55+ Best Pig Puns and Funny Quotes

Pigs are the most underrated animals, but they can really be something. Pigs usually stay in crowd and are incredible in a lot of ways. They are used as pets, they are used for scientific research and some time they turn into delicious bacon and get served in our breakfast platter. Pigs can serve other purpose too like humor when they are included in perfect puns 

Pig Puns and Funny Quotes

  • How did the pigs in his young twenty hit on the other pig?

The pig invited her over and offered her to Netflix and swill 

  • Did you meet the pig that opened the new pawn shop?

The pig named it “The bacon Hocks “

Pig Puns
  • Why did the group of pigs visit the casino?

To play the slop poker 

  • Do you know about the two Spanish pigs that gave birth to a new piglet?

Yes, they named him Porque !

  • Did you come to know about the piglets who wanted to do something extra  ordinary for their mommy on the her birthday Day?

Well, they did throw her a sweet-sow party.

  • A pig became very popular as a thief in a town, do you know what they called him?

They called him a HAMBURGLAR

  • How did the pigs work with top secret message and work with the agency?

They wrote the message with invisible oink!

  •  Why did the piglet started scolding all the other piglets on the dinner table?

They were hogging on all the meals 

  • What did the piglet do when he was boared out of his brains?

The piglet started whining 

  • Why did the papa pig got angry at the piglets?

The piglets would not stop swinning. 

  • What do you call a  group of pigs who believe in giving back to the society through charity?


Pig Puns
  • What is the name of the event where a bunch of pigs come together and compete with each other in athletic games?


  • What does a stubborn piglet always say to his parents during an argument?

“Sow what?”

  • What did the drunk pig say to the other drunk pig?

“Stop Hogging on everything you see that is edible!”

  • What did the offended pig say to his friend?

“All that you are saying does not make sense, its all HOGWASH!”

  • What did the male piglet say to his love interest?

“Stay safe my love , HOGS and KISSES!”

  • Why did the pig look so lost?

He was tired from swining all day about the boaring day!

  • How did the pig bought the bottle of liquor for his birthday ?

He began by asking “How much for the s’wine’?”

  • Where did the whole community of pigs store their currency from the job ?

They stored all that money in the piggy bank.

  • What suggestion did the pig chef gave to its students?

Always be very piggy about what you choose to eat!

  • What did the angry friend of the pig say to his other friend?

Just because I don’t say anything that does not mean you take me for grunted!

  • How did the mommy pig handle the piglets ?

She asked the pigs tom stop squealing 

  • What did the mom say to the young piglets?

“Always remember kids , as you sow,so shall you reap “

  • Why did those young pigs stay away from there mom?

They were in a gilt trip for hogging on all the food made for the guest.

  • What did the pig appeal to his lover?

I love you but please do not bacon my heart 

  • What did they call the pig that did karate ?

Pork Chop 

  • When are you coming home , missing you pig time !

  • What did the pigs use to increase their social interaction with the other pigs ?

They used INSTAHAM!

  • They fund a new pig on the fields with no limbs 

They named him ground-hog 

  • What did the professional pig write on his business card to reach out to the client? 

Professional HOGERS – always bring home the bacon !

  • How did they compliment the new pig in the town 

They called him HAMSOME 

Pig Puns

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