56+ Best Mother Puns and Funny Quotes

A mother is an individual who gives birth to children and brings up her child with love and care. Share some hilarious and humorous jokes about mother with your family and friends specially with your mom to make all of them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some mother puns.

Mother Puns and Funny Quotes

  • As I am very occupied, I have no mom-ent to waste.
  • The humorist is well known for his mom-ologue about earning the lottery.
  • You often have the nicest suggestions. You are truly the mother of innovation.
  • I am immensely indebted for standing by our side through the most mom-umental times of our lives.
  • What would the best mommy in the world be called? MaxiMOM.
  • I am warm-heartedly thankful for supporting me in my difficult situations with every mom-entum over these times.
  • Wishing Happy Mother’s Day to the individual who is credible for all the best recollections of my life. I love to call those recollections mom-entos.
  • All the things that are done by you is extremely MOM point.
Mother Puns
  • I am immensely thankful for each and every mom-umental work that was done by you.
  • Delights to the numerous flawless mom-ents on this Mother’s Day.
  • Mother’s Day is really a mom-mentous event. Wishing you a wonderful one.
  • My warm-hearted gratefulness for every mom-umental work that was done by you to raise me.
  • It is not possible for me to adore any individual as much as I adore my mother. I think I can be called mom-ogomous.
  • That is for the mom-umental part that is played by you in my life.
  • What was the reason for sadness of the little computer?
  • The little computer had an interface that no one could adore except the motherboard.
  • Make up your mind to have kids is a mom-mentous decision.
  • Where does the baby of the mama car carried by the mama car? On her mother hood.
  • Mother, I donut know what would be done by me without you.
  • A grape responsibility is done by you by raising me.
Mother Puns
  • Mom I am filled with gratitude that I am y’orchid.
  • Nothing can beat the fondness of a birth giver.
  • I am greatly indebted for having such a egg-cellent mother.
  • Olive my mother.
  • My mother is pearfect.
  • Whenever it comes to the fondness of mother and father, I truly hit the mommy lode with you.
  • My great indebtedness for being the mom-umental part of my life.
  • On this day, we are taking this mom-ent to take the pleasure of this day. 
  • Wishing all the mothers a very Delightful Mother’s Day  who gave their children womb and board.
  • I have gained a lot of knowledge from you over these years. I am hoping to comprehend them all. Is there anything such as os-mom-sis?
  • It would take only a few mom-ent to figure out the issue.
  • The theater starts with the mom-ologue of the leading character.
  • The cops mom point action at the crossing of Spurriergate and Nessgate in York was required to have grown conditioned to unusual sights, particularly in the Celebration time.
  • A mom-entary casualty of consciousness in the time of a blackout lasted for a short time,but was adequately horrifying to stop the individual from consuming alcohol.
  • You can accomplish opti-mom execution with reused paper.
  • My physician explains the opti-mom load for a female individual of my height is less than a hundred pounds.
  • A new mom-entum was given by her to the campaign.
  • An individual can have preference between relationship, straight or gay and he can be mom-ogamous or have one in each town he visits.
  • There is no limit in his power, his bitterness at dishonest behavior is not capable to be assuage, and he is mom-niscient. 
Mother Puns

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