74+ Best Post office Puns and Quotes

We all know the important role played by post offices when it comes to delivering important letters. However, let us go to the funnier side and read some hilarious post office puns that we have mentioned below.

Post office Puns and Quotes

  • Another friend of mine was appointed as the postman. When he was handed a letter on the first day, he glanced and it and thought that “this isn’t for me”.
  • I had to wait for a long time at the post office in the line behind Satan. This is because the devil can take a lot of forms.
  • What are you going to get in case a werewolf is crossed with a dog? A horrified postman.
  • My friend was sacked from his job as the postman. He was simply not delivering the goods.
  • My buddy understood that life was going to be tough as the postman on the first day at the post office. They presented him with the sack.
  • Stamps are going to sit right in the corner doing absolutely nothing the whole day and still managing to travel all through the world.
  • The nearby shop features a sign which says the stamps are sold by the book. It is great to comprehend that they abide by the regulations.
  • I have no idea why my canine gets so excited at the sight of the postman.  It’s virtually never for him.
Post Office Puns
  • Although I tried to apply for the post of a postman I ended up forgetting to post my application.
  • I am absolutely elated that the book, “How to make your personal watch” was finally delivered by the postman. It is about time.
  • The valentine told the stamp to stick with him, and they will be going to many places.
  • What is common between the post office and the Philadelphia warriors? None of them is going to deliver on the Sundays.
  • What is the thing that begins with a P, concludes with an E, and consists of numerous letters within it? It is the post office!
  • Why is it not possible for the post office to place Charlie Sheen on a postage stamp? Because, all will feel scared to lick it.
  • What was done by the Americans due to the Stamp act? They ended up licking the British.
  • What is the thing that starts with an E and ends with an E while having one letter within it? It is an envelope.
  • Have you heard that the post office have recalled their most recent stamps?
Post Office Puns
  • The pictures of lawyers were inscribed on them and the folks were not able to understand which side they should spit on.
  • For what reason does the post office take the decision of abbreviating Michigan using an MI? It is because it means “Mostly Idiots”.
  • What is implied by the post office flags when they are flying at half-mast? They are actually hiring.
  • I am of the notion that Harry Potter will be fitting well at the post office.
  • This is because he is able to speak Parceltongue.
  • Make it a point not to get stuck at the post office behind a devil. 
  • This is because it is possible for the devil to take lots of forms.
  • I was hired by the post office to figure out new ways for mailing things.
  • I have got the task of pushing the envelope.
  • What language is spoken by the Hogwarts at the post office? Parceltongue.
Post Office Puns
  • Why was the post office called by the doctor? This is because he wanted assistance to deliver a baby.
  • I tried to create a pun about the post office.
  • Unfortunately, I simply do not have the proper delivery.
  • Although everyone talks regarding the post office, none likes to talk regarding the pre office.
  • What is the nickname of a trans lady who is working at the post office? A male woman.
  • A woman Thai post officer will be called Mai Ling.
  • a privileged post office will be called Cis White Mall.
  • Which 2 letters hold the maximum number of letters when combined? Post Office.
  • I was in the habit of opening quite a few cards on the Valentine’s Day.
  • I was sacked from my job by the post office for doing that.
Post Office Puns

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