100+ Funny Parrot Puns That Will Make You Laugh out Loud

Parrots are known to be extremely intelligent, and most of these parrot puns that we have curated for you are clean and humorous. Some of them are shockingly funny as well. They are so terrible that their idiocy makes them kind of hilarious. You’ll like all of the parrot puns, and we are very sure about it.

Funny Parrot Jokes

This collection of parrot jokes is a terrific way to make your kids laugh, whether you’re looking for a parrot-related joke, a pun, or a one-liner. Don’t be such a tweet and jump straight into these parrot puns and give yourself some laughter. Believe me it wouldn’t be such a bird-in.

  • “Help, they’ve transformed me into a parrot!” is the first thing I would teach a talking parrot to say.
  • The ideal time to get a parrot, according to rumors, is right now!
  • Do you believe you know more jokes about parrots than I do? Toucans engage in the game!
  • My light, my parrot, my alarm clock, and my coffee were all stolen by someone; I have no idea how they manage to get any sleep.
  • It says a lot about you if you own a parrot!
  • On a perch, there are two parrots relaxing. Can you smell fish, the one says to the other? Here perch is a type of a fish.
  • My obese parrot broke out of its cage… It really does take a burden off my shoulders!
  • My legless parrot is up for grabs, it is because no perches are required!
  • What results from breeding a centipede and a parrot? We get a walkie talkie.
  • Why are parrots somewhat similar to sharks? It is because it can chatter till your ears hurt!
  • What game does a parrot-like playing? Speak and Hide!
  • The only animal that is smarter than a talking parrot is a spelling bee.
  • What has an orange color and a parrot-like call? It is a carrot!
  • What results from breeding a pigeon with a parrot? Voicemail!
  • Why, after his parrot went, was the pirate sad? It is because it turned its back on him and gave him a cold shoulder.
  • What has a net, four legs, and four eyes? It is four pirates looking for a missing parrot.
  • A woman contacts her husband and inquires about the dinner plans. He responds, “A parrot.” She asks, shocked, “Really? How does it smell?” I presume through its beak.
  • When a talking parrot enters a store, it begs the question, “Do you have peanuts?” No, we don’t, the store owner responds, and the parrot leaves. The same parrot returns to the same store the following morning and asks, “Do you have peanuts?” The parrot departs after the owner responds, “No, we don’t.” The parrot returns to the store the following day and inquires, “Do you have peanuts?” No, we don’t, and if you come back here and ask for peanuts again, I’ll put you in a cage, the owner responds angrily. The parrot enters the following day and inquires, “Do you have any cages?” The shop owner is surprised and responds, “No, we don’t.” The parrot asks, “Great, so do you have peanuts in that case?”
  • A man chooses to place a bid on a parrot after spotting it at an auction. Because of the fierce competition, each time the guy states a price, the same voice responds with a little higher offer. In the end, the man receives the bird for £1,000 He tells the auctioneer, “That’s a steep price to purchase a parrot, so I hope he can talk!” Of course, he can, who do you believe was competing with you in the bid?
  • One day, a man sees a parrot on the roadway while he is driving. He welcomes it inside his car out of uncertainty and drives till he finds a police officer. Excuse me, but I don’t know what to do with this missing parrot that I discovered. You ought to take it to the zoo, the policeman advises. The man responds, “Thank you, officer. The parrot is still in the front seat when the police officer encounters the man a week later as he is driving. “Why is the bird still in your company? I mistook your plan for taking him to the zoo.” The man says, “I did!” “We are heading to the beach since we had such a great time!”
  • One day, a man observes the individual sitting next to him at the theatre had an uncanny resemblance to a parrot. Are you a parrot? he wonders as he turns to face him. The parrot responds, “Yes.” The guy asks, “What are you doing at the movies?!” Well, the book was good.
  • What do parrots that prefer to go to the beach wear? They wear the beak-ini!
  • What is successful always? a parrot without teeth because they suck seeds.
  • What is the reward for the parrot after a meal at a restaurant? It is the bill.
  • A parrot’s side with the most feathers is which? It is the exterior!
  • An intoxicated man is swerving aggressively across the road in his automobile while driving around the city with his pet parrot. He is stopped by the police. So, where have you been, the officer asks the driver. The parrot mumbles, “I’ve gone to the bar,” and the inebriated man grinned. The officer comments, “Well, it appears like you’ve had quite a few.” The parrot adds, “He did all right,” and the inebriated man grinned. Did you know that your wife fell out of your car a few junctions ago? asks the officer, who is standing straight and folding his arms. The parrot sighs, “Oh, thank God. “I briefly believed I had lost my hearing there.”
  • How can you train a parrot to speak correctly? To the polytechnic, send him!
  • Did you hear the story of the geometry teacher who left the cage of his parrot unlocked? Polygon.
  • What would result from breeding a parrot and a shark? a bird that is quite talkative as much as your ears are off.
  • When they pass away, where do parrots go? They go to the parrotise.
  • Where do pirates get the food for their parrots? It is the Petsmart.
  • The bird crossed the road for what reason? It is simply beak-use to go to school!
  • What is a parrot without feathers called? We call it bald.
  • A parrot is carried by a blind guy as he enters a pub. “Hey dude, what’s with the parrot?” the bartender asks. It’s my seeing-eye parrot, the guy adds. “You know, most people utilize dogs, right?” the bartender asks. Yes, but do you realize how difficult it is to keep one of them on your shoulder? The guy responds.
  • My parrot was ailing, so I took it to the vet one day. The veterinarian told me he had both good and terrible news. My parrot had chirps, which was bad news, but it is tweetable which was wonderful news.
  • The more than 30 words that my aunt’s parrot can utter are all insulting and demeaning. Although I call it a parrot, it’s more like a mockingbird.
  • A man observes what appears to be a parrot sitting next to him at a movie theater. The shocked guy questioned, “Are you a parrot?” “Yes.” What exactly are you doing there? Well, I loved the book, the parrot said.
  • Where do parrots make their films? They make it in Pollywood!

