96+ Hilarious Neck Puns That Will Turn Your Head

If there were a word that better captured the essence of the best puns, it would be “neck puns.” Just by taking a look at the list of neck puns, you’ll start to chuckle out loud. They, therefore, belong to the select group of neck puns that come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Funny Neck puns

In terms of using Neck puns, where do you fit in? Here are a few groups of neck puns to help you understand this better. Make a family memory by getting everyone to chuckle with clean neck puns. To get a flavor of your child’s sense of humor, try out these neck puns. Or, you might use funny one-liner neck puns to boost spirits at work.

  • What do you call one hundred black men who have been covered head to toe in the dirt? Afroturf.
  • What makes giraffe necks so long? due to the smell of their feet.
  • What am I if my skin is scarlet red, my eyes are red and swollen, I have green blood, and fur is sprouting all over my body? What am I if my ears are the size of a gigantic corn cob? abominably ugly
  • You’d assume Dracula would have a large social circle. Unluckily, nobody likes him. He’s a real pain in the neck.
  • Why was the emo youngster unable to hang himself? The belt wouldn’t fit around his neck once he had eaten through his emotions.
  • Why did the witch and wizard neck-kiss each other so frequently? As a result of the neckromancers.
  • Never make fun of those whose necks appear to be missing. They are completely safe from vampires.
  • During my neck therapy, my chiropractor and I got into a nasty argument. I’ll have to keep checking behind me for the rest of my life.
  • The neighbor of my friend is a real pigsty. Hogs can be found all over sporting neck garb.
  • When a horse is called “Polo Neck,” you might presume that it is a fantastic jumper.
  • I recently discovered how to crack a neck. Both the sound and the sensation are really gratifying. Nevertheless, there is a growing body count.
  • I visited a chiropractor for an adjustment, and I came away with the greatest neck agony. I do not suggest Dr. Acula.
  • What do you describe as a group of attorneys who are neck-deep in the sand? inadequate sand.
  • A charming, romantic gesture can be a kiss on the neck. I’m unsure of the cause of the panic on the bus.
  • My girlfriend adores neck hugs. She despises it when I refer to myself as a neck romancer, though, for some reason.
  • A man went to a club while wearing jump leads around his neck. “You can come in, but don’t be starting anything,” the bouncer instructed. That was a real head turner.
  • I’ll throw my dick up over a rafter in my attic while standing on a chair, wrap it over my neck, and then head upstairs. Kick the chair out from beneath me after that. Am I being Hung or Hanged?
  • Never make fun of those whose necks appear to be missing. They are completely safe from vampires.
  • My vampire girlfriend never lets me have any breathing room; she constantly breathes down my neck.
  • Every morning, the necks of clowns hurt. This is due to the odd way they sleep.
  • A giraffe’s neck must be very long. Take note of how far apart their torso and head are.
  • What distinguishes an emo kid from a typical child? The healthy one has a neck that moves.
  • What is a redneck contemplating sex known as? Comparative theory
  • A man holds a duck by the neck as he enters his house. “Honey, here’s the pig I’ve been fucking,” he says to his wife as he turns to face her. She corrects him in confusion, saying, “Sweetheart, that’s a duck.” “I wasn’t talking to you,” the man claims.
  • Archaeologists have disclosed King Tut’s mode of death. According to the records, he was discovered naked and strung up.
  • You must constantly keep one eye open as you sleep and cover your neck with your hands.
  • What are the similarities between a storm, a tornado, and a redneck divorce? A trailer is misplaced in every instance.
  • The Tibetan spiritual leader was contacted and sent me a big goat with a long neck as a result. I actually made a call to Dial-a-Llama.
  • What was the significance of the cow’s neck bell? that’s why her horns weren’t functional.
  • When attending a notable occasion, neckwear is a crucial component of the dress. One official, though, seemed unnecessarily indignant over his attire. He launched into a crazy tie rage.
  • If the coffin includes a nice pillow, no one will have a possibility of waking up with a painful neck.
  • Today, a man yanked my ear, stabbed me in the neck, and then demanded payment. Stupid barber.

