99+ Piano Puns that You Cannot Handel

What makes a pianist more perfect is if he is also funny and charming aside from being a genius. How about we all take a minute to share some piano puns with our pianist friends and have a good time? 

Funny Piano Puns

The piano is a beautiful instrument, and pianists form a few of the world’s most patient learners.

  • Where to place their fingers to what note to play, they quite know their way around the act. I swear this collection of piano puns is so hilarious that you may not be able to handel them. But then again, when does a pianist not accept a challenge?
  • A famous man once said, one can see tuna piano, but one cannot tuna fish.
  • These piano puns are so hilarious that I don’t think I can handel them.
  • Sarah was bored of her piano classes because everything seemed to be a combination of black and white without a sprinkle of color.
  • Sarah couldn’t play her piano on stage because she couldn’t handel the pressure.
  • The two pianists had a happy marriage for the rest of their lives because they were always in a chord.
  • One must scale the piano in order to get to the top of it.
  • One doesn’t die after a piano falls on top of them; they just B flat on the ground.
  • I accidentally dropped a piano on top of an army base. No one died, but I guess we got A flat major.
  • I accidentally dropped a piano in a mine shaft. Thankfully no one died, but we got A flat miner.
  • I dropped a few piano puns on my best buddies, but they didn’t laugh. Just gut A flat response.
  • You will not die if a piano falls on top of you. You will just B flat.
  • Sarah skipped her piano class today. She said she will be bach, but she never showed up.
  • This bach of piano puns is literally the most colourful thing in a pianist’s life right now.
  • Pianos might be black and white, but the melody coupled with piano puns are like rainbows.
  • Cows don’t usually go near the piano. Unless they are moo-sicians, of course.
  • The symphony might have just been produced at someone’s bach office and we might not even know.
  • A tuna can be a musical instrument like the piano as well. Because it has scales.
  • Pianists like to hang out with their pianos and walk towards success in their musical career on Tunesday.
  • The pianists planned a get together on Tunesday for a jamming session.
  • The pianist couldn’t wait for Tunesday to arrive so he could work on his new tune.
  • I think we all can agree on the fact that if there was no music, we would B flat.
  • The pianists would agree on the fact that if there were no pianos or symphonies, their lives would B flat.
  • The pianists met in the bach and planned the get away to Florida Keys the coming weekend.
Piano Puns
  • Harish started playing the piano again after years. He was finally bach to business.
  • The pianists got so engrossed in their business, they forgot to go chopin for groceries.
  • Pianists can never settle on online chopin, they need to feel the keys themselves and then invest in a piano.
  • The young boy got so engrossed with the world of pianos, he binged on the Purple Pea-ano Project and forgot to have his peas.
  • Playing the pea-ano gives me utmost peas.
  • The pianist spent an anxious night because he fought with his girlfriend and couldn’t play the piano so well. He just couldn’t hit the right note.
  • Pianists like to dramatically chime in into any conversation about classical music.
  • The pianist was frustrated because he couldn’t drum something into his colleague’s head without deviating from his profession.
  • Pianists like to talk about all that jazz in the bach.
  • Harish couldn’t figure out how to play the next few notes, but apparently everyone thinks he broke the record again.
  • Sarah was selling vegetables just for a song. A pretty rad work around the barter system, I would say.
  • The pianist was just starting to fit into the melody when the lead guitarist called the tune. It was a disappointment.
  • The pianists were interrupted from their jamming session in playing Beethoven bachwards because they heard a whistle. 
  • The pianist went to the lake to play a swan song for the ducks and swan.
  • The musicians gathered in the studio to have a jamming session and it turned out to be pretty fun. They were marching to the beat of their own drum.
  • The little pea aspired to be a pea-anist.
  • My friend skipped her piano class today. She said she would be bach but she never turned up. I guess she could not face the music.
  • The pianist was so frustrated, he started on a different tune.
  • The musicians gathered up on the big drum after they planned the night of jamming session.
  • The pianist was known for his fine tuning with the instruments.
  • These piano puns are like music to my ears, except they are not.
  • Piano puns are lowkey deep but hysterical.
  • He lost the keys to his piano and he knew he was in treble.
  • He accidentally missed his piano class on Tunesday and knew he was in treble.
Piano Puns

Piano Jokes

I take bach my words; playing the piano is lowkey, very difficult. But a collection of piano puns just makes the task a more enjoyable experience. Follow through this list of hysterical piano puns that we are sure will bring a smile to your face unless, of course, you can handel the laughter.

