171+ Best Pokemon Puns: Pikachu a Joke

Pokemon has been and outbreak for 90’s kids. They always dreamt of having such pokemons as their friends when they watched Ash, Misty and Brock fight battles.

These people now adults will never get over with it. Here are some pokemon puns that will soothe your nostalgia. 

🌟 Greetings, fellow Poke-fans! Are you ready to level up your sense of humor with some Pokemon puns that will make you Pikachu-n your sides from laughter? From Pikachu to Charizard, Jigglypuff to Snorlax, we’ve got a whole bag of Poke-tastic wordplay just for you!

🎉 So grab your Pokeballs and get ready to catch some giggles, because this pun-filled adventure is about to begin! 🚀

Pokemon Puns

  • I had to pokemon him till the end and it was then he agreed to go to the party. 
  • I have to pokemon him all the time for everything. 
  • I am going to raichu all the nice poems in  a dairy. 
  • I will raichu all the answers to your questions. 
  • The way he spoke to me, that kind of behaviour is onix-ceptable. 
  • He was offering me the money. I had to tell him rudely that it was onix-ceptable. 
  • I wish I could ride a magikarpet. 
  • We went to the zoo and saw a feraligatr. 
  • I was on larvitar with you but you left anyway.
  • Do you bayleef in love? I bayleef in you. Do not prove me wrong. 
  • She is a very shy and a quite kind of a Persian. 
  • The kind of Persian she is, she will always select the black dress. 

“Why did Pikachu bring a suitcase to the Pokemon battle? Because he wanted to catch ’em all!”

“Why did Jigglypuff get kicked out of the choir? Because he put everyone to sleep with his singing!”

“Why did Bulbasaur refuse to share his plants? Because he was a little ‘seedy’!”

“Why did Charizard join a gym? He wanted to ‘blaze’ through his workouts!”

“Why did Meowth always carry a pen and paper? So he could take ‘note’ of all his schemes!” 📝💰

“Why did Psyduck never become a detective? He always ‘ducked’ out of tough cases!” 🦆🔍

“Why did Mr. Mime get a promotion? Because he was ‘mime-pressive’ in his job!” 🎭👏

“Why did Gengar win the award for best comedian? Because he was ‘hauntingly’ funny!” 👻😂

“Why did Eevee go to art school? She wanted to evolve her ‘paint’-ing skills!” 🎨🐾

“Why did Snorlax start a diet? Because he wanted to ‘snooze’ some weight!” 😴🥗

Pokemon Puns
  • I shinx that we should talk to each other. 
  • What do you shinx about the proposal? I am a people’s Persian. 
  • I am the kind of Persian that will adjust everywhere. 
  • You need to add some gengar in tea for my sour throat. 
  • Gingerbread that my mom makes is the best thing you would have ever tasted.  
  • I spheal that there is some problem between you two. 
  • You should spheal something by now, it is high time. 
  • I am speeal-ing that you should put more efforts. 
  • Giving it just a few skenas will not work. It needs more time and efforts. 
  • It is high time, we should seel the deal now. 
  • The packet was seel-ed that came for him. Hence I have no idea as to what it contains. 
  • Manwile ago, we met and talked about you. 

“Why did Pikachu become a detective? He had a ‘shocking’ talent for solving mysteries!”

“Why did Charmander always carry sunscreen? Because he was afraid of ’ember’-rassing sunburns!”

“Why did Machop go to anger management classes? He had a ‘macho’ temper problem!”

“Why did Slowpoke always forget things? His brain was on ‘slow’-mode!”

“Why did Cubone become a baseball player? He had a ‘bone’-a fide talent for hitting home runs!”

