51+ Best Procrastination Puns and Funny Quotes

Procrastination is a habit or an activity of delaying or putting off, particularly something needing instantaneous attention. Share some hilarious and funny jokes about procrastination with your closed ones who have a habit of procrastinating. Given below is a list of some humorous and amusing procrastination puns.

Procrastination Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What is said by us to the God of Procrastination?

Not Today.

  • Why isn’t procrastination good?

I will explain it to you another day.

  • There is no difference between masturbation and procrastination. It’s all nice and good until you arouse from sleep one day and understand you fucked yourself.

_Attempt and suggest a good pair than me and procrastination

Procrastination Puns

Go ahead, I’ll hold up.

_I was going to crack a gag on procrastination.

I will not complete it now.

_My sibling asked me the procrastination’s meaning?

I said I can’t tell you now.

_How can someone ignore procrastination?

With an incredible punchline.

_My wife just qualified in procrastination.

It was said by her that she would receive it next week.

_Procrastination will be my loss of courage.

Special concentration is paid on will.

Procrastination Puns

_Masturbation is similar to procrastination

It feels delightful at first but then you understood you are fucked by yourself.

_Do not open your eyes for a few minutes and visualize earth without procrastination

Actually don’t be upset we will do that later.

_It is totally unfair that procrastination gets such a terrible thump.

It has really helped me to continue to exist for years.

Educators:  “Procrastination is not good!”

Theresa May: “Hold my administration”

_My therapist alerted me that my life can be negatively affected by my chronic procrastination but I’m totally relaxed.

I will find out the meaning of procrastination later.

_Want to participate in a procrastination competition?

Awesome! We will begin tomorrow.

_I just found a novel on Amazon named “Overcome Procrastination”

I have marked it for my wish chart.

_Which country had a past of procrastination?

Russia. At a certain time, Russians were all for Stalin.

_I hope there was a treatment for procrastination.

Eh who am I making fun of, I’d possibly delay to take it.

_What would a huge lizard that is capable of exhaling flames with a procrastination issue be called?

Dragon his feet.

_It is always told by my mother that I would never be able to succeed in life because of my procrastination. I told her to wait.

_Procrastination is the skill of progressing with yesterday.

_One of my companions named Winnie is a procrastinator. He had no birthmark until he turned into eight.

_The only thing that is not bad about procrastination is that you make arrangements in advance.

_There is no better time than today for delaying what you don’t wish to fulfill.

_An individual with a procrastination problem is always last.

_Procrastination often offers you something to await with pleasure.

_I learn from procrastination to do 1hour of work in 10hours and 10hours of work in 1hour.

_I purchased the book named “How to win against procrastination” to cure my procrastination habit.

But it’s been a few months already and I haven’t read a single page of that book yet.

_I just saw an article full of positivity and promise about procrastination. But I don’t think I will read it today.

_I used ten years experiencing the difficulty of chronic procrastination….

And I am still clueless if I want sativa or induce.

_There are three regulations of procrastination.



_I’m trying to put down an article about procrastination. I haven’t put down a page sadly.

_Procrastination is similar to a credit card. You can take a lot of pleasure until you receive the invoice.

_What is the nicest thing of procrastination?

 you are always entertained because there are all types of things you should be committing.

Procrastination Puns

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