75+ Best Marriage Puns

Marriage as we all know that is actually a bond in which two individuals enter usually to spend their entire life together. They also plan a family of their own after they get married. 

Mentioned below are some marriage puns and quotes of which you can always make use every time.  

Marriage Puns

  • My marriage is actually nothing less than a miscarriage ! 
  • When actually some one asks me of my marriage ! I just tell them that I am not yet MARRY – AGE ! 
  • Marriage may come and go but this very MARRY – AGE comes only once in the life time !
  • I would actually pick MASSAGE over MARRIAGE ! 
  • Marriage ready is not actually marriage ready ! It is actually miscarriage ready ! 
  • Marriage is actually just like a beverage which at first seems you soft but then later it actually hits you hard !
  • I actually find borage much more tastier than the marriage !
  • Please get a portion of FROMAGE as marriage is not at all my cup of tea ! 
  • Marriage is just like a forbidden fruit to me ! 
  • Some times I actually feel that had I abandoned marriage or actually marriage had abandoned me ! 
  • I actually feel that marriage is just an early ageing product ! 
Marriage Puns
  • The word marriage actually makes me feel so very scandalised every time !
  • I would actually always prefer FROMAGE over MARRIAGE ! 
  • I actually feel that marriages can actually cause HAEMORRHAGES ! 
  • Keep yourself safe from Haemorrhages ! Stay away from Marriages !
  • Stay horny ! Get married ! 
  • I just actually love you with the very wine with which you are here in front of me ! 
  • I only love you when you are there with that diamond ring in your pocket for me ! 
  • Even those are not so very annoying to me like these marriages actually are ! 
  • When I actually have to chose between attending the marriage ceremony and watching my least favourites on television then I actually go with the latter one !
  • Marriages are actually not fun but they are like guns pointing at you with it’s trigger in the other’s hands !
  • Marriages actually have zero convictions !
  • Marriages are like two innocent people coming together and just turning in to victims ! 
Marriage Puns
  • Marriage actually increases a lot more of baggage for you ! 
  • Marriage is actually some thing that would either make you a victim or it will make you a culprit ! 
  • Marriage is some thing which actually makes you both the victim and the culprit at the very same time !
  • Marriage is just like a life time imprisonment ! 
  • Marrying a doctor could be a wrong decision as you could never tell all the very reasons of your sickness to your doctor ! 
  • Who says marriage gives you license and freedom ! It actually curbs all of them ! 
  • Marriage is just like you, yourself surrendering to the police !
  • Marriages actually bring more of weaknesses to you ! 
  • Marriage means more and more number of baggage ! 
  • No matter how honest you may be but marriage definitely makes you a liar ! 
  • When I got married my honesty expired ! 
  • Honest and honesty are just so obsolete words after you actually get married ! 
  • Marriage actually cut downs your confusion because then you only do as your partner tells you ! 
Marriage Puns
  • Marriage is actually just so very equivalent of being under a rule of a Monarch for life time ! 
  • Marriage is that life time imprisonment which can never be commuted by any petition of yours ! 
  • Single hood is common for all but marriage is only for special ones ! 
  • Marriage is a blessing only if you actually have your control over your partner ! 
  • Happily married are actually all those who just hand over their own remotes to their partners ! 
  • Marriage is where you actually surrender your television remotes !
  • The very secret of being happily married is never ever throw your wet towels on your beds !
  • Marriage is actually some thing which do makes you punctual especially when you return home from your office !
  • Marriage is actually entering in to the authoritarian regime by your own self ! 
  • Marriage is actually some thing you can not live with or also you can not live with out ! 
  • Marriage is actually a big bag full of responsibilities which actually continue through out your very life ! 
  • Marriage also starts in your very life, that very fight for freedom ! 
  • Marriage is actually the very step towards the first crack down of your very freedom ! 
  • The meaning of Stay Free actually changes after you get married ! As now it is no more about your freedom !
Marriage Puns

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