100+ Sweet Potato Puns and Jokes

Potato puns are hilarious to laugh at or generous to learn. They are quite amazing. If you, too, never miss potato in the plate, then why don’t you try to send some sweet and delicious potato puns to your crazy friends?

Do their puzzle with the following potato puns that are quite fantastic:

Sweet Potato Puns

  • I am prefer to eat potatoes with thick curry.
  • To build a big french-fry business, one needs just little potatoes.
  • The smoke weed can be called a baked potato.
  • Potatoes are the detectives. As they always keep their eyes peeled.
  • Potato in a football game is known as a spec-tater.
  • Crunch happened when potato sale drops down.
  • Small fry is like a baby potato.
  • That food market is a-peeling.
  • The creativity of designs are highly a-peeling.
  • A couch potato comes under lazy spud.
  • Color that potato loves the most is Edgar Allen Poe-tato.
  • One potato said to another, ”Ah! You’re so sweet”.
  • Does not try to teach me. I yam already knows it.
  • Yam I doing something annoying?
  • Did you get anything from rains potatoes? Maybe it’s Spuddles.
  • I am sure potato used to watch Starch Trek.
  • Darth Tater is firm potato among all.
  • A medi-tator spends its maximum time at staring at a potato.
  • Potato dance over the notes of The Mash Potato.
  • And, Spudden he starts shouting at her continuously.
  • Spuddenly, the man vanished from my eyes.
  • All of a spudden, she threw the glass in anger.
  • What a stud he is?
Potato Puns

Funny Potato Jokes

  • Don’t tater after her. He will be back soon by himself.
  • That boy is playing the best tater responsibility in the class.
  • Tators don’t have work despite finding faults in others.
  • Are you here to fix your problems or just living your life on your tator’s terms?
  • When you go high in life, the list of your tator will increase.
  • Mom’s tator hug is enough to remove all problems and sadness.
  • Hold it tator so that it couldn’t slip off from your hand.
  • Give me tator hug! Everything will be okay soon.
  • This world is free from any tator-ship.
  • You’re so good at speaking. Try to be tator.
  • Bible tator that whatever you ask in prayer, it will given to you.
  • Let me complete my work. Don’t tator me.
  • Why there is a need to pay more charges for legume?
  • Doctor has given a tuber for my leg injury.
  • Apply this tuber to your body. It will bring effective results instantly.
  • Ah! That’s movie is tuberd, fully time and money wasted.
  • Don’t behave like this. It’s tuberd.
  • You look tuberd in this short pyjama.
  • You have tuberd habit of sleeping late at night.
  • Throw away that shoes. That’s tuberd.
  • It’s better to spend extra minutes in gym tuber-n energy.
  • I think, you need tuber-n that waste bricks kept in the corridor.
Potato Puns
  • When air flew over the boat, sticks started tuber-n.
  • Better tuber a hard-working if you want to achieve something good in life.
  • Take precautions tuber.
  • I am thinking tuber traditional wear for your wedding.
  • Let me go. I need tuber veggies for dinner.
  • There is nothing good tuber in the store.
  • Don’t be so root!
  • He has forgotten all his manner. He was root.
  • Try to be polite despite being root.
  • We found root closed while coming from that square mark road.
  • You’re on the perfect root. No need to worry.
  • Find a short root if you want to reach before time.
  • I am giving you a new starch.
  • People count blessings only. They don’t know how much efforts you put into for the starch.
  • Okay! Strarch your cab now.
  • Take a fresh starch. Nothing happened worse.
  • Shine like a starch in the lives of others.
  • This gift is so elegant. Thank spud.
  • I love that Tuberous potato pun. 
  • Ohoo! Can’t forget that mash! That was superb.
  • Before ending, starch is important. Keep your yam high.
  • Why’re you losing at the starch. The root is long.
Potato Puns

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