45+ Funny Minecraft Puns and Jokes Will Make You Laugh

Minecraft is a very popular game among a lot of kids and even teenagers. The thing about Minecraft is that it’s just not an interesting game, it also comes with several other interesting factors. The name of the characters is as interesting as it gets. Let’s explore some more interesting aspects of this game with some interesting puns 

Minecraft Puns

  • What did Karen say to Steve after losing his temper? Karen told Steve you are piston me off!
  • What was Steve’s reaction after seeing the excellent stunt pulled out by Karen? Steve was amazed and told Karen he could lever pull that!!
  • Killer klowns was pissed at Karen bugging him, what did he say to stop Karen? He asked Karen to stop texturing him!
  • What will be the reaction of the player when he first experiences Minecraft? The player thinks to himself that it is just GHASTly  
  • What did Killer Klown listen on his defense from the other character when ever there was a stealing of a vehicle? The characters in his defense said that Killer Klown wooden steal that car 
  • What is Steve’s favorite curse word in the game? Steve is often found saying “Son of a brick “
  • How to characters in the game of Minecraft ask others to do as they are told? They say to do what they are told, Ore else.
  • How do characters in the game of Minecraft appreciate each other’s fashion statement? They say “They dig each other’s style “
  • What did Steve ask the other characters in the game when he heard them talking to each other? He asks “Water you talking about?”
  • What do Minecraft players say to each other when they met in the winters? They said it is coal in here!
  • What did the exhausted Steve gets to listen from Killer klown? Killer klown says “you have made this bed for your self and now you have to sheep in it !”
  • How did the Minecraft player congratulated each other after the game? They said the characters were sort off smashed into total Obsiden !
  • How does a Minecraft addict player greet the other player? He greets them by asking “Cow you doing?”
  • What did the Cathy Simms say to Charles miner when she tried to cut down the tree for further mining? She told Charles Miner that it was a Pig tree!!
  • What stopped the characters of the game Minecraft see on their way to work? They saw a note block, which stooped them from reaching to work
  • What did Steve say to Karen Flippelli when he tried to get hold of Steve’s equipment for mining? Steve told Karen Flippelli that he can not torch it 
  • What was Steve’s reaction when all the work went into vain 
  • Steve said that he could feel his cart pounding
  • What did character say to himself when he lost the game? He asked himself “seed what did he do there?”
  • How did Steve flirt with other characters in the game? He would say that the their “Potion brew him away”
  • How did Karen express his pain to Steve when he was hurt? Karen said “Hey , that strings !!” 
  • What do the players of Minecraft suggest the other player? They say to try, and Cactus frisbe
  • What did the player of Minecraft say to the other player who arrived a bit late to join?The Player said “It is boat time you got here !!” 
  • What did Steve the character say to Karena and other players to stop them from continuing the mining? Steve asked them to hold on as he was gunpowder his nose 
  • What is the most popular slang among the players of Minecraft? They say “you should make a fish and blow out the candles 
  • What did Steve say t the other characters of Minecraft when they dig into something really valuable? Steve said “You are diamond me carzy1”
Minecraft Puns

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