100+ Pillow Puns that Will Make You Laugh 

Have you ever had a restful sleep? Pillows were used for the first time around 7000 B.C. But these antique pillows were composed of stone, not the plush materials we use today. Back then, only the privileged used pads. Your social standing increased with the number of stone pillows you had.

Funny Pillow Puns 

Allergies and other tiny creatures reside in pillows. These things might result in health problems and allergic reactions even though we can’t see them. At most once every three weeks, wash your pillowcases. Additionally, you should clean the pillow at least every three months. Even if laughing doesn’t cause allergies, these pillow Puns are sure to make people chuckle.

  • Unintentionally, I dropped my pillow to the ground. It appears to have a concussion.
  • I made a poll to find out whether people preferred pillows filled with synthetic material or pillows filled with bird feathers. The synthetic substance was defeated. Too many negative votes
  • When I was a teenager, and my anger was out of control, I used to knock on my memory foam pillow. Now that it has learned all of my movements, I am constantly afraid.
  • My daughter yelled downstairs last night, “Dad! My tooth just dropped into my beverage! That’s fantastic, my love! I said. “Show me what happens if you put it below your pillow.” “Nothing’s occurred, father, but now my mattress is entirely saturated!” she yelled a short while later.
  • I have a watermelon’s head, two French baguettes’ arms, and two pillows’ chests. Who am I, then? Removed from the supermarket.
  • The pillow crossed the road; why? Because the opposite side was cooler.
  • I know it’s silly, but my fiance and I had a blast fighting with pillows, and I came out on top! Put a few grapefruits inside—that’s the trick.
  • The dentures I placed under my pillow didn’t exactly win the tooth fairy’s favor…teeth are trodden.
  • Whoever sleeps on a corduroy pillow will create news, according to Confucius.
  • My friend slapped me after I said that all pillows were uncomfortable.
  • That’s a reasonably general remark to make, he said.
  • I was planning to throw away my old pillows, but I changed my mind and decided to keep them.
  • After my pillow accused me of refusing to take a nap, I went to court. I failed the case.
  • While I slept, I was hunting for my pillow. . It was evident later that it always existed.
  • Many marriages have struggled during these protracted quarantines.
  • I’m fortunate to have a wonderful wife. Just last night, she woke me up by putting a pillow tightly against my face in an effort to shield me from Covid-19.
  • When some individuals started flinging grain as well as a pilau fight broke out, I was at a rowdy curry night.
  • I used to fantasize last night that I was devouring a massive marshmallow. But unfortunately, my pillow was missing when I awoke.
  • I accidentally left my cellphone beneath my pillow last night, and this morning I discovered a pound coin there in its place. The Bluetooth fairy, I believe.
  • A pillow was inhaled by a friend’s dog. The veterinarian described it as being in a relaxed state.
  • I had a curry-eating dream the night before. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my pilau when I awoke.
  • I found a stir fry on my pillow when I woke up this morning. I believe I was sleeping again.
  • To track how much he sleeps for, a buddy of mine maintains a yardstick on his pillow.
  • I recently purchased some memory foam pillows, but I can’t remember where I put them.
  • What color would the reaper pillows be if you asked Doom to a pillow battle instead of a chess match?
  • These new corduroy pillowcases have my attention. They have been in the news.
  •  The pillow said something as it rolled off the bed. Dear sheet!
  • My wife called me a child. She was just told by me to leave my pillow fort.
  • I ate a ten-pound marshmallow in my dream the night before, and my pillow had been gone when I woke up.
  • Why did the naive girl bury sugar beneath her pillow? She wished for pleasant dreams.
  • Getting a lady in three easy steps: Grab a cushion first. Next, bring a blanket. Step 3: Continue to dream.
  • Most people smother infants in affection. So I bury them under pillows.
  • What made the pillow appear in court? Because a pillowcase was attached.
  • The plum placed sugar underneath its pillow for what reason? It could then have pleasant dreams.
  • Have you heard of the pillowcases made of corduroy? They have been in the news.
  • Don’t engage in a pillow battle with Death unless you have cushions for the reaper ready.
  • I woke up unable to locate my pillow after having a dream in which I was destroying the planet and blowing up my home for amusement. Neither the home.
  • How come the pillow crossed the street? To reach a mattress retailer.
  • You have enough room to utilize a cushion as your bed because of how short you are.
  • In my dream, I was made to consume a massive marshmallow. However, when I awoke, my pillow was missing.
  • The pillow walked across the street, but why? Koshin, his cousin, didn’t even live any longer, and his cousin was named Koshin.
  • Why do bed detectives find answers? Covers for pillows
  • Have you heard about the recent explosion at the pillow factory? There were a lot of meltdowns at first, but now everything is peaceful.
  • Do you know about the new Corduroy pillowcases? They have dominated the news.
  • Why do pillows function? They are white, so that.
  • My coworker arrived late for our appointment, so I inquired about what transpired.

He declared that my girlfriend and I weren’t communicating with each other. I didn’t desire to be the first to break the quiet and lose because we were offering each other the cold shoulder. So, I penned a message on paper asking someone to keep me awake at 7:30 a.m.

I didn’t get up till 9:30 in the morning how. First, I resented my wife for not waking me up. My attention was then drawn to a bit of paper under my pillow that said, “It’s 7:30 am.” Get up.”

