125+ Funny Pie Puns and Jokes to Keep You Happie

Pie is as we all may already know is actually a fruit dish that is baked. Pie also has some other names too like pastry, quiche, and so on in different places.

It is most commonly prepared as sweet but it is also sometimes made with meat, vegetables, and so on. Mentioned below are some best pie puns and quotes. 

Pie Puns

  • You are actually my cutie PIE 
  • My most favourite song is only and only cutie PIE 
  • Have you actually ever been to a PIEMARY – SCHOOL 
  • Do you actually know the very formula of PIE 
  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy  was actually the very PIE – NEER of social reforms in India 
pie puns
  • DES – PIETE he had his own car, but still he actually just kept waiting for me to pick him up from his house. 
  • Can you actually calculate the value of PIE 
  • A PIE for a PIE can actually make this very whole world blind 
  • Did you actually went for your PIE check up today 
  • You had an appointment for your PIE check up today 
  • You must actually always put your glasses on if your PIES are actually weak 
  • Could you please PIE me a pen 
  • I actually want you to PIE me a beautiful dress 
  • Can I actually PIE you a drink 
  • He is actually gymming for his very PIE – CEPS 
  • While he is actually doing his work out his main focus is actually always on his PIE – CEPS 
  • Historically if we actually see then the world earlier was PIE – POLAR in its very orientation during the Cold War specifically 
  • Do you actually know the very used of sodium PIE – carbonate 
  • Sodium PIE – Carbonate is most commonly actually known by the name of Baking soda 
  • We all must actually work in the very direction of safeguarding our PIE – ODIVERSITY 
  • This is actually the PIE – OLOGICAL process 
  • Do you actually have any knowledge of the PIE – OLOGICAL processes 
  • We all must actually take anti – PIEOTICS in case we have some minor symptoms 
  • I am actually travelling to DU – PIE next week 
  • Burj Khalifa is  actually situated in DU – PIE 
pie puns
  • I actually have my brother and her wife residing there in DU – PIE 
  • I actually don’t know how to ride a PIE – CYCLE 
  • You must actually APIEDE by our very Constitution 
  • Have you actually read the AUTO – PIE – OGRAPHY of that very leader 
  • Mahatma Gandhi’s AUTO – PIE – OGRAPHY name is My experiments with Truth 
  • He is actually PIE – SEXUAL 
  • We must actually accept every one the very way they are, no matter even if they may be PIE – SEXUAL 
  • Have you actually ever seen a PIE – SON 
  • That criminal was actually sent to PIE – SON for next ten years 
  • Every one must actually be PIE – CARIOUS about their very health and thus must maintain their persona hygiene 
  • Have you ever read PIE – BLE 
  • All the Christians actually read PIE – BLE once or the other 
  • That very waste was actually kya PIE – ODEGRADABLE 
  • We all must actually remember to segregate our waste in PIE – ODEGRADABLE and in non PIE – ODEGRADABLE 
  • He actually wrote his PIE – OGRAPHY 
  • Did you actually read that very PIE – OGRAPHY 
  • What is the very process of SYM – PIE – OSIS?
  • Have you actually ever studied about the process of SYM – PIE – OSIS in PIE – OLOGY 

Pie Jokes

  • PIE – OLOGY is actually my most favourite subject 
  • I was actually the PIE – ZE winner in that very competition 
  • They actually PIE – ZED me with a trophy as well as with the price amount 
  • I just actually want to tell you the last GOOD – PIE 
  • GOOD – PIE to those very beautiful as well as very amazing college days 
  • The very share price of that company had actually fallen PIE ten points 
  • I actually want to learn how to ride a PIE – CYCLE 
  • Have you actually watched that movie which actually named PIE – RATES of Carribean 
  • Jack Sparrow is actually my most favourite character which was in the movie PIE – RATES OF CARRIBEAN 
  • PIE – RACY is actually a penal offence 
  • Do you actually know that PIE -RACY is a criminal offence 
  • Have you actually ever played that game β€œI SPIE” 
  • β€œI SPIE” is actually one of most favourite games since my very childhood 
  • This room is actually OCCU – PIED 
  • I actually OCCU – PIED this room far more earlier than you actually did 
  • This is actually the PIE – LOT project of our very government 
  • You were actually my ideal and you were the only one who actually INS – PIERED me 
  • Thank you so very much for actually INS – PIERING me each as well as every single time 
  • Could you please get me a PIECE of that chocolate cake 
  • Please give me a pen and also a PIECE of paper to write 
  • This was that king’s EM – PIERE 
  • Have you actually ever thought of having a large business EM – PIERE of your own 
  • That PIEP is actually broken 
  • Could you please call for a plumber to actually fix this very PIEP 
  • He was the PIE – LOT of that very plane 
  • I actually aspire to be PIE – LOT one day 
  • She actually AS – PIERED to be teacher one day 
  • Those medicines are actually EXPIE – RED 
  • His cousin brother EXPIE – RED today in the morning due to heart failure 
  • Every one must actually have Right to PIEVACY 
  • No one actually has that right to violate your very PIEVACY 
  • She actually just got her nose PIE – RCED 
  • This very weekend I have actually decided to just watch VAMPIERE diaries 
  • Why you are actually so very PRE – OCCUPIED every single time 
  • Have you actually ever watched S – PIE – DER MAN 
  • I just love watching SPIE – DER MAN 
Pie Puns

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