125+ Funny Profit Puns and Jokes

Profit is as we all know the earnings or rather the financial gains which we actually have. For better understanding profit is basically the difference between the amount spent by us and the total amount that we have earned, so here the remainder would be our profit. Mentioned below are some best profit puns and quotes. 

Profit Puns

  • OH! PROFIT! 
  • Muslims pray PROFIT Mohammad 
  • Banks are for PROFITS 
  • You must wear your silver PROFIT with this dress of yours 
  • Open your PROFITS 

I get my PROFIT money from my papa 

My papa give me PROFIT money every week 

I have saved all my PROFIT money for buying my new phone 

I have been saving all my PROFIT money for my new video game 

I would like to invite my PROFITABLE Prime minister on the stage 

I would like to thank our most PROFITABLE Principal sir for giving his speech 

What are the PROFITABILITY of him coming to this café today 

PROFITABLY I wont be attending your birth day party tonight 

PROFITABLY I will be meeting you tonight before leaving for my vacations 

What are the PROFITABILITIES of you coming to my house tonight 

I won’t be PROFITABLE to attend your birth day party tonight 

Tell me all your PROFITABILITIES

You must actually always show case all your PROFITABILITIES to every one so that they should know your importance 

Are you actually PROFITABLE of doing this work 

You must prove your PROFITABILITIES so that every one may know that how important part you are of our team 

profit puns

We must never question the PROFITABILITY of our media 

Media must actually always maintain their PROFITABILITY to all the viewers who always trust them and their news 

Do you know the PROFITABILITY of that appliance which you had bought 

Is this cloth PROFITABLE 

I know this cloth is PROFITABLE 

We all maintain the PROFITABILITY in our nation 

The government must actually work in the direction of maintaining the PROFITABILITY in our nation 

The PROFITABILITY is continuing between India and Pakistan since so many years 

Are you PROFITABLE of continuing this job with us 

You must always be PROFITABLE as well as adjustable in all kind of works when you are working in the office 

You must actually try to make yourself PROFITABLE for every king of environment 

All of us must be PROFITABLE so that we all can easily adapt as well as adjust in any as well as every situation that we may face 

You should never be rigid but rather try to be PROFITABLE 

Is that project PROFITABLE for us 

Governments actually first see the PROFITABILITY of any as well as every project before its implementation 

The INCOMEING of my cell phone is off 

profit puns

You will soon INCOME a doctor 

I want to INCOME a teacher in future 

What do you want to INCOME in your life 

She is chewing INCOME of mint flavour 

I would like to have INCOME with water 

Have you studied about the rule of INCOME in physics 

Could you buy me some fruits and especially some INCOMES to eat 

How much INCOME of money do I owe you now 

I have actually seen all the photos of your INCOME 

I saw your photo INCOME today in your room 

All of us must mandatorily use INCOME while having sex 

We all must use INCOME as protection while physical inter course 

I would be travelling to INCOME next month for my vacations 

INCOME was my favourite in all the three power puff girls 

You are such an INCOME person 

I have actually never ever met such an INCOME person like you 

INCOME is the smallest particle of the matter 

Have you read that very story of INCOME and Eve 

All of us must know the National INCOME 

We must respect our National INCOME 

Rabindranath Tagore wrote our country’s National INCOME 

Do you know that Rabindranath Tagore wrote India’s National INCOME 

Can you please get me INCOME food to eat 

Are you INCOMEING today 

Will you be INCOMEING to meet me today 

I just hate the INCOME Season 

I would be wearing an INCOME jacket with my jeans 

Put your INCOMES on along with your black jacket 

That piece of wood is EARNING 

We all must not EARN the woods as it adds more and more to the pollution 

We must not EARN the plastics or rather any other kind of waste 

We all are EARNING about the different bones which are found in our bodies 

Did you ever EARNED about the  different systems of our body 

That was the EARNING point in my life 

What was the EARNING point in your life 

Every one usually have some or the other EARNING point in their lives 

Are you EARNING from his house today 

By when will you EARN to your house 

Do call me after you have EARNED from your house 

That matter was actually very CONC – EARNING 

I was actually CON – EARNED about you when I heard about your health last night 

I am EARNING my car towards that way 

EARN your car towards the left as that is the right way to his house 

I am EARNING about medicines from him 

I am EARNING Japanese language these days 

I it actually not easy to EARN French as it needs a lot more of practice 

That matter was very CONC – EARNING as he was not ready to listen to any of us 

I was already so much CONC – EARNED about him was he is all alone at his house 

Profit Puns

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