61+ Best Microsoft Office Puns and Funny Quotes

Microsoft Office happens to be an extremely popular software package that has taken the technology world by storm. It has got the various applications like MS Word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint, and so on which help us to finish our work easily. Here, we have mentioned some interesting Microsoft Office puns.

Microsoft Office Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Someone is going to pay after stealing my Microsoft Office.
  • You have got my word.
  • What is Microsoft Office’s opposite? Macrohard Onfire.
  • Microsoft is going to introduce a reverse Outlook pretty soon.
  • Therefore, it will be imperative for us to be on Lookout.
  • The day a product is made by Microsoft which does not suck …
  • Happens to be the day when they introduce a vacuum cleaner.
  • What is common between climate change and Microsoft excel?
  • Although both of them have been common place since the 1980s, the boomers are nevertheless not able to comprehend them.
  • Prospective employer: How efficient are you in Microsoft Office? Me: I simply excel in it. Please provide me the access to it and I will be showing you all my powerpoints.
  • What are you going to get in case Microsoft word is downloaded several times? Microsoft sentence.
  • What will you call a person who has just one Microsoft Office copy with him? A man of several words only.
  • Microsoft has been working on applications for self-driving cars.
Microsoft Office Puns
  • It will not be possible for me to wait till my vehicle stops suddenly on the road and starts rebooting for installing updates.
  • Once I went to a Microsoft store and farted there.
  • Fortunately, there were Windows.
  • In case I informed you that I have got a Microsoft Office joke.
  • In that case would you tell “Word”?
  • I inquired the magic 8 ball whether it would be a sensible idea to link all my Gmail messages to the Microsoft email client.
  • “Outlook not that good”.
  • For what reason are the Microsoft employees not relaxed? Since they happen to be on Edge at all times.
  • For what reason did the construction worker purchase the Microsoft CD? For installing the Windows.
  • I heard that it is imperative to make a payment once you get into a Microsoft workplace.
  • They call them Bill Gates.
  • What was done by Bill Gates and his foundation which he was not able to do at Microsoft? Preventing viruses.
  • So I come to know that Microsoft is constructing smart fences right now.
  • The primary issue is they Bill Gates.
  • To what place do the Microsoft employees go for working? Microsoft Office.
  • Although I tried to create a joke regarding Microsoft Office, I simply do not excel at that.
Microsoft Office Puns
  • Have you heard that the most recent update on Microsoft Office will be able to cure depression? It provides you with an enhanced Outlook.
  • For what reason did the farmer learn Microsoft Office outside his residence? Such that he would be able to excel in his own field.
  • What was told by Microsoft to the alluring girl in the room? Would it be possible for me to crash at your residence tonight?
  • Somebody ended up stealing my Microsoft Office package yesterday.
  • I cannot excel without it.
  • John: Is it true that you purchased Microsoft Office for my mother on her birthday?
  • Tim: Word to your mom.
  • To anyone who has stolen my Microsoft Office copy …
  • You have my Word and I’m going to find you.
  • Somebody had been bold enough to delete each and every Microsoft Office version from my PC.
  • I do not have any Words.
  • I believe that Bill Gates would be able to introduce the innovative Microsoft Office early.
  • However, he maintained his Word.
  • How efficient are you with Microsoft access? I simply excel at it.
  • For what reason is the wife of Bill Gates not happy in her marriage? Since he has got a Microsoft.
  • For what reason do Microsoft Windows and Paul Walker always crash? Inefficient drivers.
  • What number of Microsoft engineers will be required for charging a light bulb? None at all.
  • For what reason is Microsoft not good at writing music? Since they are only able to make use of OneNote!
  • Right now I discovered that Skype was bought by Microsoft for $8.5 billion.
  • They are simply idiots because they could have simply downloaded it.
  • What number of Microsoft and Sony fanboys will be required to switch on a light bulb? I have no idea. They are not going to go close to the Switch.
  • Microsoft edge and chrome had been arguing when Microsoft edge stopped replying all of a sudden.
  • For what reason do Microsoft packages cost money? Because you need to pay the Bill.
Microsoft Office Puns

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