100+ Humorous Oreo Jokes that You Will Adore

Here is a selection of humorous Oreo puns. There are several Oreo crackers jokes that no one knows and will make you laugh out loud.

Take your time reading those puns and riddles that pose a question and then provide solutions, or where the setup is the punchline. We hope you find these Oreo puns amusing enough to tell others and make them laugh.

Funny Oreo Puns

Sometimes we need a nice Oreo pun to make us laugh when we need it the most. They are also useful when we require Instagram captions for images of our delectable delicacies.

  • Why did OREO visit the dentist?

Because he needed a filling

  • like my Oreos, like my people……held beneath the surface till the bubbles subside
  • What is the favorite rock band of a cookie?

The OREO Speed wagon

  • “Separate me, lick with tongue, grip my sides, and consume my cream.” – An Oreo
  • Keeping Oreos there under milk till it bubbles cease is the closest I’ve ever been to murder.
  • I went to the Oreos website today and clicked “Accept All Cookies,” but nothing happened.
  • I’m excited for the day when we can enjoy that chocolate biscuit with white frosting in the center.
  • Holding Oreos under the milk until the bubbles cease is the closest I’ve ever been to murder.
  • What is Morris Day’s preferred Android version?


  • What’s the point of arguing with a Jerky Flavoured Oreo?

Because it’s a difficult cookie.

  • Cookie Monster’s favorite band?

Speed wagon Oreo.

  • What is the name for the art of folding cookies?


  • According to recent research, Oreos are just as addictive as cocaine.

In a more recent investigation, I discovered that cocaine does not taste better when dipped in milk.

  • What made the Oreo cookie see the dentist?

Because he had a filling fall out.

  • My dental hygienist is so attractive that I eat a whole box of Oreos while waiting for her to clean my teeth.
  • What exactly is an African wearing a white belt?

It’s an Oreo cookie.

  • Why do basketball players enjoy Oreo cookies so much? Because they can dunk them!
  • Why do Oreos constantly appear worried?

Something might go wrong since they have a filling.

  • What do you call two black folks sleeping on a bunk bed?

A cookie

  • When you consider it, Oreos are just cookies with vitiligo.
  • When should you go to the doctor with an Oreo cookie?

 When you’re feeling down.

  • Will my massive Oreo cookie last long? No, sir, it will be round!
  • When shipwrecked pirates came up on shore, why did they get to eat cakes, Oreo cookies, and pies?… It was a barren island.
  • What are Asgard’s most popular cookies? Thoreau’s.
  • A batch of fallen cookies is known as what? Floorers!
  • When two Oreo cookies from the same sheet fall in love, what do you call it?

 A delicious concoction!

  • Have you heard the one about the Oreo cookie?

I’m not going to tell you. It may fall apart!

  • My yearly performance assessment states that I lack “passion and intensity,” therefore, management hasn’t seen me alone with a huge bag of Oreo cookies!
  • What is the favorite Cookie of the unemployed? Poore’s.
  • A cookie walks into a bar and begs for a drink. “Sorry, we don’t provide meals,” the bartender adds.
  • What makes the finest Oreo cookie filling?

Your pearly whites!

  • I told a joke to an Oreo cookie the other day… It simply disintegrated.
  • What is the Cookie Monster’s method of payment for his Oreo cookies?

Using Cookie Dough

  • Why is it so simple to find Santa on Christmas Eve?… Because he is always willing to receive Oreo cookies.
  • What do you call a robber who steals from the Oreo Cookie Factory?

A swindler!

  • What did a Hershey’s bar, a marshmallow, and an Oreo cookie have in common?

The Samori’s Code!

  • Knock, knock…. Is anyone there? … Do… Do who? Do you happen to have an Oreo cookie for me?
  • What kinds of keys do children like to carry? Cookies with Chocolate Chips
  • What is a pirate’s favorite Cookie?

 Ships afloat!

  • Knock, knock…. Who is there?… I’m… I’m who? … I’ve here to finish the Oreo cookie jar!
  • What are the greatest Halloween cookies to give out?

Cookies for ghoul scouts

  • Why do we make bacon and Oreo cookies?
  • What caused the Oreo chip cookie to cry? Because his mother had been a wafer for so long!
  • My granny is the fastest at baking cookies. It takes nana-seconds for her.
  • I became ill after eating too much Oreo cookie dough… It was an overdraft.
  • Knock, knock…. Is anyone there? … Cook… Who is the chef? … Cookie!
  • What motivated the robber to plunder the Keebler Elves? … Because they were flush with cash!
  • What is the gingerbread man’s bed made of?

A baking sheets

  • This website employs cookies to provide you with the best possible experience. You agree to accept these cookies by continuing to use the site. I really copied and pasted this off the Weight Watchers website.
  • What happens when you use a deer cookie cutter?

  Doe, Cookie!

  • When Homer Simpson spilled a dish of cookies, what did he say?


  • How can you make a computer cry?… Remove his cookies!
  • I have trust issues because of raisins that look like chocolate chip cookies

Oreo Puns

Oreo puns are treasures in the world of culinary puns. Here are some of the finest Oreo puns that will make you chuckle even if you’re having a bad day.

