55+ Best Panda Puns and Funny Quotes

Pandas are the most adorable animals that come in mind when we think of animals, they are known for their goofiness and they are quite popular among the folks for their innocence, their humorous act and they are always the center of merry. The more interesting thing that is fun is to combine puns and panda together, here are some puns on panda that are here to make your day 

Panda Puns and Funny Quotes

  • His love for panda was so out reached, that he got a Pandant for himself to keep them close at all times 
  • Why do you feel panda take their time to open up and keep themselves so isolated?

The panda are isolated because they love their indepandance!

  • Where will keep these cute little pandas’ in the house?

Well, I am certain we can get some place expandad for these cute pandas 

Panda Puns
  • The love and cuteness of panda are contagious, don’t you think?

Yes, indeed. These Panda can with their cuteness can surely bring a sort of

 Panda-emic in this world.

  • How did you manage to get all these cute pandas in the house?

We saw them roaming around and we could not bear with that so we brought them here 

  • What is that thing that is a cute form of ying and yang?

A panda rolling on the gross is definitely that 

  • What will be the consequence if they decide to plant a bamboo plant there in the forest?

Can’t say for sure, but there will be a pandamonium out there at any cost 

  • What is white and black and have red spots everywhere?

It will be a sunburned panda 

  • What are the more crucial alphabets that are used to spell panda?

The most crucial alphabet that make a panda are P and A

Panda Puns
  • The panda would not wear fur coat because they will look crazy in denim clothes
  • There door while revolving looked white and black , what do you it was ?

The door we are talking about were Panda 

  • What did a panda use to cook his pancakes?

A pan!

  • The panda was so sweet, how did you manage to stay away from it ?

Don’t even ask that cute little panda kept coming close to me , resisting was unbearable 

  • Why does panda take interest in old cinema?

The panda liked old movies because they were black and white 

  • What is the favorite ore loved breakfast for Chinese bear?

It is panda-cakes 

  • What is the large group of pandas called that fall sick together?

It is called a Pandamic 

  • Hey ,  I am sorry I wont be able to make up on your birthday , I have stu-panda-ous birthday though !

  • What did you do for this Christmas?

Well, we had cute little panda that came around and celebrated with  us , we had a quite a beary Christmas 

  • What is the favorite food for a panda ghost?

The panda-ghost hops on Bam-Boo!!

  • What was the reaction of the panda when he lost his dinner ?

The panda was Bamboozled !

  • What do Chinese bear chose to wear when they went on to rob the back ?

Those Chinese bear wore Pandana while they decided to rob the banks 

  • The two pandas had a son who they named Amanda!
  • Those little tricks of the panda were so hilarious that we were left Bamboozled !
  • Only if panda had a voice how would he propose the other panda?

The panda would call his love and say “I can’t bear to live without you!” 

  • Hey, I heard you came a across a panda yesterday, how was your experience 

I just loved it; he was beary awesome 

Yesterday I had quite an experience, we just gin and bear through it 

Panda Puns

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