“Why did Jolteon become a musician? He had a ‘shocking’ voice that electrified the crowds!” ⚡️🎵

“Why did Lickitung open a restaurant? He had a ‘tongue’-tastic sense of taste!” 👅🍲

“Why did Rattata never get caught by the police? He had a ‘rat’-ical talent for escaping!” 🐭🚓

“Why did Wigglytuff become a chef? He had a ‘jiggly’ passion for cooking!” 🍳🎂

“Why did Magikarp start a swimming school? He wanted to make a ‘splash’ in the aquatic world!” 🐟🏊

Pokemon Puns
  • Once in a manwile, we should sit down together and talk about how we really feel. 
  • Did you Pikachu in the room? It was not easy to Pikachu anyone over food. 
  • How do you Pikachu sides when other the both ends are your favourite people. 
  • My dog’s favourite pass time is to Pikachu my slippers. 
  • I saw him using my things and I was burned down to ashes. 
  • Would you like to take some ketchum over your fries? She added a lot of ketchum in the pasta. I kind of disliked it. 
  • The police tried to ketchum the thieves. 
  • I some all vegetables but brockoli is my fav. 
  • He was brock solid. 
  • I cannot go any worst. I just have hit my brock bottom. 
  • You need brock to build a castle. 
  • I was so fed up of him that I had to brock him. 
  • He stood in front of me brock-ing my view. 
  • We all were playing james when my mother came in.

“Why did Pidgey always wear a scarf? He wanted to look ‘fly’!” 🧣🐦

“Why did Onix join a rock band? He had a ‘rock’-ing talent for playing the guitar!” 🎸🪨

“Why did Clefairy go to acting school? She wanted to be a ‘star’ on the big screen!” 🌟🎭

“Why did Hitmonlee always wear socks? He didn’t want to get his feet ‘bruised’!” 🥊🧦

“What do you call a Pikachu with a great sense of style? A fashion ‘pikapoo’!” 💃⚡️

“Why did Meowth get kicked out of the library? He was caught ‘cat’-napping on the books!”

“Why did Snorlax never win a marathon? Because he was always ‘asleep’ at the finish line!”

“Why did Gyarados refuse to eat fish? Because he thought it was ‘carp’-tacular!”

“Why did Charizard get a job at a bakery? He wanted to ‘toast’ his skills!”

“Why did Machop always win arm-wrestling contests? He had ‘beefy’ biceps!”

Pokemon Puns
  • James was being played when we thought to stop it an get some alcohol.
  • We played james with alcohol. 
  • She in invited me to her pyjamesmas party. 
  • At home she mostly wore pyjamesmas. 
  • We were stuck together to each other like rocket team. 
  • I did not sleep last night, my eyes are bulbasore.
  • I have been waiting for him to come in the room and flatter everyone with his charmander. 
  • Your charm-ander made me all head over heels for you. 
  • Ivysaw you going to the market with your mother. 
  • The wartortle had begun and there was no turning back from that. 
  • The charwizard waved his wand in the air the spell was cast on the city for doom. 
  • In the wartortle ground, you only fight and save. 
  • He was like a charwizard whose magic was not ready to leave me.

“Why did Clefairy become a dentist? She wanted to ‘brighten’ smiles with her moonbeam!” 🌙😁

“Why did Poliwag fail math class? He couldn’t count past his three ‘poli’-wags!” 🐸📊

“Why did Haunter always throw the best parties? He had a ‘ghostly’ good time!” 👻🎉

“Why did Togepi never get in trouble? He was too ‘shell’-ficient at avoiding mischief!” 🐣🐚

“Why did Slowpoke never get a speeding ticket? He was always ‘slow’ and steady!”

“Why did Eevee become a detective? She had a knack for ‘evolving’ her investigation skills!”

“Why did Jigglypuff go to the doctor? She had a ‘note’-worthy case of the hiccups!”

“Why did Pikachu get a job at the power plant? He had a ‘shocking’ resume!”

“Why did Cubone go to music school? He wanted to learn how to ‘skull’ the guitar!”

“Why did Hitmonchan start a boxing gym? He was a ‘punch’-drunk fighter!”

Pokemon Puns

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