  • In my dream, I consumed five pounds of marshmallows.
  • When I awoke, my pillow had been gone.
  • My fiance wanted to discuss how immature I am. Unfortunately, she was unable to enter my pillow fort since she lacked the password.
  • Bill Gate’s pillow feels how soft. Microsoft.
  • Whose head is lost in the morning to find again in the evening? A cushion.
  • How did you manage to make me, a little child, question his mother? When the child put some sugar under his pillow one night, his mother remarked, “I put little sugar under my cushions, and when I woke early, you have been by my side. I promise I would’ve compressed you if you hadn’t been my son!” The child then discovered a cockroach in his bed the following day.
  • If two homeless individuals are striking one another with cardboard boxes, Is there a pillow battle?
  • When they slammed cardboard against one another, what were the homeless men shouting? Pillow battles.
  • What was written on the pillow before it slipped off the bed? Sheet.

Pillow Puns

Please take your time reading any Pun or puzzles where the buildup or punchline is a query with answers. We genuinely hope you’ll find these Puns about pillows funny enough to spread them around and make people laugh.

  • My pillow is to my liking… Although, I prefer my women, and I like my pillow—drool-smeared, lumpy, and punch-resistant.
  • Everybody requires a bosom to use as a pillow—mines constructed from mammary foam.
  • My girlfriend reprimanded me for acting foolishly and requested to join in for a conversation. She is not at blame for forgetting the password to my pillow castle.
  • The thought of a pillow heater is absurd. You have to use your head.
  • What does it indicate when your partner calls your name while gasping for air while lying in bed with you? Not long enough was spent holding the pillow in place.
  • I had a dream last night that I was devouring a pillow. Unfortunately, my ten-pound marshmallow was gone when I awoke.
  • Why do girls lack willies? When my little brother entered the kitchen, he said, “Mom, I now see why girls don’t really have Willys! I discovered someone else’s under her pillow after it fell off.
  • When you observe two homeless men fighting with pieces of cardboard, what else are you staring at? A pillow battle.
  • When using a memory foam cushion in a pillow battle, You’ll never forget that pillow fight.
  • I know it’s silly, but my girlfriend and I just had a blast having a pillow fight, and I came out on top! So place a couple of bricks inside for the secret.
  • Last night, my wife had problems breathing. I believe that I was just not holding the cushion firmly enough.
  • Since I was a youngster and my fury was out of control, I used to beat my memory foam pillow. Now that it has learned all of my movements, I am constantly afraid.
  • Last night, I fell asleep with my cellphone under my pillow since I was expecting a call. It was gone when I woke up, and in its place was a $1 coin—obviously the Bluetooth Fairy.
  • What’s the phrase used when two homeless individuals fight each other with cardboard? A pillow battle.
  • I once had a dream at a summer camp for boys only, in which I ate a massive marshmallow and woke up without my pillow. But that was not what concerned me…I had a dream the evening before that I was competing in a hotdog cooking contest.
  • Which area of the vehicle is the most asleep? Of course, the wheels, as they are always worn out!
  • What would you do if you found a dinosaur curled up on your mattress? Sleep somewhere else instead!
  • The young girl brought her bicycle to bed for what reason? Considering that she didn’t want to sleepwalk!
  • Which animal slumbers when wearing shoes? A steed!
  • Customer: I’m not sure if I want to purchase this cushion.Salesman for pillows: Why wouldn’t you rest on it?
  • My fiancee wanted to talk about how young I am… She attempted to enter my pillow castle but was unable since she lacked the password.
  • What do you name a cushion that believes in transcendence? The Thoreau pillow.
  • Have you noticed all the buzz surrounding these corduroy pillowcases? They are ubiquitous in the news.
  • What was discovered below Michael Jackson’s pillow? Jeans by Billy.
  • Don’t engage Death in a pillow battle. That is if you would not want to deal with the Reaper cushions.
  • I inquired about my mother’s wishes for her birthday. I desire a Dyson. She exclaimed joyfully. So, your honor, that is why he suffocated her with a pillow.
  • Never engage in pillow fights with death. Unless you’re prepared to confront the reaper, that is.
  • In my dream, I was consuming marshmallows….and when I opened my eyes, I saw that I had shredded my pillow. I feel okay in the big scheme of things. Just a tiny bit queasy in the tummy
  • Unexpectedly, I dropped my pillow to the ground. Unfortunately, it appears to have a concussion.
  • When the blanket rolled off the bed, what did it say? Beware, pillow!
  • To the individual who took my pillow. I won’t stop looking until I locate you.
  • My girlfriend told me I looked childish…I so instructed her to leave my pillow fort.
  • Today I came upon a pricey-looking body cushion for sale. Some individuals I know would be willing to shell out a 4-Chan for that too.
  • A breath refresher was left upon my pillow in a dream. It smelled like fig to me when I ate it. Later, I awoke. Guess I just had a fig mint in my head.
  • Blonde had a ruler beneath her pillow; why? She was curious about her sleep duration. A terrible lesson was learned last night.
  • Unless you despise money and adore teeth, never store your entire savings under your pillow. Why do girls not have willies??????
  • A young boy rushed into the kitchen and exclaimed, “I now see why girls don’t own Willys, mom! I discovered yours beneath your pillow after it fell off.”
  • Do you know about the brand-new corduroy pillow? It is in the news.
  • How is it possible to be without sleep for seven days and not feel exhausted? Yet, at night, you sleep!
  • What motivated the little child to stow candy underneath his pillow every night? He might then have pleasant dreams!

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