150+ Hilarious Military Puns: Marching with Humor

The military is a term that refers to all of a nation’s military. There are several military branches. The army, navy, aircraft, and other security services, are all involved.

The military’s primary mission is to safeguard the nation’s citizens from domestic and external threats. Check out these amusing military pranks for toddlers to improve your military wit!

Funny Military Puns

Military service is no funny thing, but do you know what may boost the spirits of individuals who have worked or have represented?

Military puns! Funny military quips are a terrific way to boost morale among our service members, so try a few of them at your next family or friend gathering for sure laughter.

Below are some of the finest camouflage wordplay, marine gags, navy puns, and airbase jokes to make you laugh.

What became of the judo champion when she enlisted in the military? She nearly cut off his skull while attempting to master the army salutation!

What made the Admiral so upset despite his daughter receiving an A on her arithmetic test? Because he believed she spent fewer hours conquering and much more time splitting!

Why was the primary upset whenever the owl wanted to go without alerting anyone? Because of owl mysteriously disappeared!

Which location is it common for generals to maintain their armies? They are normally kept in the sleeves!

What happens when a soldier goes to an enemy club to do his stand-up routine? He always ends up exploding!

When his superior general replied, “I didn’t notice you during the camouflage drill,” what did the trooper say? “Thank you, sir,” the soldier said proudly, “I’ll keep this job up.”

Which is the correct word to characterize a soldier who arrives at work during a game? You refer to it as a deployment!

What is the best method to address a military officer that continually insists on keeping you with them? You refer to him as a company commander!

What became of the Naval serviceman who sought the services of a mind reader? There’s been practically no charge!

What do you name a weapon that has all of its ammo loaded? It’s a ri-full, people say!

What occurs when a combat veteran bakes choc chip biscuits? There will be a lot of M&M shells on the floor!

In their leisure time, what do army personnel watch? They frequently watch LMTVs.

What is the most effective way to start describing a military plan that stinks? First, you have to close it an opodor!

Which of the following areas of a military barracks needs the most cleaning? Usually, it’s really the Mess Hall!

Why are troops buried 10 feet underground once they die? It’s presumably because they’re all decent people at heart!

Which type of music is often preferred by the bulk of soldiers? Of course, Ruck and Roll are frequently preferred by soldiers!

What do people say whenever a military man paints his left cheek with camo? He has a terrific right face, according to you!

What would be the best word to characterize troops who just want one slice of orange? They travel in a wedge!

How do we describe a military commander who uses the restroom far too frequently? He should be referred to as a lootenant!

Which term best describes the largest of all military members? They are the big boys!

How do we characterize a military man who ends up protecting a few valuable items? You refer to it as the reserves!

What do you name a soldier who gives birth aboard a jet fighter aircraft? First, you call the newborn “airworthy!”

What do you reply if an unidentified army officer approaches you and attempts to start up a conversation? You call this a ranger risk!

What is the best approach to address a military veteran who has served a number of deployments and knows how to care for animals? You certainly speak him as a doctor!

What is the best name for a military-trained army of bunny bunnies who fly through the skies? You claim they are indeed the bunny force!

What made the military so cautious in the presence of his superior general on Thanksgiving? Because his superior was a full-fledged bird colonel.

Where should all military people go to get their shoes? The boot camp is where they all get their shoes!

What do you call a military member peeing right before the squad? It’s most certainly troop poop!

How would you characterize an activity corporal who is both peaceful and polite? Yet, you claim to be the drill sergeant-leman!

What is the most appropriate term to use to describe a military individual who entirely exposed his location to the opponent? It is no longer a secret but rather public!

What is the most effective approach to determine whether a military member has utilized a laptop? The wite-out is visible on the screen!

Which of the following best describes the position of ten military captains? You refer to it as a capten!

What ought you to do if you come into a hungry marine? You present him with a sub sandwich!

What is the most striking resemblance between a veteran of the military and a renowned volleyball player? They are both excellent servers!

What does a military person normally do when he needs to go out to eat? He is generally the one who makes the bookings!