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Amazingly Parrot Puns

We all know that parrots are clever birds. They are able to learn, have quite large brains, and utilize basic tools. Many species of parrots are kept as pets because they have brightly colored plumage and some species can mimic human speech.

Even if they are extremely intelligent and aid in being a companion to humans, curating puns out of them also does the same thing. So don’t wait and start reading these parrot puns.

  • Why are male parrots so dependable? It is because they are the man of their bird community.
  • What does the mother parrot tell her young? She told to Beak-areful!
  • I know a man who adores his pet parrot utterly. It is because he loves Polly.
  • What would you call a man-made parrot? It is PollyEster.
  • Would you mind keeping an eye on my pet parrot while I’m away, provided that it doesn’t get too birden?
  • What is memory loss in a parrot known as? It is called Polynesia.
  • After hours, a thief enters a dark tavern and proceeds directly to the cash register. God is watching you, a voice cries out. He scans the area but sees nothing, so he resumes fiddling with the cash drawer. “GOD IS WATCHING YOU,” says the voice once more. After searching the area for a while, the thief notices a parrot in a cage and remarks, “Hello, Polly. You awoke me.” Hey, the parrot said. “I don’t go by Polly. It’s the Baptist John.” Who in the world gave you the name John the Baptist, the burglar snorted. The same person who gave that Rottweiler’s name, “GOD,” says the parrot.
  • Our parrot remarked, “Don’t tell my husband,” when I arrived home from work, which I found to be pretty suspicious. I then went upstairs to my wife, who had smeared lipstick and a messy skirt. “Honey, I never knew our parrot was homosexual,” I said.
  • A fan accident caused my friend’s parrot to lose its beak, and he was looking for a replacement. I forwarded him to Uncle Tony. He can use him.
  • How could I seal this wooden plaque informing my parrot that she has joined the Scottish aristocracy? It is polyurethane.
  • What shade of color does a parrot prefer? It is Polly-chromatic.
  • I won’t be asking my friend to bring me any more pollyfila after that. He returned with some parrot seed.
  • Where do parrots go on vacation? They go to the beak.
  • When they began selling parrots, the pet store fared incredibly well. They were taken off the shelf in a flash.
  • I bought a parrot for his sibling after my closest buddy passed away to help ease the loss and taught him to say, “Daniel, it is your brother. Reincarnation does occur.
  • As to why birds require feathers, It is to hide their butts, quack!
  • What is the name for a bird without wings? We call it a flap.
  • How do birds talk to one another? They talk using twitter.
  • How can parrots get powerful? It is by doing Egg-cersize.
  • What caused the parrot to occupy the phone pole? He desired to utter a far-off caw.
  • What caused the little bird to have problems in school? It is because he tweeted while taking an exam, thus.
  • What do you get when you mix a woodpecker with a parrot? a bird with morse code speech!
  • What results from breeding a tiger with a parrot? I have no idea, but pay close attention when it talks!
  • What results from breeding a cat with a parrot? It results a visit to the veterinarian!
  • Where do the most intelligent parrots reside? They live in the brain forest.
  • Why are there no pain medications in the jungle? It is as all of them were eaten by parrots!
  • A black man enters a pub while carrying a parrot on his shoulder. “Wow, where’d you acquire that?” the bartender said in awe. There are millions of them in Africa, the parrot said.
  • A man enters a pub while carrying a parrot on his shoulder. Is it trained? The bartender inquired. “I am but I don’t know about him,” the parrot responds.
  • Despite being renowned for their intelligence, studies have revealed that African Grey Parrots frequently lose chess games to ravens, jackdaws, and other corvids. They merely have problems weighing the ravens and pawns, one researcher observed.
  • A vehicle operator strikes a low-flying parrot. He brings the bird home, where he takes care of it. It regains consciousness the following morning and discovers himself in a cage. It exclaims with amazement, “Wait, prison? Did the car’s driver pass away?”
  • The other day I came upon a decaying parrot carcass. It had a macabre air about it.
  • Concerning my parrot, I’m quite frightened. I can’t go on; I despise my life, he keeps repeating. Too self-centered to notice is my wife. She never stops weeping.

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