120+ Funny Nun Puns that You Will Surely Adore

A religious woman who lives in a convent under the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. You will laugh as much as you will obey a nun today, thanks to our compilation of amusing nun puns.

Here’s a compilation of funny nun puns for you to enjoy.

Funny Nun Puns

The Nuns have been dormant for some years. During this time, the Nuns leaned more toward Miro’s new wave-influenced rock.

So, here’s a punny list of nun puns to make you laugh out loud; you won’t be able to stop laughing even if you try with our nun puns list.

  • What makes a nun different from a lady in a bathtub? One has hope in her spirit, while the others have soap in her hole.
  • Puns are the devil’s job, so I don’t have any. What are the colors black, white, and red? A nun who fell 100 flights of stairs. What is the combination of black, white, and laughter? The nun who shoved her!
  • Who is the only person for whom time waits? Nun.
  • What is the significance of nuns walking in groups? So, one “nun” can keep an eye on the other “nun” to ensure she doesn’t get “nun.”
  • What is the most enjoyable pastime for a monk?


  • What exactly is the distinction between a Catholic priest and acne? Acne appears on your face after the age of 13.
  • On Good Friday, what kind of meat do priests eat? Nun
  • Why do nuns consume marijuana?

getting high

  • What do you call a nun who sleepwalks?

A wandering Catholic.

  • A guy approaches three nuns praying on a park seat and flashes them.

The first nun suffered a stroke, and the second nun also had a stroke.

The third one was just too sluggish!

  • What do you call a priest who dressed in the habit of a nun?

A transistor

  • What is it about nuns that makes them so predictable?

They are creatures of habit, after all.

  • What do you call a nun’s nonsense?

Oh my God!

  • Why do nuns dress in black?

It becomes a habit for them.

  • A new tennis event for English nuns has been launched.

It’s known as Wimbledon.

  • On an aircraft, what do you call a nun wearing a face veil?

A benediction from the heavens

  • My sister is a nun, and she doesn’t enjoy dad jokes, so we stick to them.
  • Have you heard of the streaker nun?

She did it habitually.

  • What are your thoughts about nuns?

Never mind, Nun is none of my concern.

  • Where can a nun get a cowl?

At the Habitat for Humanity

  • What motivates nuns to go to confession?

As a result, they convene.

  • As she sat at the sewing machine, what did the nun say?

This might become a habit.

  • Linking Park’s “Breaking the Habit” is the official anthem of nuns leaving a monastery.
  • What does the nun have to say?

Your company’s nun

  • What do all bad nuns have in common?

Poor habits

  • What do you name a swarm of nuns armed with swords?

Ninja’s… and if they’re well-equipped, nun chucks as well!

  • What do you think I enjoy about nuns?

Their positive behaviors

  • How do you tell if a nun is transgender? She has strange habits.
  • What if nuns wore adamantium robes?

It would be a difficult habit to break.

  • When a monastery in Las Vegas started receiving chips in their contribution box, they decided to hire a chipmunk.
  • What do you call a nun who does yoga?

Sister, Twisted!

  • An ape attempted to enter a monastery but was denied entry.

He lacked his monk-keys.

  • I know a pious woman who studies the encyclopaedia at a monastery…

She is nun wiser!

  • I was walking by the kitchen of a monastery the other day when I noticed a man cooking chips. “Are you the friar?” I inquired.

“No, I’m the chip monk,” he said.

  • After a ninja was found throwing people around, the police were summoned to the Monastery. They noted, “He was lousy at hiding, but he was brilliant with his nun chucks.”
  • Have you heard about the monks who make fried potato crisps?

They’re known as the chip monks.

  • I’ve heard the Monastery is laying off employees…

All the nuns’ important personnel have left.

  • What do you name a buck-populated monastery?

The Abbey of Deer.

  • Why was the Buddhist gorilla barred from entering his Monastery?

He had forgotten his monk’s key.

  • Never purchase flowers from a monastery because only YOU can keep florist friars at bay.
  • Why did the Abbot only notify two individuals of his departure from the Monastery?

Because he just had to notify two monks.

  • Why don’t Zen Buddhists vacuum in the Monastery’s corners?

Because they are devoid of attachments.

  • While on vacation in Wales, I passed by a monastery and noticed a monk selling chips out front. So, I said, “Are you the Friar?”

He gently raised his head, smiled cheerfully, and said, “No, sir, I am the chip monk.”

Nun Puns

Like our list of nun puns? Here are some more Nun puns to keep you laughing after you’ve exhausted our Nun puns collection; here are some more. Check out our selection of nun puns below.

  • Why did the zero decide to enter the Monastery?

Because it was a none, to begin with.

  • On the premises, two men from the nearby Monastery built a takeout store.

There’s the chip monk and the seafood friar.

  • I went out looking for camo pants but couldn’t find any.
  • A hungry tourist arrived at a monastery and was sent to the kitchen, where a brother was cooking chips.