What is the relationship between the three divisions of the armed forces and the stars? The military is known for traveling by starlight, but the army normally sleeps underneath the stars. The aircraft, on the other side, frequently choose locations and cafes based on the number of stars!

How many air force pilots needed to replace a lightbulb? Two. One person will adjust it as the other performs a barrel roll!

Why do fighter pilots have dogs in the cockpit? So that nobody else is able to access the plane’s controls!

What is the most appropriate way to describe a configuration of a Mac airplane formed by a platoon of massive fighter jets? It’s commonly referred to as a massive Mac assault!

Why does the work of air force parachute producers seem the easiest? Because even when their ejection seats fail, the person using them never protests!

What is the primary distinction between combat training and boy scout instruction? First, the boy scouts are generally heavily supervised by adults!

Why did the dad tell his child about his wonderful day as a serviceman? He said with a smile that it was the day he requested a subordinate officer to fetch him a battery kit for his Chem light.

How do we name a military commander who prefers to play melodious pentatonic major chords with no minor scales? Of course, you’ll have to name that army personnel at a flat major!

What huge mishap occurred when a tank accidentally went over two packets of popcorn? As a result, three kernels were severely injured.

What is the most crucial task of Marines when on duty? First, they make certain that the naval persons do not get soaked in their feet!

What occurred to the warrior who missed out on the Marine Corps by a few points? As a sub-marine, he was deployed to the navy!

When they ran into problems, what would the navy officer say to his buddy? The former informed the other, and they were in the same cuisine.

What would be the best approach to characterize the naval officers of a conservative country? The navy is commonly referred to as a censor ship!

What grades are necessary to enlist in the navy? You must already have 7Cs.

When they spotted a US Navy vessel coming at them, what did the pirate commander say? “Ohh crap, it’s the USArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Why was the army soldier chastised for questioning the navy uniform’s color? Because he inquired as to why the naval uniforms were navy blue rather than aqua-marine!

Why are all Norwegian naval vessels marked with barcodes? It’s probably so they can scan-di-nav-ian when they get home!

What does the license plate of an air force dentist say? It says, Top Gum!

What did the religiously zealous naval sailor do when he saw other navy ships? He typically destroys them!

When the captain of the airplane yelled hooray after striking the sonic wave and traveling beyond the speed of sound, what did the co-pilot say? The co-pilot merely inquired, “What exactly did you say? Nothing could be heard.”

What else do you name a warrior who joins the navy just for the sake of spite? You just refer to him as a petty officer!

Why was the person who had just finished high school and wished to serve in the military turned down when questioned whether he knew how to swim? Because he responded right away, “Won’t the naval force have any vessels?”

What is the primary distinction between being an otter as well as a member of the special navy? The first is a whale, while the second is an otter.

Which is the most effective way to explain a snail’s position in the navy? He is appointed as a sailor!

When the sailor was preparing to make major changes at work, what did he say? He stated that he would attend an anchor management course!

Military Puns

Nothing is more special than a have time with family. And these military jokes and puns will help you to achieve that.

So have a look at these jokes and laugh louder whether you are in a camp or with your family.

Why might one warrior place a duvet on top of another soldier during a battle? Because the earlier instructed, “Cover me immediately.”

Why is it necessary for troops to wear the top uniforms throughout any ceremony? Because casual shirts are not permitted in the military!

Why, then, is my friend so unhappy when I tell him about my military service? I believe it happened because I assured him it was confidential.

So why is the draftsperson employed right away by the military? Because he has a lot of aerial fighting experience!

What else do you describe a military surgeon who is a surgical specialist and has been honored for his services? Sir Gen is his name!

What is the typical alarm hour for just an optometrist? He normally has it set to 20:20!

What should the designation of a weapon be if a fighter goes to battle with T-Rex arms? Small arms are more likely.

How does a sailor talk if he has been in the military for a long time? He’d probably say something like, “Army matey!”

When a veteran makes supper, how does he prepare his food? He employs pepper spray as well as a salt gun!

What color are submarines typically? They are often a deep blue hue!

When a cow enters the armed force, what outfit does he wear? He obviously has cow-moo-flage on.

What do we call the military leaders who lead the army’s moving troops? They’re all high-ranking officers!

