170+ Hilarious Moon Puns that Will Take You out Of the World!

No matter what people say, the Moon hears your cries despite the fact that it is a spherical piece of space rock that orbits around the Earth.

In reality, the Moon is a central theme in a wide variety of mythologies from various cultures. Check out our collection of ridiculous moon puns and jokes; these are absolutely incredible!

Funny Moon Puns

Numerous myths and fairy tales center on the Moon. Numerous idiomatic expressions are dedicated to the Moon and are widely used by folks. These have also inspired clever and entertaining jokes concerning our treasured natural satellite. So let’s enjoy some moon puns!

  • Dang girl! You just rocked my world!
  • See you Moon!
  • I completely orbit around you, thus you must be a planet, and I must be a moon.
  • I want you to understand how much you mean to me.
  • My day is greatly improved by the Earth’s rotation.
  • Can you just hold up for a moonute!
  • Remember to return, Moon!
  • You are really wondermoon, in my opinion!
  • I think that jokes about space are amoonsing, don’t you?
  • What will you call a clock that is on the Moon?
A lunar tick
  • Could you bring that snack lunar to the Moon sooner rather than later?
The Moon seems to be extremely hungry.
  • Did you know that there are a number of films about the sun and Moon crossing paths online?
They are called Eclips
  • Which board game do they enjoy playing the most in space?
  • You only need to moonouver your spaceship a little to park it there!
  • After twentyfour hours of watching the Moon revolve around the Earth, astronomers gave up and just said it was a “day”!
  • When the Earth said to the Moon that playtime is over, Moon got angry and said, “Oh my God! You are such a moonipulator!!”
  • It was nice to catch up with you, see you lunar!
  • Do you suppose the Moon has a lunar tick because it seems to be itching a little bit?
  • We’ll have a great cardboard spacecraft! Just trust in your imoonagination.
  • People who study the Moon tend to be tremendous optimists and see the good in everything.
  • What is the Moon’s favorite bagel, I wonder?
Most likely to be a cinnamoon raisin.
  • I sometimes think like I’m the Moon and you’re the sun; without you, I’d be completely in the dark!
  • Don’t cratersize those who like the Moon; if they are lunartics, they can’t help it!
  • The Moon has been speaking for a very looooong period; at this point, I suppose it’s just moonologging!
  • The Moon is very cunning; it constantly pulls pranks on us. They are called lunar ticks.
  • Last night, I believed I saw a full moon, but maybe I was simply imoonagining it.
  • Given how much I enjoy having you around, you could say that I am the Moon and you are the sun.
  • What will the waiter ask a moon at a café?
Do you think the Moon prefers gravitea or coffee?
  • Do you think it’s sad that the Moon is waning?
It’s merely going through a phase, not a change.
  • Do you actually believe that the Moon may influence our conduct, or is it just lunatic?
  • Are you only waxing poetic or do you truly have such a deep affection for the Moon?
  • How did the news affect the Moon?
The news hardly phased him.
  • The weekend I attended my first full moon party, and I have to admit, it eclipsed my expectations!
Moon Puns
  • What was the grumpy Moon’s comment?
Get out of my orbit and go into outer space.
  • When the Moon’s parents resort to each other when the Moon is very cranky and shout “Gibbous Strength!”
  • They enjoy a sumptuous breakfast on the Moon, and today they are having crescents!
  • For being the Moon that is the brightest tonight, I would love to present you with this honor!
  • Should we leave the Moon’s atmosphere as it appears to be entering a new phase?
  • The Moon is owned by Batman when?
When it Wayne’s
  • How does the Moon maintain such silky legs?
Because it waxes!
  • You know, I hope it’s only a phase since you’re acting a little moondy!
  • When no one chuckled at his moon humor, what did Neil Armstrong say?
Well, how would you get it! You weren’t there!
  • I believe they utilize automoon since that astronaut is such a talented singer.
  • What is an astronaut’s method for telling time?
They simply looked at their rocket watch.
  • When they have cleaned up, what do astronomers say?
This area has a spaceshiplike appearance!
  • You would think that astronauts would realize the seriousness of the problem, yet it’s difficult to hold a serious talk with one because there’s no gravity on the Moon!
  • I want to talk to the moonagement because I’m not really enjoying this space voyage.
  • The lack of wifi on the Moon really infuriated the astronauts since they wanted to upgrade their space book score!
  • After a long fight, how will the Earth console the Moon?
You don’t need to Apollogize! I know you didn’t moon to say that.
  • If the moon landing was all a hoax, NASA does owe us a huge Apollogy.
  • Have you noticed the Moon tonight?
Absolutely beautiful in blue!
  • I’d even say that Moon is a super moon because it is such a hero!
  • How frequently do you get to witness a lunar eclipse?
Once in a blue moon only!
  • Saturn promised to give the Moon a ring, but they failed to do so. So, it’s kind of a blue moon right now.
  • September signals the beginning of harvest as the Moon grows a little cooler.
  • The strawberry moon is my favorite Moon because it is so cherry brilliant.
  • Last night, did you hear the wind howling outside?
Maybe it was a wolf moon!
  • What kinds of books enjoy reading on the Moon?
A cometbook
  • What is the name of the first day of the week in space?
  • Why is the Moon being so sour?
It is just going through a phase!
  • After getting married, what do moon people do?
They go for a honeyearth maybe!
  • Why was the Moon unable to complete its meal?
Because it was a full moon.
  • How is a celebration for the Moon planned?
You just need to planet it properly.
Moon Puns

Moon Jokes

One should never try to duck a conversation about the Moon by using the excuse that it is a topic of discourse. Make as many moon puns as you can; the Moon deserves to be honored. The following list of moon puns will make you giggle uncontrollably while taking you on a detour around the Moon.

