51+ Best Nanny Puns and Funny Quotes

Nanny is a female individual employed by parents to supervise or take care of kids in its own house. Share some hilarious and humorous nanny jokes with your family and friends to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some funny nanny puns.

Nanny Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What fruit a nanny likes the most?

Au Pair.

  • In my childhood I was abused by my babysitter. And I am truly disturbed about it.
  • What would a British babysitter with an MDMA habit be called?

Molly Poppins.

  • What would the grandmother of Winnie the Pooh be called?

Pooh Nanny.

Nanny Puns
  • Do you know about the stealing at the nanny convention?

The cops ended up checking out every crooked babysitter.

  • When does a woman have a friendly relationship with her in-laws?

 When she can’t be able to find a nanny. 

  • What can be terrible than having Casey Anthony as your mother? 

When Amy Winehouse is your babysitter.

  • In your younghood your family tells you when you should be home. 

When you matured and got tied the knot, the nanny told you. 

  • A nanny is compelled to behave like a grown-up so the parents can move out and behave like youngsters. 
  • That embarrassing time when you move to your office with the appearance like Mary Poppins and reach home with an appearance like Cruella De Vil. 
  • Some parents employ a nanny when they need to employ a lion tamer. Have patience and be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 
  • Yo mommy so aged her first employment was as Abel and Cain’s nanny. 
  • The nanny was fucked by the pool boy.
  • So I became infected with the common cold virus my wife had.
  • I work as a male babysitter, but I never get treatment when I am ill, I only receive spa days.
  • That is because I want a Manicure.
  • I found a nanny who was an employee of an owl costume.
  • She is a hooting babysitter.
  • Kid- Pop, do ghosts exist?
Nanny Puns
  • What separates a lightbulb and an expectant nanny?

You can’t unscrew the nanny.

  • Do you know about the stealer that liked stealing from thugs and nannies?

He cleaned out all the robbers and babysitters.

  • What would a thick Indian nanny be called?


  • Why does the son of Dj Khaled have a nanny?

Because he doesn’t play himself.

  • Why was there never a necessity of a nanny for the Superboy?

Because the Superboy often had a super vision.

  • Why was a nanny hired by Louis CK?

Because He wanted someone to look after his little squirts.

  • My spouse assumes I am dumping her with our nanny…

I guess my wife is just harsh because she doesn’t have the ability to have children…

  • What would 2 Japanese nursemaids be called?


  • These days you can’t even work as a nanny without making an individual angry or upset.
  • I raised a question to the nanny about how our child had acted.

She answered, “Your child’s been nice, I haven’t noticed your son since he moved out”.

  • How did the nanny misplace 600 children and keep her employment?

The nanny swallowed.

  • Why don’t you employ a violinist nanny?

Because he might poke your children.

  • Searching for a creative nanny.

My lady love only does missionary.

  • What separates a man and a kid?

The man can not be left alone with the nanny.

  • I lost my first employment today. Clearly, you can’t engage in sexual activity with customers. Employment as a nanny was bizarre anyway.
  • Today I lost 18kgs. But I also lost my employment as a nanny.
  • I questioned my nanny from 20 years ago if she can memorize how tough it was to make me fall asleep.
  • I notified the nanny that it wouldn’t be that much hard now.
  • What would Australian taking care of his grill be called?

A barbie sitter.

Nanny Puns

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