  • What do you name a cookie that makes amusing drawings? … It’s a Snickerdoodle!
  • My fortune cookie predicts that I will receive a dolphin! It stated that my life would have meaning.
  • Why do the Girl Scouts sell chocolate chip cookies? They want to make a good first impression.
  • What is the connection between a chocolate chip cookie and a computer? They’ve both got chips.
  • Why is Cookie Monster’s internet privacy so poor? He never refuses the cookies.
  • What was the Cookie Monster’s problem? He couldn’t seem to locate a cookie sheet!
  • I recall my first fortune cookie and how much it tasted like paper.
  • Gilligan consumes the island’s final package of cookies.

 Ginger bites

  • What do you name a 666-degree-baked oatmeal-raisin cookie? … Hell raise!
  • I recently burned 2500 calories. This will be the last time I snooze while baking cookies.
  • What Cookie makes you wealthy?… A cookie with a fortune!
  • Why did the shipwrecked pirates get to eat cakes, biscuits, and pies after washing up on the beach?… It was a barren island.
  • What can’t be seen and smells like milk and cookies?

 Burps from Santa!

  • I was just on a diabetic awareness website, and it asked if I allow cookies… Is that a parlor trick?
  • What kind of cookies do the Weasleys prefer?

 Snaps of ginger!

  • What caused the chocolate chip cookie to drop all his chips?

Because that’s how the Cookie messes up!

  • If you feed a biscuit to a mouse… He’ll ask whether he may use it to improve your web browsing experience.
  • What does a long pole consume?… Newtons with flags
  • The fortune cookie that came with my Chinese meal today was strange… “FREE ME FROM THIS FACTORY Lucky Numbers 23.5° N, 121.0° E,” it stated.
  • What does a coder say after reading their fortune cookie fortune? Embed
  • Did you hear about the divorce of Mrs. Fortune Cookies?… She’s now a misfortune cookie.
  • How many cookies do you have if you have ten cookies and divide them evenly among your friends?

ten cookies!

  • I brought some cookie dough to work today, so I could use the oven there to make some cookies for everyone, but when I put them in and turned the oven on, everyone gave me ugly glances. My manager accused me of being “insensitive” and “fired from the crematorium.”
  • I just visited the Weight Watchers website. Why do they expect you to accept cookies?
  • Please give me three scoops of Cookie Dough in a tub. Vendor: Would you like a spoon? Me: … Okay, what time do you leave?
  • There’s a new machine at the gym that does everything. Soft beverages, potato chips, chocolate biscuits, and sweets are all available.
  • When life hands your lemons, put them away and replace them with cookies.
  • I discovered one of the leftover cookies sobbing. He was depressed since his mother had been a widow for a long time.
  • “Don’t you think it’s odd that people don’t like cookies?”
  • What would you be if you were a food? Friend 1: Pizza because I’m cheesy Friend 2: A chocolate chip cookie since I have many pals. Me-donut because I’m so empty on the inside
  • What is a cannibal’s Favorite Cookie? Lady’s fingers
  • I attempted to open an internet bakery. But I unintentionally removed all my cookies.
  • What is the term for a wise cookie? Academic freak.
  • What does a witch bake cookies with? A Simple Bake Coven
  • People who feel insecure are like chocolate chip cookies. They will disintegrate quickly after baking.
  • I was attempting to poison Santa, but he murdered my father and ate all the cookies!
  • What did the baker say when he realized he had forgotten the cookie sheets?

… Snicker doodles, oh my.

  • All these websites are requesting that I accept their cookies. But I have yet to get even one of them!
  • What is the best way to make a baby computer cry? Remove his cookies!
  • When Homer Simpson drops a cookie, what does he say? “Dough!”
  • How does a German cookie greet its visitors? Gluten-tag.
  • What do you name a cookie that has been passed around? Limp Cookie
  • Why wasn’t the Gingerbread Man able to enter his home? He couldn’t find his cooking keys.
  • What exactly is a metric cookie? A gramme smasher.
  • What sort of Cookie is always late? Those that are chocoLATE.
  • The chocolate chip cookies promised to stick together through butter or worse.
  • You can bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, but your issues will not disappear.
  • What happens when you cross a cookie with a hammer? Crumbs from a cookie
  • What is the ideal Cookie to pair with Oreos?


  • What do you call it when you ask for Oreos but get Hydroxy instead?


  • Why is the lemon cookie so popular? Because he is the spark.
  • What was the Cookie’s beef with the baker? He was carrying a chip on his shoulder.
  • Why is the baker so skilled at his craft? He’s not frightened to drink whisky.
  • What did the opposition team say to the cookie basketball squad? “Prepare to collapse!”
  • How do the cookies go down with the queen? Royal icing was used to decorate.
  • You know what they say about simple crumb quick dough.
  • Today, a buddy of mine baked some sugar cookies. Some of them were awful. I’m not going to sugar-coat things.
  • Before he eats his cookies, Cookie Monster says something. “These cookies and I were made for each other.”
  • Either I or Eon will be picked for the following round.
  • Why did the cookie bank fail? Because they lacked sufficient funds
  • Why don’t bakers make decent cookie puns? Because they tend to crumble.
  • Friends are the chocolate chips in the Cookie of life.
  • Why was the baker so wealthy? Because he was flush with cash
  • Why are cookie presents so popular? Because there is a lot to chew on.
  • The lovely female was a ‘smart’ cookie, an astute cheesecake, and an invigorating doughnut.
  • I had a difficult time baking cookies. My friend came over to assist me. “Without you, I’d crumble,” I told him.
  • What did the baker answer when his wife inquired about the location of her phone? “I’m not sure.”

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