80+ Pen Puns that Will Be Worth Your Time and Every Penny

We can not imagine our life without pens, can we? Pens are useful and cute, but these pen puns are even cuter. These Pen Puns will definitely make you laugh while making study notes or writing a boring article. 

Funny Pen Puns

These pen puns are so humorous that they will have you laughing so hard whenever you spot a pen. If you are fond of pens, it is high time to be a fonder of pen puns.

-A pen and an eraser were working as waiters in a restaurant; what did a pen have that eraser did not? A tip. 

-When you are out of ink but can not go outside cause its pen-demic. 

-A pencil and Pen were playing outside in the scorching sun. A pencil could not see properly, but a pen could, you know why? Cause a pen has a cap. 

-She was using a cheap pen, and its ink got all leaked on her. That was one hell of an eye-opener. 

-What is the difference between a pen and a pencil? A pen is always sharpened.

-The person who invented the term penny was definitely buying pens. 

-What is the relationship between a Ballpoint pen and Gel point Pen? They have a lot ink– common. 

-The pencil had a joke on Pen, but it did not last long. 

-My assignment is pending because I did not have a pen. 

-I started a pen company and gave it the name “Wortheverypenny.INK”.

-Where do all the pens store their food items? In the pen-try. 

-She had to put a great force to open her Pen. 

-Sharpeners are very pen-ful for pencils. 

-What is the favorite animal of pens? Chimpenzee. 

-In the whole class of pens, a pencil was unaccompenied. 

-What does a pen have that a pencil does not? Discrepencies. 

-What do female pens like the most? Pentyhose. 

-What is the favorite country of all the pens and pencils? Japen.

-I do not understand why would pens choose Trousers over pents. 

-Pencils have a shorter lifespen as compared to pens. 

-I penicked when I could not find my Pen. 

-How do pens eat their dishes? In a dishpen. 

-How do pens clean their houses? With the help of a dustpen. 

-She got little bit of ink on her pencake. 

-I buy all of my pens from the Ink Compeny.

-In which camera mode, do you click pictures of your handwritten documents? In Penorama. 

-Pens do not have a Pancreas, instead they have pencreas. 

-It must be very penful for pencils to get sharped. 

-What fabric is best for its elasticity? Spendex.

-I did not have a pen on my Pennsylvania trip.

-I lost my Pen, and it was truly a mishappening. 

Pen Puns

We are sure you are already loving these humorous Pen Puns and adoring your Pen even better. Here are more pen puns that will make you realize your Pen is worth every pen-ny.

-I am so tired of this pendemic. 

-There is this Pen that can write outer space. It can write other words too. 

-I was sad, I thought of writing a Diary, but the moment I held the Pen, it was pointless. 

-I got this huge collection of pens during this pendemic. 

-United Kingdom’s pen pound bill. 

-He is known for his funny pens.

-The movie was worth every pen-ny.

-Why does a hairdresser carry a black pen? In case he needs to dye hair. 

-A nurse used a pen instead of a rectal thermometer on someone. The guy shouted “pen-in-ass.”

-What is the difference between a pen and hate? The pen has a point. 

-The teacher was so impressed by my handwriting that she gave me a pen/10.

-If you steal a pen from a stationery shop, you have to pay 10 dollars as pen-alty.

-The liquid ink got on her pendant. 

-What is common between a pen and pencil? They both have a point. 

-She drew this beautiful pen-tagon with her Pen. 

-Did you get ready for the poem writing competition for in the Pen Dance day?

-What is his obsession with beautiful pens? Maybe he is pensexual. 

-He threw a pen in teacher’s face. He got suspended.

-She did not have a pen. I said, “it happens.”

-He can not even bring his own Pen, and he is totally dependant on his friend.

-Damn! That Pen is so beautiful, but it is so expensive. 

-I need to sharp my pencil. Do you have a sharpener?

-I spent almost 50 dollars on pens. 

-Poor kid thought carpenters use pens.

-It is very pen-ful. 

-What was gelpoint’s favorite sport? Pen-nis. 

-Why was the girlfriend pen sad? Cause it saw its boyfriend starting a long sentence.

-I would tell you I love you, but Pen, I would have to kill you. 

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