100+ Octopus Puns to Make You Ziggle-Ziggle 

There are more than 250+ different kinds of octopus all over the world, and they all have more than one heart and blue blood, yes, and not red blood. These are surely interesting facts about these remarkable and distinctive creatures. 

The majority of them are solitary creatures that dwell on the seafloor, although they do occasionally live in communities (or in an octo-posse, if you will!). Octopuses are extremely intelligent; even without hands or bones, they can open clamshells and move boulders.

Funny Octopus Puns

These cephalopods are not only fascinating but also really entertaining, so settle in and get ready to start laughing! 

Check out puns that are utterly off the wall if you want more absurd puns about an octopus that will make you laugh out loud.

  • What’s your favorite story about a baby octopus? Octo-puss in rains.
  • What poses the greatest threat to a young octopus? Squid-nappers!
  • Why blushed the octopus? Because he witnessed the ocean’s bottom!
  • What type of Cat like swimming and has eight legs? Eight-pussy Cat!
  • How many tickles does an octopus need to laugh? Ten-tickles!
  • Why is it that octopi cannot commit a crime? They are perfect from head to toe! How do you refer to an octopus who plays the guitar? (Octopuses lack bones.) the rock-topus
  • Where does a squid put its cash? Its octo-purse is full!
  • What do octopuses say to their girlfriends? You eat my heart alive!
  • How do school-age fish get there? They board an octo-bus!
  • How does an octopus ask a question to their beloved? Do you want to calamarise me?
  • What kind of keyboard is preferred by an octopus? Qwerty!
  • What do you call a creature with a shark’s head, some claws, a dolphin’s body, and octopus-like tentacles? A nomination of octopuses.
  • How many tentacles are there on an octopus? Ten! What do you name an octopus that can fly? a hexacopter!
  • What results from breeding an octopus and a frog? The croak-topus!
  • What do you get when you cross an alligator and an octopus? The crock-topic.
  • Where does an octopus sleep at night? On the seafloor!
  • Which band is a favorite of an octopus? Draw Floyd!
  • What aquatic species has sixteen greetings? Octopuses are slapping hands together!
  • What caused the octopus to leave the reef? To reach the opposite tide!
  • Where does the octopus go to have surgery performed? Onward, sturgeon!
  • Why is the octopus the most well-liked creature? It’s tenta-cool, that’s why!
  • How can you tell if a squid has ingested a timepiece? A tick-tock-topus noise can be heard!
  • Why do octopuses enjoy camping so much? They rest inside tent-icles.
  • What is the octopus’ preferred number? Octo-pi! Why is it that an octopus is always happy? Since it constantly sees the positive aspect of everything!
  • Why is the octopus perpetually idle? He never discovers anything interesting, therefore!
  • I’m sure you will definitely love these octopus puns; they are just ink-redible and ama-zing.
  • I can never even assume in broad daylight that these twin octopuses are not similar; they’re i-tenticle!
  • An octopus wanted to have a tattoo so he could become unique and boast off in front of his friends, so he went to get inked up! Latter, when he showed it to his friends, his friends were like oh, tatto-pus has come from being octo-puss.
  • I might adopt an octopus because I want it, but first, I need to talk about it to my momma, who definitely doesn’t want to have one. Guess how you will convince her? By showing her my squ-ad-ts.
  • A giant inflatable octopus is being pulled through the sky, a tall skyscraper behind it.
  • I hear the detectives are looking for a scary octopus criminal who has done a crime and is on the run. Apparently, it’s very fast and dangerous, but the police have to get him to prison.
  • An octopus is treating a cat with a gun or bullet in each one of its arms; guess how many 8? The Cat remains very serene and calm and says, “all of the guns you’re picking up on me are indirectly waived off at you because I might bleed red, but you blue, so just take a hue, and get away from my rue.
  • An octopus is sick in anguish, so he asks another one: “What will happen if I couldn’t swim?”. The other octopus replies: “Use ink if you can’t swim, you dumbass.
  • Most people assume, or even I assume, that an octopus has eight legs or arms or whatever. But the science says that, In fact, it has six legs and two arms. Now you may wonder, How do you know which are which? Just throw something at the octopus’s head that goes up to its head when it says “Owww” are its arms, and it’s a fact.
  • One fine morning, a lad goes on a bus and sits down next to an octopus or what a person was wearing a hoodie. Before he can put his spectacles down, the octopus says: “I’m so sorry, it’s occupied! And hence you have to change your seat, noob.
  • What is an octopus baby’s favorite tale? In boots, an octopus! 
  • What poses the greatest threat to a young octopus? Squid-nappers! 
  • Why blushed the octopus? Because he witnessed the ocean’s bottom! 
  • What type of Cat like swimming and has eight legs?
  • Why is it that octopi cannot commit a crime? They are perfect from head to toe! (Octopuses lack bones.) 
  • What do you name a guitar-playing octopus? the rock-topus 
  • Where does a squid put its cash? Its octo-purse is full! 
  • What do octopuses say to their girlfriends? You eat my heart alive! 
  • How can one tell whether an octopus is alive? You examine the octo-pulse!