  • How did the piano manage to score good marks?
Because he was good with his notes.
  • How did the piano manage to steal from his neighbor?
Because he owns a lot of keys.
  • How did the piano manage to break out of the jail?
With the help of its keys.
  • Why are pianos so difficult to open?
Because its keys are inside.
  • Why are pianos so difficult to break into?
Because it has a lot of keys.
  • What made the piano so racist?
Because he differentiates between the white and black keys.
  • What is a cow’s piano known as?
A moo-sical piano.
  • What is a cow who plays a piano called?
A moo-sician.
  • What is a laughing piano known as?
A Yamahahaha.
  • What is a goat who plays a piano called?
Billy Joel.
  • What is a snowman who plays a piano called?
Melton John.
  • What do we get when we drop a piano in a mine shaft?
A flat miner.
  • What does a pianist say to a tightrope walker?
You better C sharp or you might B flat.You better C sharp or you might B flat.
  • What kind of species has 88 keys but not a single lock?
A piano.
  • What is the most favorable location for pianists?
The Florida Keys.
  • Why was the pianist frantically banging his head on the piano?
He was playing the piano by his ears.

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Piano Puns
  • What does a keyboard call his grandfather?
Grand Piano.
  • What did the piano say to the bad pianist? “
You are nothing, but treble.”
  • What is the actual difference between a piano and a fish?
A piano can be tuned, but one cannot tuna fish.
  • Why is the piano so boring?
Because it is so black and white.
  • Why is a pianist’s fingers alike to lightning and thunder?
Because they are not likely to strike at the same place twice.
  • Why was the pianist arrested?
He probably got into treble.
  • Why is it a bad idea to date a piano technician?
Because he will probably just string you along.
  • What did the bartender tell the pianists when they complained of their drinks being too flat?
“Sorry good sir, we do not serve minors.”
  • What happens if a piano falls on top of you?
You B flat.
  • What happened when the rowdy pianists got into a nasty brawl?
They got in treble and were arrested.
  • What happened when the piano fell down and got damaged?
The piano lost its keys.
  • Why couldn’t the piano go back to its home?
It fell down and lost its keys.
  • What is a sad musician called?
A trebled man.
  • Why will pirates be the ideal pianists?
Because they can operate fully in the high C’s.
  • Why cannot skeletons play the church music?
Because they do not have any organs.
  • Why couldn’t Sarah play the piano?
She probably broke the record.
  • What did the pianist say to his crush?
“Will you go out with me on Tunesday?”
  • What did the pianist say to his crush?
”May I tickle your ivories?”
  • What did the pianist say to his crush?
“I think I might have the key to your heart.”
  • What did the pianist say to his crush?
“Do you want to be bad and play the wrong key?”
  • What did the pianist say to his crush?
“Do you want to be bad and throw away the key?”
  • What did the pianist say to his crush?
“You can hum it and I will play it.”
  • What vegetable is the pianist’s favorite?
A pea-ano.
  • Where did the zebra choose to hide when playing hide and seek?
On top of a piano.
  • Why did the three pianists bring separate flavored jams to the studio?
They had planned a jamming session.
  • Why did the two pianists get into such a nasty fight?
Because it takes two to tango.
  • Why did the pianists laugh so much at the piano puns?
It struck a chord in them.
  • What did the pea want to be when it grew up?
A pea-anist.
  • Why did Sarah leave in between her piano performance?
She couldn’t bring herself to face the music.
  • How did the blind pianist manage to play the keys?
By his ear.
  • How did the pianist manage to play the piano without his fingers?
He used his ear to play.
  • How do musicians depart?
By saying, “see you on the big drum!”
  • What did the frustrated pianist do when he couldn’t find the correct tune?
He called the tune.
  • What is it called when musicians gather at night for a jamming session?
Whistling in the dark.
  • What happened when the pianist got drunk out of his wits?
He wet his whistle.
  • What did the pre-adolescent musicians name their band?
The pea-anist is still growing.
  • Why wasn’t the pianist practicing his piano?
Because he was chopin vegetables for making dinner.
  • What is a gloomy pianist’s habit?
To stay lowkey.
  • What did the pianist’s wife say when she was frustrated with him playing the piano all day?
“You are like music to my ears”
  • Why did the mice suddenly start playing the piano?
Because when the cat is away, the mice will play.
  • What did Shakespeare say after listening to his mistress’ terrible piano?
“If music be the food of love, play on.”
  • What did Elton John say when he was confronted by the gangsters?
“Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player!”
  • What did Taylor Swift say when she got a piano as a gift as a child?
“I knew you were treble when you walked in, so shame on me now.”
Piano Puns

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