He said, “Are you the friar?”

“No, I’m the chip monk,” the brother said.

  • Like my grandfather, I wish to die peacefully in my sleep… Not like the occupants in his car, who were yelling and screaming.
  • My wife urged me to quit acting like a flamingo. I had no choice but to put my foot down.
  • I went to a monastery and observed a man cooking chips as I passed through the kitchen. “Are you the friar?” I inquired. “No, I’m the chip monk,” he said.
  • Most people are surprised to learn how awful I am as an electrician.
  • Money, they say, speaks, but all mine says is ‘Goodbye.’
  • I was glued to the hockey pokey until I changed my mind.
  • I advised him to be himself; I think that was cruel.
  • I used to believe that I was indecisive. But I’m not so sure anymore.

Believe in others if you want someone to believe in you.

  • It was critical to do things properly, especially if you were going to turn them into sayings.
  • Redemption comes before morality, not the other way around.
  • Rich Mullins was Christian music’s troubled conscience. He didn’t live like a celebrity. He’d made a poverty pledge so that everything he earned may be utilized to benefit others.
  • The Nazis believed in the existence of a superior race. Militant Islamists believe in a supreme faith.
  • Food firms must produce beer. It forces you to roam the streets at 3 a.m. in search of food. “What is it? Is it moving? Get it!!” That’s a nun!
  • Don’t you just despise it when people answer their own questions? I do.
  • The issue with kleptomaniacs is that they take everything literally.
  • A local Buddhist monk went to the dentist but refused all of the medications that were provided to him. He desired to go beyond dental medicine.
  • I was camping when a monk approached me and offered to sell me flowers, but I declined. I like to do my part to keep floral friars at bay.
  • A local heavy metal musician has chosen to give up everything and become a monk in the Himalayas. He has become a Buddhist Priest.
  • Becoming an undercover monk is the best method to break a habit.
  • Sister Aquinas then abandoned peaceful approaches and obtained a rolling pin from someplace.
  • We’re attempting to convey a message to the world about what’s going on and what will happen to the Maldives if climate change isn’t addressed.
  • Her date was dressed in a tux when he picked her up and had to endure twenty-six nuns photographing them and watching them drive away in the limo with his companions.
  • Some religious people profess to be holy and sinless before God, yet no amount of self-justification will help because we have all sinned.
  • How the common liked prophecies, miracles, and the strange. Only the pious were aware of how humiliating they may be – but that was beside the point.
  • But my mother insisted on her children being educated by nuns and priests clothed in black, as had been done for years among her people. Taught by folks who understood how vast and terrifying the world may be.
  • I prayed to myself that he was an indecent man, and then I prayed for him to become decent.
  • Women in this world are vulnerable; only their reputation can save them.
  • Which crime has the female sex done to be sentenced to the terrible necessity of being locked up for the rest of one’s life, either as a prisoner or as a slave? I refer to the nuns as captives and the married ladies as slaves.
  • I always wanted to be a Gregorian monk, but I couldn’t learn the chants.
  • Two nuns were riding their bikes down an old dirt road in the woods. “I’ve never come this way before,” one nun says. “It’s the cobblestones,” says the other.
  • I turned down a job in a monastery’s laundry because I didn’t want to pick up any bad habits.
  • Why don’t monks clean the nooks and crannies of monasteries? They don’t have any attachments.
  • In a monastery, I saw a man chopping up potatoes and boiling them. I inquired whether he was the friar, but it turned out he was the chip monk.
  • How can one become pregnant as a nun?

Make her seem like a choir boy.

  • My favorite outfit to wear is all black.

My dress taste is second only to that of a nun.

I’ll prove myself.

  • A monk went to a pizza place and ordered, “Me make one with everything.”
  • The word nun is simply the letter n rolling forward.
  • A nun inquires of another

What would you do if someone with malicious intent got a hold of you?

Nun: I’d raise my dress. 

Other Nun: Oh my! What would you do in that situation?

Nun: I’d tell him to take his trousers off. 

Other Nun: Wow. This was unexpected from you. What would you do next?

Nun: I would flee. I’m sure I can run faster than he can with his trousers down.

  • What do a lisp adolescent and a nun have in common?

The book of faith

  • Have you heard about the nun who put off washing her laundry?

She had a bad habit.

  • I’m sure the Catholic Church lost a lot of prospective nuns when they started wearing like regular meter maids.
  • What’s the latest? There is nothing to say. I work as a nun.
  • I’m now engaged in a fascinating conversation with a nun on forgiveness.
  • Oh, you’re familiar with me. I am emotionless. I’m a machine. Or perhaps a nun. A nun robot.
  • What about the Bagshaw’s? They had no idea she was a nun!
  • What’s shocking is that I wasn’t hilarious in high school. I used to be envious of the humorous kids because they always seemed to get the females. To save my life, I couldn’t tell a joke.

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