, I plotted a route to the southeast. It was excellent navigation.
  • My mother informed me that the Earth is at a 23.5-degree angle. “That’s not right,” I informed her. She entered it into Google to verify its veracity. “Exactly,” I answered, “if it were correct, it would be 90 degrees.”
  • Why is Atlanta difficult to locate on a map? Because it has a 404 area code.
  • It amazes me that we only celebrate Earth Day once a year, yet we celebrate Sun Day every week!
  • I suppose I have to question the sincerity of an “IHOP” restaurant. I looked up their “locations” map, and there isn’t another one in any other country!
  • Why did Child Protective Services whisk Dora the Explorer from her parents? Because they let her go off on her own with a known MAP.
  • I bought a globe map for my wall and planned to pin pins in all the places I’ve been, but first, I need to travel to the top two corners of the map, so it doesn’t come down.
  • Telescopes are always pointing away from Earth. It’s because we utilize them to look for intelligent life.

Map Puns

Today we bring to you our fantastic collection of map puns and one-liners. They come with no guarantee of humor or originality, as is customary, but hopefully, they will help you find your way through. If you enjoy geography, check out our fantastic assortment of top-notch map puns to make you giggle while learning.

  • This planet means everything to me.
  • To me, the Earth is a pretty space-like area.
  • I adore the way the Earth spins; it truly brightens my day.
  • The flat earth society is thriving, with members from all around the world.
  • Aliens have refused to come to Earth. It’s because it has only one star.
  • So I brought a global map and asked my wife to throw a dart at it; wherever it lands, I’ll accompany her for two weeks when the pandemic is over. It’s her fifth day working behind the fridge.
  • Why did New Yorkers talk so slowly to Southerners? They wanted to give them the opportunity to catch up.
  • Yo Mama is so old that while she was in school, history class was only one paragraph long.
  • I’m sick of hearing people brag about their fitness levels. I believe I should leave Iran.
  • My favorite Will Smith film is one in which he appears as part of a map. I am the Legend.
  • When we went touring, I wanted to use a paper map, but my partner insisted on using her phone. It was either my way or Huawei’s.
  • Why haven’t Americans switched from using pounds to kilograms? Because they do not want widespread confusion!
  • My wife is an incredible gem. That is, you will need a map and a shovel to locate her.
  • What was the name of the Atlantan rap team that made hip-hop renditions of Queen songs? The City of Bohemian Rap.
  • Why does one-fourth of my friend’s time go to American Football and the other quarter to Piano? He’s known as a Quarterbach.
  • Why aren’t there more knock-knock jokes about America? Because freedom is ringing!
  • On April 5th, national read a map day, I received an email from Google Earth boasting about their ability to read maps backward. “That’s just spam,” I thought to myself.
  • After looking at the map of the United States, what did Biggie say? “Where is Brooklyn?!”
  • There is a big issue with the iPhone map app. “Turn left, then bear right,” the voice said. However, it was only a cat sitting there.
  • Why was there no electricity in rural Pennsylvania? Something appeared to be Amish.
  • Did you hear about the New Yorker who murdered the New Jersey vampire? He did it with a New York steak.
  • My friend is often helpful with maps and diagrams, showing out all the minor symbols and explaining what they signify. He’s a living legend.
  • A geography instructor gave a country to each of his students to locate on a map.
  • Today I discovered that in geography classes, Monaco schools examine the city map.
  • Why are the people of Colorado taking it all in stride? Because, well, Colorado Springs.
  • Why was the colorblind man displeased with the thought of relocating to Colorado? Because for him, it would just be -Ado.
  • I noticed Larry furiously working on a map as I strolled through the chart house on the upper deck! I have a feeling that guy is planning something.
  • A Call of Duty player becomes ill and visits the doctor. After inspecting him, the Doctor inquires, “What’s your favorite map?” “Terminal,” says the COD player. “What a coincidence!” cries the Doctor.
  • Someone colored in the southeast corner of my world map. That was simply plain disrespectful!
  • What if Keith Urban developed a taste for country music? Keith Rural would be his new name!
  • As part of the class assignment, my friend made a globe map. He did, however, leave out South Korea. “It was a Seoul-less thing for you to do,” I added.
  • Where in the United States can you find the most dad jokes? The island of Corny.
  • You’ll die if you glance in a map’s corner and see the words “BLOODY ROSEMARY.” But that’s simply a mythical herb.
  • A traveler on the London Underground questioned me about how to get from Barking to Heathrow. So I woofed while pointing at a map.

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