What is the name of a firm that manufactures artificial arms for troops? They are unquestionably arms dealers!

Why do all military uniforms are the same actual dimensions? Because they’re all dressed in uniforms!

How do you describe a Soviet Army Russian sniper who has never hit his target? He is the navy’s most adept Marxist.

If a belly button chose to enter the army, what position would he be assigned to? Of course, he would normally be appointed as a naval officer!

Which week of the year is Global Military Day observed? It is generally in March.

What was a key weakness of the organic army group in the film ‘Avatar’? If they employed the Navi, they would be successful!

Which category would a seedling be assigned to? He would undoubtedly be sent to the infant-tree!

Why does the army begin producing missiles and satellites from wheat and flour? Because rockets are bread for war!

What was the specialty of the drill sergeant, who was also a military dental hygienist? He has a reputation for extractions!

Why is it forbidden to eat frozen yogurt while serving in the military? Desserts are a crime that can lead to arrest.

What kinds of responses does such an air force officer have during a war? He has both flights as well as fight skills!

What made the Spanish man’s parents in the army overjoyed at Christmas? Simply because it became Navidad Feliz!

What did the military call a unique armored vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence? It was dubbed the ‘Think Tank’ by the military.

Has the military lately developed a new type of laser? It makes use of ultra-violet light!

Which is the greatest way to characterize a military vehicle that will not listen to or trust anything you say? It’s unmistakably a septic tank.

When botanists enlist in the military, where do they end up? They’ve all been chosen for the core tent!

Which legendary singer would be the best fit for the old Roman military? It’s most likely Britney Spears!

What is the best approach to playing a domino with a fighter jet pilot? It generally goes something like this: A-10, B-06, F-16.

Why are propellers used in combat planes? Their primary responsibility is to maintain the passengers cool. If there is no one in the aircraft, the pilots will start sweating profusely!

When the deer enrolled in the military, what did his pals call him? So, naturally, everyone began to refer to him as a bombardier!

During his fourth deployment, a soldier was simultaneously pepper-sprayed and exposed to chemical gas. His pals all refer to him as a seasoned veteran!

I was a skilled painter before enlisting in the military. However, after joining the military, I was told not to use the AK-47 since it kept drawing fire!

My buddy congratulated me on my promotion from captain to the next higher rank, stating, “I know that this is a big day for you.

Crunchy! is the finest word to describe someone who accidentally got beneath a tank.

When I enlisted my son in the army, he was sent to the artillery!

There will never be pain relievers at the army med facility since the paras ate them all!

I told my sister not to feel disappointed if his military commander didn’t pump her for his efforts!

I lost both arms in the middle of a fierce conflict, but I soldiered on!

A soldier once went away without returning his loans. People began to refer to it as a loan shark!

I once failed to pack my military devices on a top-secret assignment. So I said angrily, “All shoot!”

The aviation officer kept two sticks of explosives in the trunk of his automobile at all times. He retained it as a precautionary measure in case he wanted to shoot up the tires.

Before entering the dance floor, my military friend constantly says, “Hey, protect me whenever I move from this one.”

A Bomb is the only technique for a military warrior to get rid of pests!

A fly once went inside a fighter pilot’s headgear. The fly, according to the pilot, was a space intruder!

During an assault on Saddam Hussein’s home, the US forces discovered that he had retained all of his DVDs as well as CDs in Iraq!

While telling his stories, the ancient veteran remarked that a chieftain was merely a rank instead of a tank!

A veteran military officer had a poor habit of mocking and dismissing his subordinates after sunset. It was known as a discharge!

A military guy uses tic at-tac-k! to keep his breath fresh while on top-secret operations in the jungles.

A soldier’s camera is one of his dearest buddies. The cam-o frequently makes an appearance in a mission!

If military troops offer you anything, the appropriate response is ‘Tank You.

If opposition personnel gives you crucial information while fighting behind enemy lines, always surround them!

A certain component of the army cherishes and respects equestrians. They are unquestionably the neigh-vy!

My brother serves in the army always and takes a stick to them. He is the corporal on staff!

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