61+ Best Office Puns and Funny Quotes

Office puns will be a fantastic way to pass your time and will also help you to experience the advantages of hilarity at work. Therefore, if you are in the requirement of some laughter or want to add something funny below your email signature, you can try one of these office puns mentioned below.

Office Puns and Funny Quotes

  • My memory has become so poor that it has caused me to get fired from my job. Although I am nevertheless employed, I simply cannot remember exactly where.
  • While some individuals tell that the glass is only half empty the others said that it is half full. According to the engineers the glass is two times as big as required.
  • When I asked the wellness officer whether he could train my in yoga, he asked me how flexible I am. I replied that I will not be able to make Tuesdays.
  • The reason we simply “fall asleep” is to show everybody that we are attending a boring meeting.
  • Teamwork is essential since it helps in putting the blame on somebody else.
  • I excel in multitasking. I am able to waste time, procrastinate and also be unproductive simultaneously.
  • There has been an innovative trend at our workplace and everybody is naming the food they are consuming. I watched it last day while I was consuming a sandwich having the name of Kevin.
  • I receive lots of exercise – pushing my fortune, jumping to conclusions, and also going past deadlines.
  • Construction workers make party by raising the roof.
Office Puns
  • In case everyday happens to be a gift I would prefer to get a receipt for Tuesday. I like this change it for one more Friday.
  • In case you are feeling anxious, prepare a cup of hot coffee and spill it in somebody’s lap who is going to bug you.
  • I make use of artificial sweetener while I am at work. I include it in everything that I tell my boss.
  • A clean desk actually indicates a disorderly desk drawer.
  • Redefine success in case you do not succeed the first time.
  • Provide me with ambiguity or provide me with something else.
  • Although I began with nothing, I nevertheless have the majority of it.
  • In case our boss doesn’t make any mistake, it is actually our error.
  • Plagiarism means stealing ideas from only one individual. However, stealing ideas from many individuals is known as research.
  • I prefer working and it really fascinates me. I simply sit and watch it for many hours altogether.
  • I am out of the bed and also dressed. Is there anything more you want?
  • I do not perform effectively when I’m under pressure … Or any other situation.
  • I believed that I desired to have a career; however, it turns out that I simply wanted paychecks.
  • The workweek happens to be extremely rough. After Monday & Tuesday, the calendar even tells WTF.
Office Puns
  • One cannot match artificial intelligence with natural stupidity.
  • Any person who smiles when he is in a crisis has been able to find somebody to blame.
  • I was not able to work today due to a problem in my eye. I simply cannot work today.
  • Whenever you are in doubt, the best thing will be to mumble.
  • While lured to combat fire with fire, bear in mind that on most occasions the Fire Department makes use of water.
  • In case you keep the feet steadfastly on the floor, he will find it difficult to wear your trousers.
  • Let the dream be alive by hitting the snooze button.
  • In case you are able to remain calm while there is chaos all around you, then probably you have not been able to comprehend the situation fully.
  • Although nobody was killed by hard work, there is no point of taking the chance.
  • An archaeologist happens to be somebody whose career has been ruined.
  • It does not matter whether you lose or win; it matters whether I lose or win.
  • In case you are not able to convince them, then better confuse them.
  • Although I do not have any solution I nevertheless admire the issue.
  • At times providing a solid firm push is going to be the most effective helping hand offered by you.
  • Although a positive attitude might not be able to fix all of your problems it will succeed in annoying adequate individuals in the long run.
  • The problem with being punctual is a fact that nobody is going to welcome it.
  • A committee happens to be a dozen individuals performing the work of only one.
  • You’ll come across two types of individuals that do not talk a lot; those who happen to be extroverts and those who happen to be quiet.
Office Puns

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