208+ Pink Puns That Will Leave You Tickled

Pink is a beautiful color and, oftentimes, a sentiment rather. Being popular for a reason, it becomes a part of the irresistible pun world despite its glamour. Anyway, who doesn’t like laughing over a bunch of pink puns? I pink you will enjoy this, pink lover.

Funny Pink Puns

One can look pretty wearing a pink outfit and rock it. But one can feel pink once they actually rub its essence in. This means that sharing pink puns with your circle will not only make you seem pink but also look pink. Everyone likes some good pink puns unless they aren’t pinked- but that’s a note by the serial color!

  • “Have you pink-un packing already?” asked my mom, sobbing that I am leaving so soon.
  • I am pink-ing to go out this weekend.
  • Why was Rej’s eye red if he had pink eye?
  • “So, is it black or pink or Black Pink?” My guy friend who isn’t into Black Pink asked me, jokingly.
  • I pink, pink puns are the punniest.
  • The pink wave reeked of hidden magenta.
  • On the one hand, I broke my pinky today, but on the other hand, I’m alright.
  • It’s a good thing I’m color blind since I almost got a pink eye.
  • My pencil fell in the middle of the class, so I pinked it up.
  • He came in front of me completely out of the pink and I screamed.
  • Whenever I open my closet and try to wear black instead, my pink clothes just start begging me by saying “Pink me, pink me!”
  • She was tickled pink to have a pink themed surprise birthday party.
  • She was in the pink of her career while everyone else was green with jealousy.
  • She had the green-est thumb to grow the prettiest pink flowers in her garden.
  • When he entered the pink lover’s room, he was overcome with a yellow belly and an urge to go back home.
  • She was rich and had rose colored glasses.
  • The pink lovers didn’t hesitate to donate to the pink pound.
  • Josephine Barry was gay as pink and Anne of Green Gables was overcome with a full heart.
  • The colors contributed to buying a dozen boxes of pinkeroni pizzas.
  • She was drunk as a skunk and started seeing pink spiders.
  • Pink lovers are all for the pink wave and pink puns.
  • The colors had a pink fit between themselves.
  • The police were alarmed and searched for the serial color who was responsible for the pink fit.
  • The serial color must be a pink lover as well, because he has already pinked two.
  • The police were alarmed and searched for the serial color who had pinked the whole city.
Pink Puns

Pink Puns You Will Like

  • Whenever they made a promise, they called Pinky as well, and it confused the hell out of the poor child.
  • The colors got into a nasty brawl and had a pink fit.
  • Pink lovers are all for supporting businesses in pink it and shrink it by pinking pink stuff.
  • She was a racer for pink literally as well as grammatically. 
  • She was a proud pink lover and in her late 20s. A millennial pink.
  • I cannot stop giggling pink-ause these pink puns are really funny.
  • The pink lovers wear black once in a blue moon.
  • I saw Red when he grabbed Pink’s purse and I ran to confront Red.
  • The pink lovers, at this time of the year have got real blues.
  • The pink lovers were green with envy to spot their acquaintance flaunting her new pink dress.
  • It was a golden opportunity to buy more pink clothes.
  • I went to shop for more pink clothes, but was caught red-handed when I was spotted eyeing a little black dress.
  • No one could have i-magenta-it after the serial color was caught by the crayon police.
  • I was startled to find that Pink’s favorite color was actually green.
  • I was surprised when the color of my shirt changed from red to pink after a wash. It must have shown me its true colors.
  • Yellow the dirty fellow was the pinkest link in the whole friends group.
  • He was the missing pink behind all the murders!
  • “I pink love him,” sobbed the grief-stricken ex-girlfriend.
  • Pinking is an offense under the law, but pink lovers are exempted.
  • Everybody was almost pinked when they got into a pink fit.
  • She dressed up as Pinker Bell for Halloween.
  • The pinkster rose his gun but forgot to take off his rose-colored glasses when he realised, he was being handwascuffed by the police.
  • I felt violet-ed when the color of my shirt changed from red to pink after a wash.
  • COVID-19 was the pink of a terrible disaster.
  • I couldn’t pink for the rest of the movie.
  • Too bad the Titanic started Pinking and left Rose heartbroken.
  • “Nudge nudge, pink pink,” is all I can think about when around boys and the color pink. 
  • I couldn’t sleep a pink after watching the terrifying movie.
  • She was spoiled and pinking rich.
  • Come to pink about it, the movie was actually pretty good.
  • I favour pink, but that lady believes yellow would be better.
  • There was a nasty political magenta behind the pink wave.
  • The hidden magenta about the highly secretive government mission was to get terrorists pinked.
  • All pink lovers strive to go to The Magenta Academy.
  • And once again, Magenta man saved the nation from being a pinked city.
  • The crayons started pinkering with each other on a simple difference of opinion.
  • “I will pink you once I receive the email,” said his colleague and left for home.
  • The pink lover had to put her foot down when she was told she looked like a pink flamingo.
  • These pink puns tickled me pink!
Pink Puns

