65+ Best Party Puns and Funny Quotes

We all love to celebrate parties in our personal lives from time to time. A party is something which provides us with lots of good time which we can share with our close friends. Plus one must not forget the foods as well. Here are some intriguing party puns for you.

Party Puns and Funny Quotes

  • You will be able to understand that you are becoming older once the candles do not fit on the birthday cake.
  • I just hope that the balloons and the candles are the only things to blow. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations for proving that becoming older does not imply becoming wiser. 
  • Drink, eat, and be married.
  • There is no bunny that can compare to you.
party puns

_What will you call a melon which is not permitted to get married?

Cannot elope.

_The best part of the marriage had been the reception which actually took the cake.

_Have you heard of the spiders that became engaged?

I heard that they came across each other on the web.

_Thanks a lot for spicing up this special day.

_For what reason did the beers tie the knot?

Since they had been pitcher perfect. 

_Words will not be able to espresso how much I adore you!

_You happen to be my butter half.

_I am berry fond of you.

_I am whaley excited to tie the knot with you.

_I adore you s’more every single day.

_Even though it might appear to be cheesy, you are truly grate.

_For the record, you happen to be a classic, and you are not old.

_It is a fact that birthdays become worse while you become older. But the good thing is that not many are left right now.

_More number of candles implies a bigger wish.

_Will a green candle burn more as compared to a pink one? 

No, both will be burning shorter.

_What is the most horrible part regarding birthdays?

Many of them might destroy you.

_What is going to go up but never come down?

The age of yours.

_What type of birthday cake will you offer to a coffee lover?


_What was said by the teddy bear when we presented him the birthday cake?

Thanks, but I am stuffed.

_When a birthday cake is going to look like a golf ball?

When it is sliced.

_What is wanted by the elephant on his birthday?

A trunk packed with gifts.

_I am thinking of telling a physics joke at the birthday party tomorrow. 

But, I am not sure how the audience will react to me. 

_I know that you are a soap addict. I wish on my birthday that you start getting clean from today.

_Birthday parties are definitely awesome. But, an excessive amount of them can bring your downfall.

_Friend, I promise you that your birthday party will be so much enjoyable that even the bankers will never lose interest.

party puns

_I ended up misplacing my timepiece on the way to your birthday party. I think I will get adequate time to search for it following the party. 

_I looked everywhere to find a camouflage outfit for attending the anniversary party. However, I did not find any.

_the birthday party will be wild, and therefore, the construction workers would be raising the roof for sure.

_You adore diamonds. As a result, I purchased several playing cards for you as the birthday gift. 

_I purchased this astounding broom on this special day for you and it is sweeping the country at present.

_I took the birthday cake to the therapist because it said to me that it was feeling rather crumby. 

_Peter Pan is right here. And he has brought a pan-cake as your birthday cake.

_I would love to tell a birthday pun regarding pizza. However, I don’t think that it will be a sensible idea considering the fact that it is extremely cheesy.

_An alligator attending a birthday party while putting on a vest will be called an investigator. 

party puns

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