120+ Mustache Puns that Are Hairy Funny!

Some men are very serious when it comes to their mustaches. They need to know they have the best style and they can do everything to get it right. Well, these mustache puns are not that serious. They are so funny that they will make you want to grow a mustache so that you can also enjoy these mustache puns.

Funny Mustache Puns

Are you planning to grow a mustache? Or get rid of the one you’ve had for a long time? No matter what, these hilarious mustache puns will provide all the fun for you. They will make you laugh, and they will make you ponder over your choices for longer hours!

  •  I met my friend who is a big fan of Star Wars. I said to him,” May ‘stache be with you!”
  • My friend was missing her lover. She texted him,” I wish you were hair.”
  • I asked my friend,” Why are you growing your mustache?” Because what grows along, goes along.”
  • Whenever I have my mustache, I feel fan-stache-tic.
  • All my male friends have decided not to bash the ‘stache.
  • I don’t understand how long you’re planning to ‘stach away your Monday motivation.
  • Someone at the party made fun of my mustache. I said to him,” I mustache you to leave right now!”
  • What’s your November motivation? Keep calm and Mo long.
  • I like this mustache comb. I think I’m going to shave it for later.
  • Can you just pause shaving your mustache and listen to me? It’s hairy important.
  • If you think the Movember mustache will skip in your case, you are wrong. It just keeps growing. 
  • My friend initially hated growing a mustache. But, he then decided to grow with the flow.
  • My friend with a mustache came up to me and said,” Are you busy? Because I mustache you a question, it’s important. “
  • My friend and I are planning to grow a mustache together. We are bro-staches.
  • I can never rely on my mustache. It’s hair today, gone tomorrow.
  • I always believe that mustache love never ends. It keeps growing.
  • I will start growing a mustache from Movember 1st.
  • I am planning to tell mustache puns to my friends on Movember 31st. Shave the date!
  • Every time I plan to get rid of my mustache, it says to me,” Don’t. I’m sexy, and I grow it!”
  • I think it is foolish of you to think that just like your mustache, you can shave your problems away.
  • My mustache has taught me that I mustache-ways face my problems bravely.
  • If you are planning on having a mustache, I would suggest that you grow it while you can mo it.
  • He wanted to tell us mustache puns but he kept stubbling over his words.
  • I would look into the mirror and ask my mustache,” Hey buddy, what’s growing on with you?”
  • I get very pissed off when my mustache keeps talking about the same thing. I say to it,” Will you just let it grow?”
  •  Me and two other friends have great mustaches. We call ourselves the three mustache-ers.
  • I was not sure about having a mustache but it is growing on me.
  •  I have a mustache but nobody can see it when I wear a mask. It’s my secret ‘stache.
  • My friend with a mustache is seriously considering making a transition from his Movembeard to a Decembeard.
  • I keep track of my mustache’s growth in days, weeks, and beards.
  • Is it mandatory for me to grow a mustache? Yes, it is a must-ache.

Mustache Puns

Just like your mustache, the fun of these mustache puns keeps growing. The more you read, the closer you feel attached to your beautiful mustache. So, we hope you have fun reading these mustache puns while you stroke your beard! Also, don’t forget to share them with your best buddies.

  •  I think that mustache is looking fan-stache-tic on you.
  • I had a great mustache for the past two years. Now that I have shaved it off, I think it has been a big mis-tache.
  •   My friend thinks a mustache looks cool on him. He believes beardy is in the eyes of the beholder.
  • It would be foolish of you to mustache me to shave.
  •  He said to the barber,” May eyebrows through the mustache styling options?”
  • Why did you get rid of your mustache? Better shave than sorry.
  • I can’t believe I grew this mustache so must-fast.
  • My love for my mustache is the same as the mustache itself. It grows a little every day.
  • I never thought my mustache would become a family hairloom.
  • My mustache is a little gift to myself. It keeps me mo’tivated.
  •  This year, all men in the house are keeping mustaches for Christmas so that we can wish each other ‘merry-stach-mas’!
  • I gave a mustache comb to my friend for his birthday and said to him,” Here’s something for my beardiful buddy!”
  • I was surprised to see that the cow had such a beautiful moostache.
  • The only snack with a great mustache is the pi-stach-io.
  •  My friend with a nice mustache went to the bank to open a shavings account.
  • The pirate went to the salon and said,” Arrgh, shav-er me timbers.”
  •   The man said to his mustache,” I can’t believe you’ve been growing right under my nose all this time.”
  • My friend who’s a professional biker has been growing a handlebar mustache recently.
  • You can’t just let this go, you mustache-t on it right away!
  • When James Bond went clean-shaven to a crime scene, everyone said,” Here’s agent Zero Zero Shaven!”
  • My mustache is so poor because it never managed to have any shavings.
  •  My friend was never able to grow facial hair. I said to him one day,” Your head must-ache thinking of this problem.”
  •   Everyone gathered around the old tree to see its beautiful mosstache.
  •   Tom was surprised to see that Jerry now had such a big mouse-tache.
  •  It’s okay that you have gotten rid of your beard by mistake. You must not go out to shave your face.
  •  Genghis Khan and his army were very skilled at hair and mustache styling for men. They are quite barbaric people.
  •  My father not only got rid of his mustache but all his hair as well. I think it was a very bald move.
  •  That is one clean-shaven comedian. His mustache puns are great because his sarcasm is simply razor-sharp.
  • Everyone uses the razor to style their mustaches because it’s the latest cutting-edge technology.
  •  Grooming lions’ mustache is my mane source of income.
  • Pavlov had tough hair conditioners. No wonder he had such a soft beard.

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