Funny Pink Jokes

The genuine structure of the society is accepting of a pink city as well as pink puns and jokes. This makes it an exciting blog for pink lovers who are looking to see through their rose-tinted glasses without feeling left out. Check out the specially curated list of pink puns to make your day.

  • How do colors propose a promise? With a pinky promise.
  • What does a pink color say when it answers its phone? “Yellow?”
  • Why can’t pink be the favorite color of a cat? Because it’s purr-ple.
  • What is a pink on a sunny day called? Hot pink.
  • What is a savage pink called? Punk.
  • What would a pink Pikachu be called? Pinkachu.
  • When do people get pink eyes? When in love.
  • If pink lovers could form a country, what would it be called? Pinkistan.
  • What do pink lovers daydream about but can never happen? Pink elephants.
  • Who can be happy after receiving a pink slip? Pink lovers.
  • Why are pink lovers so boring? Because everything is pink and white for them.
  • Why did the colors break up? Because they had a pink fit.
  • Why were the colors ill? Because they had a pink fever.
  • What did the pink lover say to the salesgirl? “Strike me pink!”
  • What is the only pink phenomenon that pink lovers hate? Pink tax.
  • How did the pink crayon die? It was overcome with a pink attack.
  • Why was the panther pink? Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, don’t knowww.
  • What is the crayon’s favorite cartoon channel? Pink-elodeon. 

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Pink Puns
  • Where do pink lovers get employment opportunities? PinkedIn.
  • Where do pink lovers influence their love for pink? Pinkstagram.
  • What did the crayons say on Halloween? “Pink or treat?”
  • What happened when the colors started fighting? They had a pink fit.
  • What do we call a serial color who likes the color pink? A pinkster.
  • Who was the pink lover’s favorite fairy? Pinker Bell.
  • How did the colors confess to each other? By saying, “I pink I like you.”
  • What school does the crayon go to? The Magenta Academy.
  • Who is the superhero of all crayons? Magenta Man.
  • What is a pink lover who loves to play pranks called? A pinkster.
  • What is the French song about the pink airplane called? L’avion Rose.
  • How to bring pink elephants into reality? By holding its trunk so it turns blue, grey, and real.
  • What is pink and almost always slippery? A pink slipper, duh.
  • What is a bull wearing a pink shirt and a backpack called? A-dora-bull.
  • What happened when the Titanic started pinking? Its passengers were marooned.
  • What is a werewolf wearing a neon pink tracksuit known as? A right there-wolf.
  • What is an emo pink lover’s favorite song? The Final Cut.
  • What is pink and rusty? Pink panther on the cartoon in the millennial age.
  • Who do pink lovers say when they get down on the dance floor? “Get ready to pink and roll!”
Pink Puns

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