52+ Best Navy Puns and Funny Quotes

The military role of the Navy is characterized by the use or threat of force at as well as from the sea. This consists of application of the maritime power in defensive operations for safeguarding own territories, forces, and create and also offensive operations as well. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some captivating Navy puns.

Navy Puns and Funny Quotes

  • For what reason does the Norway Navy come with barcodes on all their ships?

Such that they will be able to “scandanavian” when they return to port.

  • A military ceremony is organized here where all the officers of the Navy, Army, and Air Force are present.
Navy Puns

The Navy and the Army officers had been describing the Air force as the army’s Cinderella.

In reply to this, the Air force officer said that he did not know much regarding Cinderella apart from the fact that Cinderella had a couple of ugly sisters.

_The Marines happen to be the Navy’s department.

The department of men.

_What might happen when you consume a lot of Navy beans?

You might be suffering from a dishonorable discharge.

_In what manner are the men separated from the boys in the Navy?

With the help of a crowbar.

_TIL that you might become discharged dishonorably from the Navy since you boarded the incorrect vessel only once.

Whoops, mistaken sub.

_For what reason the New Polish Navy constructed vessels having glass bottoms?

For seeing the Old Polish Navy.

_While a Navy Seal enters a pub, the bartender asks him why he was so blue.

In reply, the Navy Seal told, “Art art art art”.

_Have you guys heard that fake wool is being used by the Old Navy?

They are not able to pull the polyester anymore over our eyes.

_I will be joining the Navy purely because of spite.

Navy Puns

I want to become a Petty Officer.

_For what reason do Navy Seals tend to fall backwards from their vessels?

Since they will still be on the vessel in case they fell in the forward direction.

_What is their Navy called by the Chinese?

The censor ships.

_My buddy is unhealthily obsessed with Navy destroyers.

He simply warships them.

_For what reason is the Navy unable to take part in the Space Force?

This is because seamen get killed by gamma radiation.

_Have you heard regarding the Royal Navy captain that possessed a fetish for the map room?

Here, the renowned Sir Cum Navigator is actually referred to by me.

_My buddy the artist told to me that he did not have any azure, sapphire, cyan, cobalt, royal, or navy paint.

That was absolutely from the blue.

_What are you going to call a pooch that has been in the Navy? 

A sub-woofer.

_The Navy jet pilot told that they have been flying at a greater speed as compared to the speed of sound.

The copilot exclaimed, “What?”

_When I ended up losing my rifle, I was charged $85 by the Army. That is the reason why the Captain in the Navy goes down along with the ship.

_The dick of mine is similar to that of a Navy Seal.

It gets in and out without actually anybody noticing.

_I never understood why the color of the Navy had been Navy blue.

I was of the notion that they had been the aqua-marines.

_How can you differentiate an otter from a Navy aircrewman?

The otter at least knows that he is not a seal.

_I am going to be fired from my job in the Navy unless some drastic modifications are made by me.

I need to undergo an anchor management course.

_Damn girl, have you just started a Navy?

Since you are going to be loaded with Seamen. 

_For what reason is light similar to the Navy?

Both of them travel at c.

_For what reason are Marines carried by Navy ships?

Since sheep would become quite obvious.

_What is the motto of a Sailor?

Do not leave behind your mates …

_You are telling me that you happen to be in the Navy but you do not know swimming.

Friend, you happen to be in the Air Force and yet do not know how to fly.

_Since I joined the Army I have succeeded in blowing more than 50 individuals in the Navy.

What to say, I enjoy swallowing sea men.

_What grades are required by you for joining the Navy?

7 C’s.

_I was asked by my niece whether it is important to know swimming for getting into the Navy?

Although I was not able to figure out, I believe that she gave a thought to it after it was declared by my nephew that he was about to join the Marines and succeeded in stealing her crayons.

_When a young guy expressed his desire to join the Navy he was asked by the recruiter whether he would be able to swim.

In reply, the man asked whether they had boats or not.

Navy Puns

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