78+ Best Medicine Puns and Funny Quotes

Medicine is a drug or a preparation for the healing procedure or prevention of sickness or disease.Share some hilarious and funny medicine jokes with your family and mates to make them laugh, at least giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some humorous medicine puns.

Medicine Puns and Funny Quotes

  • According to statistics 9 out of 10 injections are Intravenous.
  • Jokes about premenstrual syndrome are not humorous.
  • Do you know about the individual whose whole left portion was separated from his body? He is okay now.
  • Once I heeded a joke about memory loss but I don’t  remember how the joke goes.
  • I attempted to improve impotence on the global wide area network but nothing happened.
  • Do you know any site for irritated eyes? Conjunctivitis.com.
  • Could you inform us about the antonym of you are out? Urine.
  • As I am experiencing an irony weakness I don’t think jokes about health are humorous.
  • The quote, There is more happiness in the offering than in accepting,’ tries mainly to suggest and medicine.
  • I adore her villi much.
  • What was the reason of the little kid stepping carefully and quietly with his heels past the medicine closet? The kid heard that there was some sleeping medicine in the closet.
  • What medicine is the most terrible for dejection? Viagra.
  • Why is viagra the most terrible medicine? Because viagra makes everything hard.
Medicine Puns
  • What medicine is taken by vampires in their illness? A coffin mixture.
  • My medication for schizophrenia is really making me untidy.
  • If you try to find out the fact about my medicine closet. you would think I have very different perceptions of biotics.
  • What medicine Halloween likes the most? Any type of coffin cold.
  • How many gags about medication does it need before individuals get reluctant about them? Over dos.
  • What name would have been fantastic for the medicine of Diarrhea? Gonorrhea.
  • It is said by my physician that Alzheimer’s can be the result of my medication for sleeping.
  • What the most useful way to package fever blisters medicine? In a blister pack.
  • Does medication can be the reason of your pleasure? Because medicine made Bengay.
  • Try to maintain silence by the medicine closet.
  • You might cause to emerge from sleep for the sleeping pills.
  • What type of medicine was taken by the tree for its pains and aches? Aleaf.
  • What medicine was taken by the bed? Pill O’s.
Medicine Puns
  • The nurse in the clinic didn’t give me the whole crate of right medicine and the medicine was out of its date. I nearly expired.
  • Why was medicine poured by the barista into the latte? Because the latte was Coughee.
  • What would an alternative medicine that really helps be called? Medicine.
  • Why were some medicines taken by the banana? Because the banana was not peeling nicely.
  • What does the vehicle of the vast river-dwelling mammals mutually have with the originator of the new medicine? Both of them are Hippocrates.
  • What type of medicine can be finished by you quickly? Vica-done.
  • What type of medicine was a power tool previously? Benadry.
  • I asked for cold medicine to my building group discussion. But when they responded,I notified them that my crisis had been fixed.
  • Where do cows that suffer from a physical illness get medicine? At the Farmacy.
  • What is eaten by medicine individuals for lunch? Shaman noodles.
  • How would the medicine on the couch be swallowed by him? With a cold couch.
  • Why was the cough medicine drunk by the miniature pony? because he was a tiny horse.
  • The go-to gag of my father when medicine is taken by anyone.
  • If symptoms continue, abuse your physician.
  • What medicine is given by you to a piggy? Oinkment.
  • Me: There is an excessive necessity of cold medicine.
  • Dad: As you are infected with a common cold virus, you only have to take hot medicine.
Medicine Puns

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