100+ Funny Murder Puns and Witty Jokes

Murder is a violation of unlawfully killing an individual with bitterness aforethought. Send some hilarious and funny jokes about a murder to your family and friends to share some good laughs. Given below is a list of some humorous murder puns.

Murder Puns

  • Bully means when you harass or frighten an individual, murder is when you end an individual’s life. But it is nothing when there is no valid proof.
  • There was a homicide. The artist was suspected by the investigator first… because the artist was not detailed.
murder puns
  • If someone shoots an individual who is about to kill himself,  is it an attempt to end the pain or is it an attempt to homicide?
  • Murder is no different than self-killing except the other individual is committing it for you.
  • Do you know about the Scottish lady who was murdered by her husband? 
  • Her husband completely kilt her.
  • What is murdering your companion called?
  • a homie-side.
  • What is the cleverest offense? 
  • 3rd degree homicide.
  • Why did the homicide invest in contraceptives? 
  • To murder the future customers.
  • What’s the only offense without any victim that can be committed by you? 
  • Homicide, because there is no injured party.
  • Getting killed by an individual is perhaps the most practical observation someone can ever have.
  • what would a murderer of an egg be called?
  • An egg terminator.
murder puns
  • Why was the burger eaten by your companion?
  • Because my companion wanted to kill all the burgers.
  • That one uneasy moment when you attempt to make a connection with Batman by murdering your father and mother.
  • The ice-cream seller made an attempt to murder me today.
  • Do you know about the conductor of a train in Mexico who got imprisoned for homicide?
  • Yes, clearly the train conductor Loco-motives.
  • Why didn’t the skeleton experience the homicide?
  • Because the skeleton had no heart to do it.
  • The investigator didn’t take much time to figure out what weapon was used to commit the homicide. It was a quick case.
  • A homicide case was investigated by two detectives at an under -construction building.
  • The proof was not solid.
  • Police 1: This homicide looks racially provoked.
  • Police 2: Hate violation?
  • Police 1: Obviously, I don’t like violations. Or else I would never have become a police.
  • Do you know about the killing that was committed by the boat dock?
  • The jury is going to judge him.
  • How is a murder committed by a panda at a cafe?
  • Panda only consumes, shoots and then goes away from there.
  • What would it be called if an individual kills his own male gang member?
  • A homiecide.
  • What was said by the fish before committing the crime of killing?
  • I’m going to GILL you.
  • what was said by the hairdresser when an individual was murdered by her?
  • What happens when they force you to leave the homicide club?
  • You get dismembered.
  • What would a Hawaiian homicide mystery be called?
  • A Hula-Dunit.

Witty Murder jokes

  • What would it be called if a lizard commits the crime of killing?
  • Murder in cold blood.
  • If there is an urgency to commit the crime of killing someone I will murder with an ax.
  • So that it can defence myself by saying the murder was ax-idental.
  • What would an individual be called who commits homicides by poisoning their meals?
murder puns
  • Cereal killer.
  • I got new employment as a seller of killing items
  • I’m making a murder.
  • Do you know about the homicide in the crafts and paintings store?
  • it was gluesome.
  • What would a Fish be called that found guilty of Murder? GILL-ty.
  • What do you call it if you and your companion visit a killing spree?
  • Homicide.
  • Do you know about the homicide on the catwalk?
  • A model was murdered in an odd fashion.
  • Why was the PTA discussion murder tough to figure out?
  • Because it was uncertain who committed it.
  • What would a Salvador Dali be called after multiple murders?
  • A surreal killer.
  • What can be a certain way to break a relationship?
  • Homicide.
  • Why did that car murder?
  • Automotives.
  • Do you know about the homicide at the color factory?
  • The murderer was arrested red-handed.
murder puns

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