247+ Mouse puns that will instantly make you laugh

Mice humor and puns are among the most amusing and endearing animal puns ever. All the little guys have not only a ridiculously long tail, but they also have a lifelong fondness for cheese. Their furry and choppy appearance places them among the cutest miniature creatures.

Funny Mouse Jokes

Here are some amusing mouse puns and jokes that will make you laugh. Mice puns and jokes, like our furry friends, never go out of style. So, here’s a collection of the weirdest mouse jokes and mouse puns of all time.

We should never stop laughing because the mouse hasn’t really stopped eating. Puns should not ever stop falling! Let’s get started on these amusing mouse puns right away.

  • Julius Cheeser was the most widely known Roman emperor mouse!
  • I quit my job as a rat and mice keeper today. I’m no longer known as Mr. Mice Guy.
  • Mice are frightened to swim in the ocean because it contains catfish.
  • Mouseralla is the mouse’s favorite cheese.
  • At sword fights, the fantastic, furry, and funny one is always a Mouseketeer.
  • When the homeowner acquired a cat, the mice tried to communicate by using points, hyphens, and squeaking noises – Mouse Code.
  • The hubby mouse and his fiancee fought bitterly over which part of butter they would accept. However, they eventually decided to make a small compromise, and they both had half.
  • When a mouse evolves blisters on its legs, they remove them with pu-mice stone.
  • A mouse-tache is the grey, hairy stuff on a mouse-tachee.
  • The anony-mouse is a mystery mouse who does not want his identity revealed.
  • Mice prefer to stay indoors whenever the sky is overcast as it can rain dogs and cats outside.
  • If you can get a mouse to dance to your music, you’ll have a true mice-tro on your hands.
  • The mice inquired of the King of Rats about his favorite musical instrument. He responded that it was a mouse organ.
  • A roadent is a mouse which always remains outside on the roads.
  • If you ever save some drowning mouse, you must first recover him through mouse-to-mouse resuscitation.
  • A mouse was arrested yesterday for stealing mous-tard.
  • When the mice overlooked Church for four weeks in a row, the pastor called and then said, “I’d want to chat to you about cheesus.
  • To celebrate her birthday, the European mouse everytime went to Czechy Cheese.
  • This same hide and squeak sport is a mouse’s all-season pastime.
  • I photographed a small mouse in my restaurant. And although I didn’t say say cheese,’ that’s probably what it was thinking.
  • By mid-December, the mice had begun exchanging cross-mouse cards with one another.
  • When his first tooth broke, the mouse shouted “hard cheese!”
  • The little mouse dreamed because when he grows up, he will live in a cottage cheese.
  • “Mice to meet you!” “, the family of mice said to the hamster.
  • Trap music is the most despised music in the mouse world.
  • Stuart Lidl is a well-known German mouse who decided to open a grocer for other German mice.
  • On his birthday, the mice traveled to his favorite hotel, ‘The Stilton.’
  • In the exam room, a bully yelled to an adorable mini mouse, “You’re chee-sing.”
  • Micky Mouse really can not find his pet, so he left earth and discovered Pluto!
  • “We are actually starting to cheese our prey,” the early bird exclaimed.
  • What are the similarities and differences here between a mouse pad as well as an animal mouse?
The first squeaks and the second clicks. However, both are mice with similar emotions.
  • A computer mouse’s favorite food is the one of microchips.
  • Edward Scissorhands despises using the computer mouse. He searches for shortcut keys.
  • The mouse was formed from dragon poop during the medieval period. You’ve probably heard of the ‘dragon drop’ interface.
  • If you give a cookie to a mouse, he will not eat it; instead, he’ll ask if he can use it for your browsing.
  • Elvis, my pet mouse, died the other night. He became entangled in a trap.
Mouse Puns
  • What else do frustrated mice eat during the holidays?
Mouse Puddings with a Cross.
  • On Halloween, a baby mouse returned home and saw a bat and told his mother he saw an angel.
  • This morning, I discovered a mouse through my slippers. They are completely inappropriate for him.
  • I recently saw a mouse dressed in a toga. Julius Cheeser, I believe.
  • We’d like to talk about cheese with you.” – Church Mouse
  • Which guesthouse do mice most frequently visit?
Stilton cheese
  • Someone tried to tell me that the police dept has decided to add a mouse to there own wildlife squad, but I believe it is a gerbil shepherd.
  • I have seen an opera about just a rodent that ends up going around releasing air from tyres. Mouse Inflator.
  • In the cinema, a man notices a mouse eating popcorn on the seat beside him. “What are you doing here?”
he asks. Well, the mouse says, “I enjoyed the book.
  • If you’re depressed about losing your smartphone, consider that a mouse relatives now have a new flat-screen TV.
  • The mamma mouse tells his son that merry Chris-mouse.
  • The first bird gets the worm for breakfast and the 2nd mouse got the cheese.
  • When the mouse chuckles at the cat, a hole appears nearby.
  • Which family sitcom is a mouse’s favorite?
Total Mouse.
  • What’s the follow-up to that?
More mouse!
  • What is a mouse’s favorite condiment?
  • What kept the mouse inside?
Raining cats and dogs outside.
  • What is a mouse’s least favorite album?
What’s going on, Pussycat.
  • Why do mice require oiling?
Because they make a squeak!
  • When rodents play bingo, what do they say?’
Eyes down for at least mouse,’ says the narrator.
  • What does a 12-pound mouse have to suggest to a cat?’
Kitty, kitty, kitty!’
  • When his roommate broke his front teeth, what really does the mouse say?
Cheesy cheese!
  • What is your favorite game of mice?
Squeak and hide! 
  • What are crisps that taste like milk and make you go ‘eek, eek, eek’ once you eat them?
Mice Krispy Treats!
  • What is small, furry, and skilled with a sword?
A keteer of mice!
  •  What type of cheese do mice prefer?
  • What happens when you cross a rodent with a skunk?
The mouse is giving you dirty looks!
  • Mice play exactly what sort of musical instrument?
An organ from a mouse!
  • What gives mice their long tails?
They’d look ridiculous with long hair!
  • Why do mice require oiling?
Because they make a squeaking sound!
  • Which resort do mice most frequently visit?
Stilton cheese.
  • A mouse that doesn’t eat, sip, or even walk is referred to as a slug. A mouse for a computer.
  • What would a mouse feel like after a shower?
Clean as a whistle!
  • Who is the ruler of all the rodents?
Tse Tung, Mouse! 
  • What’s small, has a tail, and works for the cops?
A shepherd dog for gerbils!
  • What is grey and hairy on a man’s face?
A mouse moustache.
  • What was the purpose of the mouse eating a candle?
For a quick pick-me-up!
  • What is the meaning of dot, dot, dash, whimper?
Code for the mouse!
  • What else do you invite a mouse that doesn’t have any balls?
  • What is the favorite record of a mouse?
Please cheese me.
  • What makes an eek, eek, bang sound?
A mouse in the middle of a minefield!
  • What squeaks while solving crimes?
Mice in Miami!
  • What happened when Tom tied Jerry in the refrigerator?
Cubes of mice.
  • Now what folks call a mouse who dislikes being noticed-?
  • What makes elephants afraid of computers?
As a result of the mouse.
Mouse Puns

