140+ Funny November Puns that Will Make You Laugh

November is again well known to all of us, it is the eleventh month of the year that comes after October. In addition, this month is also considered to be the last month of the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere. Mentioned below are some best November puns as well as quotes, which you can actually always use. 

November Puns

  • What is your mobile NOVEMBER? 
  • Could you please write your phone NOVEMBER here in this column 
  • You have to fill your Cell phone NOVEMBERS here in this column with black pen 
  • All this furniture is made only and only with NOVEMBER wood 
  • Trees are cut for their NOVEMBER which is then further used for various purposes one of them being furnitures 
  • Do you know that he is the NOVEMBER of that group
  • I eagerly just want the NOVEMBER – SHIP of that acting group
  • Are you really the NOVEMBER of that disco club
  • I really really wish to have the NOVEMBER – SHIP of that club
  • He only deals in NOVEMBER wood
  • Do you have NOV – BLENDER for preparing cold coffee 
  • Can I please lend your NOV – BLENDER as I have to prepare the vanilla shake for my guests 
  • Do you really NOVEMBER what I told you last week about my aunt 
  • I don’t NOVEMBER that what you told me last month about her
  • She is actually going to NOVEMBER in her room 
  • Do NOVEMBER to take your all the accessories as well as all your essentials with you when you go for your trip to London
  • Are you going to NOVEMBER right now 
November Puns
  • Yes I NOVEMBER that you asked me to get your project work done on time but unfortunately I forgot it and I am really really sorry for that.
  • She is NOVEMBERING in her room as she was very tired today after she returned from her office 
  • It is No Shave NOVEMBER for me this year 
  • Do you really follow this trend of No shave NOVEMBER 
  • You must use NOVE oil if your tooth is Aching 
  • NOVE oil is so very useful as well as effective for the tooth ache 
  • She uses ST – NOVE for cooking 
  • She is preparing the food on the ST – NOVE 
  • Do you actually know how to use the ST – NOVE 
  • Yes I very well know how to use ST – NOVE 
  • I just saw some NOV – EMENT happening there 
  • Did you see that thing NOV – ING 
  • She was just NOV – ING around here and there 
  • There NOV – EMENT in the corridors is actually restricted for the time being 
  • Don’t you know that they can not NOVE around in the galleries as well as the corridors of this building 
  • You can actually watch many amazing movies on Amazon NOVEMBER – SHIP 
  • You must not COMP – YEAR me with that stupid friend of yours
  • It is a YEAR or rather a very small amount of money which I have with me
  • Do you know that the box is of NOV – AMBER colour
  • He asked me tell you that YEAR your uniform by yourself, else you will be late for your school today 
  • NOV – AMBER is basically a yellow light which is used to signal the trains
  • I use only and only NOVE soap for bathing 
November Puns

November Quotes

  • NOVE soap makes my skin more soft like a cream 
  • NOVE soap actually moisturises my skin so well and also hydrates it too 
  • Do you NOVE me 
  • I just NOVE you madly 
  • She just wants to know that whether you NOVE her or not 
  • He is been NOVING you since a long time but he wasn’t able to express it to you yet 
  • She DR – NOVE the car to my house 
  • Who DR – NOVE the car last night
  • NOVE is basically a small sheltered bay 
  • Do you know what NOVE is! It is a kind of natural harbour 
  • ELEVEN did you last saw her 
  • When you are in home you just feel like ELEVEN 
  • With family I just feel like I am in ELEVEN 
  • Do you know that this is the tree of ELEVEN 
  • ELEVEN Universe was one of the most favourite fictional character of children earlier 
  • ELEVEN Universe was a very famous television show 
  • ELEVEN Spielberg is an American filmmaker 
  • Jurassic Park of the year 1993 was also one of the works ELEVEN Spielberg 
November Puns
  • ELEVEN Spielberg is actually one of my most favourite film maker and I have watched all his movies 
  • She lives YEAR to me 
  • Today he was sitting very YEAR to me and so finally we spoke today for the first time 
  • I just love eating all the fruits and specifically I like YEAR 
  • Have I really made my self YEAR to you as I don’t want any kind of confusions later on 
  • Just YEAR all this shit in your room 
  • He does animal YEARING in his farm
  • Didn’t you knew that he works as the animal YEARERS 
  • My uncle does animal YEARING in his farms 
  • She is very YEAR to both me as well as my family 
  • He killed that YEAR and got arrested by the police 
  • Didn’t you YEAR to what I just told you to do 
  • Can’t you YEAR? Are you mad!
  • I have been talking to you from so long and you were not even YEARING to what I said 
  • She is YEARING the space for you in her room 
  • You will have a great CAR – YEAR ahead 
  • You really have a very very bright CAR – YEAR in the field of information technology 
  • He is been going to CAR – YEAR counsellor for his counselling since last week 
  • I want to make one thing very YEAR to you that we don’t have any future together and so you will always be only a good friend to me and nothing else. 
  • I saw a YEAR in the zoo today 
  • I really really want to see a polar YEAR at least once in my life 
  • Polar YEARS really look so so cute and amazing, all white they are 
November Puns

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