  • What does a moon do when it goes through a phase?
It goes to a salon and eclipse its hair!
  • What kind of cheese is the Moon’s favorite?
It should be moonzerella
  • Why did the Moon’s restaurant receive such negative reviews?
Because it has no atmosphere.
  • Do you remember the story of the cow that traveled to space?
Yes! It landed right on the mooooon!
  • What’s the name of a water body on the Moon?
A lunarsea
  • Where does the Moon go after it graduates from college?
It goes to a mooniversity.
  • What is the bestselling beverage produced in space?
  • What cartoon is the Moon’s favorite?
  • What is the Moon’s favorite thing to put on toast?
Space jam
  • What were the findings when a skeleton was found on the Moon’s surface?
The cow died in the attempt.
  • What do astronauts do when they unintentionally collide?
Apollo gise them.
  • What did the astronomers do when they became bored with observing the Moon’s orbit of the Earth?
All they did was end the day.
  • Buzz Aldrin’s opening remarks while speaking to new individuals. The second person after me has set foot on the Moon. Prior to me is Neil.
  • What changes Dwayne Johnson into when he touches down on the Moon?
He turns into a Rock.
  • The moon landing was phony, why?
Due to the Moon’s continued presence there. It didn’t touch down anywhere.
  • What would the name of cashews produced on the Moon’s surface be?
They cultivate Astronuts.
  • The moon landing was manufactured, why?
As a result of the rocket’s numerous stages.
  • Why is Neil never tired of going to the Moon?
Because he is Armstrong.
  • Where did Neil Armstrong go when he traveled to the Moon for coffee?
He goes to Starbucks.
  • What type of networking media do astronauts employ? .
They use Spacebook
Moon Puns
  • Why is the Moon’s resident bald?
Because there’s no ‘air’.
  • Why is Darth Vader so beloved by the astronaut on the Moon?
Considering that he also has a negative side.
  • What is the name of the first weekday of the week in space?
  • What did the US provide Russia as compensation for doing so after they were on the Moon?
They provide a Constellation prize.
  • When people didn’t laugh at his jokes about the Moon, what did Neil Armstrong say?
He got angry and said, “You need to be there to get it!”
  • What was the young boy’s reaction when he received a sizable rocket as a birthday present?
He was so happy that he went over the Moon.
  • What happens when couples tie the knot on the Moon?
They go for a honeymoon.
  • What is the name of a lunar insect?
Lunar tick.
  • Why do people detest eating at the moon restaurant?
Because it lacks atmosphere.
  • Where on the Moon do astronauts leave their spacecraft?
Near a parking meteor.
  • Why do vegans favor earth rock over moon rock?
Because they are a little meteor.
  • A person fell from the Moon, but why?
Because he got hit by a fridge.
  • Which direction did the cow choose to cross the Moon?
He chose the milky way.
  • What is the name of a lunatic on the Moon?
A lunatic
  • What distinguishes Michael Jackson from Neil Armstrong? .
While Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, Michael Jackson moonwalked on the Earth
  • The Moon cannot walk, why?
Because it was lacking legs.
  • The cow wanted to be an astronaut for what reason?
So it can roam freely on the milky way.
  • What was the Moon’s response to the cheese?
It said nothing. How can a cheese speak! Duh!
  • What did the sun say to the Moon when they first met?
Finally, I’m going to get a night off!
  • Why haven’t any of the offenses perpetrated on the Moon ever resulted in a sentence?
Because it is a shady location.
  • How does the sun approach the Moon?
Through Heatwaves
  • How much does it cost to live on the Moon?.
Pretty much out of the world
  • What sort of tropical fruit enjoy astronauts while they’re on the Moon?
They eat Coconaut.
  • Why is the Moon regarded as a wanted felon?
Because he was mooning everybody!
  • When their interests align during an eclipse, the haughty sun responds to the Moon by asking why he had not seen him lately. “Don’t think yourself the same as me. Stay in your orbit”
  • When does a moon stop needing food?
When it gets full.
  • Why is it that nobody enjoys going to the Moon anymore?
Because they don’t get any reservations. The hotels and inns are always full.
  • What time of day does the Moon’s weight reach its peak?
When it becomes full.
  • When does the Moon typically decide against leaving the house?
When it reaches to its last quarter.
  • What kind of moon phase is Dracula’s favorite?
The blood moon
  • What would the price of the Moon be if it were put on the market?
Nothing more than a dollar, since it consists of four quarters.
  • When their child is declining, what does the lunar mother say to the lunar father?
“Don’t worry honey, he’s just going through a phase.”
  • How do make a werewolf go crazy? A
llow him to wait till the full Moon.
  • I once attended a party on the Moon. Didn’t like it much; there was no atmosphere.
  • When traveling to the Moon, where do you leave your spacecraft?
In a meteor parking.
Moon Puns

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