Mouse Jokes

These could be the cutest mouse puns you’ve ever witnessed. Try to figure out what they’re saying and prepare for the fun stuff! Even if you’re having a bad day, these mouse puns can lift your spirits.

  • What’s grey, squeaky, and lives in caves?
  • A mouse drives what kind of car?
A small van
  • Now, what do folks call a hamster sandwiched between two rashers of bacon?
A sandwich with ham.
  • Hamsters live in which city?
  • What type of footwear do mice wear?
  • What did the hubby mouse say to the family of the girlfriend mouse?
Mice To meet you, dear.
  • What do mice despise the most?
  • Where do mice receive their illicit booze?
From the squeak-easy
  • What else do individuals call mice who constantly fight and make up?
  • I’m teaching mice how to play classical music. I’m a true mouse-tro.
  • What do mice dress in?
  • Do mice play any musical instruments?
Mouse organ.
  • Who is the ruler of all mice?
Mouse Tong Tse.
  • A twelve-pound mouse asks a cat, “What do you say?”
“Here, here, here, Kitty!”
  • What makes noise while solving crimes?
Mice in Miami.
  • Why are mice’s tails so long?
Well, if they had long hair, they’d look foolish!.
  • What phrases do rats use when playing bingo?
Watch out for a full mouse, eyes down!.
  • What causes Mickey Mouse to stumble?
Due to the Disney spell, he has.
  • Saying cheese is the simplest method to get a mouse to smile.
  • When does a furious mouse send holiday mail to other mice? –
He mails a cross-mouse card.
  • Mice enjoy doing the laundry because it allows them to get their garments squeaky clean.
  • Mice require regular lubrication due to their squeaky nature.
Mouse Puns
  • What do mice say to this beloved?
Darling, you are my squeak heart.
  • The pappa mouse appears a strong one to the house owner because of his mouse tache.
  • How about your 1st date, a mouse asks another mouse?
We simply clicked, and the mouse responds.
  • When the husband mouse leaves for the office in the morning, what does he say to his wife?
“Have a mice day, my love!
  • Mice make excellent musicians and are skilled at playing the mouse organ.
  • Rats are harmful because they possess a device for destroying mice.
  • What does a mouse think of her boyfriend’s rage? –
She is really easy to mouser!
  • Mice can do well in school or at work since they are constantly playing games on their gaming mice.
  • What do we name a mouse that frequently robs other mice in plain sight? –
A rat pi
  • What does the rat cousin use to color its nails? –
Shrew polish is used.
  • The lazy mice are always afraid of their mousework.
  • When a mouse sees a black cat it can be unlucky.
  • Where should mice drive cars?
In the road-ent.
  • What meal does a mouse prefer to eat?
Bubble and squeak.
  • What winter sport is a rodent’s favorite?
Mice skating.
  • What squeaks and cold too?
The mice isle.
  • What is furry and hidden?
An anony-mouse.
  • Why wouldn’t you irritate a mouse?
Because they can furry us.
  • What does a rodent put on a hot dog?
Only mouse tard.
  • On what do mice ledge?
  • What’s the name for a mouse that fixes teeth?
A rodentist.
  • What Steven Spielberg film is a mouse’s favorite?
  • What action film is a mouse’s favorite?
The fast and furryious.
  • What are the similarities between a rodent and a hay bale?
The cat’ille eat it.
  • What is grey and has a trunk?
A mouse going on holiday.
  • What kind of musical instrument do mice use?
A wireless squeaker.
  • What a cat will like in a desert?
Chocolate Mouse.
  • What was the mouse’s response to the cat?
Catch You Later!
  • Where do mice come from?
  • What a mouse call his friend bat?
A show-off.
  • What do mice prefer to do when they enter a new place?
Have a mouse warming.
  • What plant does a mouse prefer?
A rodent Dundrum.
  • Why do mice make such excellent self-portraits?
Because of the pay attention to de-tail!
  • Why are mice such adept sewers?
Their tail-ors.
  • What task do mice dislike the most?
Mouse Puns

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