Octopus Puns

The fact that octopuses like a good laugh are well known. They frequently come up with new puns to amuse their buddies, and they occasionally appreciate a good practical prank as well! 

Okay, so perhaps octopuses didn’t think of these puns. Even so… The octopus puns that make you laugh until your face hurts are the funniest. 

They are also extremely intelligent creatures, able to crack codes and use their strong tentacles to open peanut butter jars. 

  • I asked how much the human or a deadly creature that looked like an ill octopus cost and what it was. The shopkeeper said illo-topus 35£.
  • What do you call two octopuses that look the same? Itenticle.
  • A lad went to the theatre and was flabbergasted to see an octopus sitting on the seat with him. The lad asked, “How come you can be here” The octopus replied, “I enjoyed the movie, hope you too.
  • Some people always confuse the plural of octopus. They are always like octopuses or octopuses; it’s one octopus, two octopuses, three or four.
  • Where do octopuses lay down? On the octo-bed on Octo-ber.
  • I saw a singing octopus and a human once inside the sea when a human was scuba-diving.
  • A professor asks the students to name six creatures/animals(aquatic) that they might find in the depth of the sea. One of the student’s replies, “five octopuses and their friends.
  • What sort of fish or human operates on poorly octopuses? A sturgeon or one who knows how to eat them 
  • Why did the octopus want to cross the shore reef? To get to the other side of his friend who is on the reef shore.
  • I inquired as to the cost and nature of the entity that resembled a sick octopus. Sick squid, the man muttered.
  • What do you name two identical octopuses? Itentic. 
  • A man visits a movie theatre and is shocked to find an octopus seated next to him. He queries, “How come you are here? The octopus comments, “I liked the book.” 
  • One octopus, two octopuses, and octopi are the plural forms of the octopus, which is sometimes confusing. 
  • Observed an octopus dancing at the underwater club. A mussel was pulled. 
  • The place where octopuses snooze. On the sea floor. The floor has witnessed a singing octopus in the choral ree. 
  • The class is asked to list six marine animals that they might encounter, Rock-topus – Octopus who loves of plays rock music and dances it all along 
  • Shock-topus is like an Electrocuted octopus that is always electrified.
  • You’ve octopi my ideas! The land is yours to octopi, so go forth! 
  • An octopus who loves or plays rock music is known as a rock-topus. 
  • The punctual octopus is called a clock-topus. 
  • Octopus, known as the “sock-topus,” enjoys wearing woolly objects on his tentacles. 
  • Octopuses with tangled tentacles are known as gridlock-topuses. 
  • A tall octopus with leaves and branches is called an oak-topus. 
  • Interviewer: Why do you believe you’d make a good waiter here, then? Octopus: I just feel like I could contribute so much. 
  • Should I worry if I don’t know how to swim? Asked Octopus 1. Octopus 2: “If you can’t float, use ink.” 
  • How does an octopus engage in conflict? Ably equipped.
  • What do you call a person or creature who has eight legs? Octopus: [carrying a firearm in each of his hands] 
  • Nine times I tickled my pet octopus, but he didn’t laugh. He probably requires ten tickles. 
  • How does an octopus use a keyboard? by his face.
  • This morning, Doctor Octopus robbed a bank, although he lacked it.
  • I asked what the thing was that looked like a sick octopus and how much it cost. Sick squid, the man muttered. 
  • How do you get an octopus to smile? TEN tickles in all! 
  • How come the lobsters blushed? Due to the seaweed! 
  • What does a confused octopus utter? Please try to sound more Pacific! 
  • How does an octopus store her cash? A riverside! 
  • Where is the deepest ocean located? At the core of the octopus! 
  • Which marine animals are the most powerful? Octopuses.
  • What resides in the ocean’s depths and twitches? A wreck of nerves of octopus. 
  • How come octopuses are orange? Because they rust in the sea! 
  • Who keeps the ocean clean? an octopus.
  • Why are octopuses unable to play tennis? Because they could become entangled in the net! 
  • What sort of octopus is capable of swimming underwater? The octopus! 
  • Why do octopuses swim in salt water? They sneeze because of the pepper water! 
  • What did the sand tell the ocean? What are you doing this evening? 
  • How does the octopus travel to school? Oh, bus! 
  • Where does the octopus go to bed? The ocean floor!

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