99+ Mint Puns That Could Be an Encourage-Mint for You to Start Your Day

We have a collection of jokes about mint that will bring a breath of fresh air into your life, or it may just be some com-mints about pennies that will provide you with encourage-mint. Read our mint puns instead of making argue-mints; because you need our mint puns in your life right now.


Funny Mint Jokes

All you need is a small token of acknowledge-mint for all the hard work you are doing. Take a small break right now because you absolutely deserve to relax. Exhale, unwind, and enjoy our collection of puns about mint.

  • What occurs if the US Mint stops printing money? It makes no sense, to be honest.
  • What do you call California-made sugar-free breath mints? We call it Sacramentos.
  • What was needed by the mint army? It needs Arma-mints and reinforcement-mints.
  • What makes mints so clever? Because mints make cents.
  • Later this year, My Father will introduce a new line of huge breath mints. It would be named after his children. He claimed it as the “Biggest disappoint Mints!”
  • I want to create a mint with a fig taste. But for the time as of now, it is simply a fig mint in my head.
  • The biggest flying breath mint in the world was created by a scientist. Although it might be true, he now has a tic tac toe to ride.
  • What sort of mint worsens the odor on your breath? It is the Excrements
  • What is mint memorabilia known as? It is known as the Me-Mentos.
  • How come the mint jelly was tense? It was since the lamb was always the recipient.
  • What do you call a mint that works as a motivational speaker? We call it a token of encourage-mint.
  • A mint produces coins. Rather than the mint that is a plant, it is the mint that is a plant.
  • Have you heard of the business that made the decision to make those Halloween-themed mints? It is a fright tictac, they claimed.
Mint Jokes
  • What type of mint do you gift a new acquaintance? You give an icebreaker.
  • Which breath mints do military commanders who struggle with reading use? They use Tac-tics.
  • When someone has mints on their feet, what do you call them? We call them Tic tac toes.
  • Did you hear about the talking candy cane? He spoke about what he actually meant.
  • What kind of mint are anarchists opposed to? They oppose the Governmint.
  • What sweets are Karen’s favorites? They are Entitle-mints.
  • Predickamints is the name of a new, before-sex contraceptive pill with a mint flavor.
  • What made Jesus visit a candy store? He went to examine a mint.
  • An experiment was made to create gum from eggs. It was egg spearmint.
  • How can a scientist make herself smell better? With the utilizing of experi-mints.
  • Did you hear that there was a strike at the mint? It was because they desired a lower income.
  • Which type of mint is the most difficult to swallow? It is Abandonmint.
  • How can you determine whether a coin is new? It could be known if the mint scent is still present.
  • What would you call a shop that exclusively offered gum and mints? Bad Breath problems and beyond.
  • What do you name gum that can be distributed via social media? Memementos.
  • Food experts have finally succeeded in making gum without the mint taste. The former spearmint achieved total success.
  • My friend was laid off from his position at the mint plant. His wife completely menthol.
  • Just purchased some extra-strong mints; finding it challenging to remove them from the package.
Mint Jokes

Mint Jokes

We have got you a few super cool mint puns that will fill you with amuse-mint. Do not wait and do not experi-mint with these mint puns, and start reading if you really need the encourage-mint to start your day.

  • A mint employee enters a pub; the next morning, he returns home to his wife with two brand-new black eyes. Did the bartender ask you what you do for a living? she queries. “Well, I do make money after all,” the mint employee replies.
  • What do you call a mint that has gone for a hunt? It will be called a spear-mint
  • What do you use for seasoning the minty foods? We call it the peppermint.
  • I have a blouse with exactly 120 little pockets, each of which can hold one mint. My vest is a Tic Tactical.
  • Do you know that the person who came up with the idea for Tic Tacs never had to work a day in his life? He had to produce a mint.
  • The name “Thin Mints” is completely incorrect, and I absolutely think that it is a scam. I can never reduce my weight, no matter how many mints I consume.
  • What do you name a Spanish mint that is thoughtful? It would be called as a pensa mentos.
  • I was considering applying for a place at the U.S. Mint. Do you have any knowledge about how much money I would make?
  • Help! I unintentionally ate a mint. Whatever, I’m cool now.
  • The US mint appears to be dysfunctional since the US Mint’s coin stamping equipment suddenly ceased functioning. In that case, it is just not financially feasible!

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Mint Jokes
  • Have you heard that the Philadelphia mint may be closing? I don’t mind; it just makes financial cents.
  • I’m going to sell my parachute that is in mint condition. It has never been opened; only ever used.
  • What kind of hair products do comic book fans use? They use mint conditioner.
  • People claim that I am unclear. I explained to them that once I lost my job at the mint, I stopped making sense.
  • Prior to this, I could enter a store with a cent and leave with two Coke cans, one bag of chips, and some mints. Now it is not possible to experi-mint as there are cameras at the store.
  • What is the name of the person that sings about mints? He is called a minstrel.
  • How was the man who disposed of his mints in the trash able to escape going to jail? He was found to have non-compostable mentos.
  • What do you name two breath mints that a scientist transformed into people? They will be called the Ex-pair-a-mints.
  • I was considering applying for a position at the U.S. Mint. Do you have any idea how much money I would make?
  • Why did the blonde eat her pasta with tic-tacs in it? It told to mint her garlic according to the instructions.
  • Which mint flavors are the worst? They are nothing but Disappoint-mints!
  • Since I was idle, I considered individually combining the little, fragrant leaves of a low-growing mint family plant. But I was aware that I would finish up with too much thyme.
Mint Puns

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