Neck puns

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed making these neck puns as much as we did. They are a collection of funny one-liner neck puns that will make your kids chuckle right away. You can take their simpler approach and use comedy to uplift those around you.

  • A young woman from Exeter was present. Men strained their necks to look at her because she was so beautiful. But only one dared to step outside and wave. The telltale sign of his sex to her.
  • Since receiving this neck brace a few weeks ago, I haven’t turned around.
  • There are a lot of things about horses that I appreciate, but the hair that runs down their neck is my favorite. The mane issue is that.
  • Neck Arms Legs Hands Head Body. When John Neck resigned to make Michael Foot the new CEO of gun manufacturing, the headlines in the newspapers read as follows.
  • The neighbor of my friend is a real pigsty. Hogs can be found all over sporting neck garb.
  • What are black, white, and red? A penguin in the blender. What’s laughing, all warm and fuzzy? The individual who twisted its neck and threw it into the blender.
  • My surgery saved my life, but it also permanently locked my neck. I’m not going to look back.
  • I don’t understand why everyone on the bus freaked out because I made a romantic gesture by kissing a complete stranger on the neck. She must have liked me since she slapped me, I’m sure of it.
  • I chuckle now that I can look back. My shattered neck was not amusing at the time.
  • The malfunction of reptiles cannot be cured. The necks of turtles who experience this pain will never emerge from their shells.
  • And they receive the prize for the year’s best neckwear. There is a tie!
  • Why do giraffes require such a long neck? the fact that its head is separated from its body so greatly.
  • What motivated Peter Parker to bring Gwen Stacy to an orthopedist? She was dying because of her neck.
  • Why was the wife of the wizard covered in hickeys? He was a neck-romancer, therefore.
  • The chiropractor and you should never argue. You’ll regret it if you live the rest of your life looking back.
  • Who knew my investigation into whether a giraffe’s neck could support a grown man would result in my expulsion from the zoo?
  • Giraffe races should never be wagered on. You lose by one right when you start to believe you are ahead by a neck.
  • Why are redneck killings the most challenging to solve? There are no dental records but all of the DNA matches.
  • Why only two kids for the redneck couple? Every third person born around the globe, according to the wife’s reading, is Chinese.
  • If there is a distinction for the best neckwear of the year, call it a tie.
  • A guillotine is a beverage that will instantaneously make you feel numb from the neck down.
  • Never look back, they say. Your neck aches when you turn to look behind you.
  • Don’t risk discovering that a friend is a vampire by sticking your neck out for them.
  • What do you name a gorgeous woman who fixes your neck? A head turner.
  • The gorgeous hair that goes down their necks is what I adore most about horses.
  • My girlfriend barely cares about me; she simply enjoys my neck because she has such a neck fetish. A necromancer, she is.
  • A man enters a psychiatrist’s office totally covered in plastic wrap, head to toe. After giving him a quick glance, the psychiatrist sighed and said, “Well, I can see your nuts.”
  • I signed up for a contest to see who could put on the most outfits in a minute. I had the upper hand, but my opponent threw something around his neck at the very last second to draw even. A tie resulted.
  • My surgery saved my life, but it also permanently locked my neck. I’m not going to look back.
  • A young man enters to visit a physician. The man tells the doctor that he feels discomfort in his neck, elbow, and toes even though he appears to be in good health. The young man is informed by the doctor that “your finger is fractured.”
  • Do not risk discovering that a friend is a vampire by sticking your neck out for them.
  • My mom is extremely fat. I attempted to visualize her. AND SHE BROKE MY DAMN NECK, MY GOD!
  • What distinguishes a young child from a book? When you snap the neck of the book, it does not scream.
  • I’m not sure why neck tattoos bother some employers. It demonstrates that you can spend hours in one place while having tiny needles inserted into your flesh, which is how every conference I’ve ever attended feels.

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