50+ Funny Punishment Puns and Jokes

Punishment is a term that we are afraid of. Nobody likes to get punished. But how about if we turn this word into something really funny. So, let us make it funny or rather funny but construct some of the best punishment puns that you have heard till date.

Punishment Puns

  • I hate punishing my kids. I just make them wear anime shirts and crocs and the other kids beat them up instead.
  • Steve Wonder’s mother re-arranged all the furniture in order to punish him during his childhood.
  • Hellen Keller’s mother punished her by putting her in a circular room and then instructed her to look for the corner.
  • My daughter killed a butterfly and I punished her by not giving butter to her for a month.
Punishment Puns
  • How is a pizza delivery boy different from a cop? A pizza delivery boy is punished if he does not do his job well.
  • How can Helen Keller be punished? You simply leave the plunger as it is in the toilet.
  • The kid asked innocently to the teacher if he would punish him for something that he did not do. The teacher said no and then the kid told him that he did not do his homework.
  • What happened to the boy who cracked bad jokes every time? He was asked to serve an unusual and cruel PUNishment.
  • My 2 year old daughter was drawing all over the walls and I did not know how to punish her. So I slept on it.
Punishment Puns
  • The teacher punished the Cadbury. It was because he is always choco-‘late’ to his school.
  • When Steven Hawkins was a child, his mother used to punish him by putting his chair in the power off mode.
  • People who irritate other people by telling bad jokes should be PUNished severely.
  • What did the hammer do to punish the nails? He went to hit them.
  • What will happen when puns are no more funny? They will be PUNished.
  • My father always comes up with some of the best PUN-ishments.
  • There is a gang in my city who punishes people for not joining them. I have heard enough about church, let us talk about something else.
Punishment Puns
  • How was the earthquake punished? We grounded it.
  • I actually enjoyed when my wife punished me by telling me to sleep on the couch. It felt like I was camping and there was an angry bear nearby.
  • Many people think that the Romans punished Jesus in a harsh manner. They almost nailed at it.
  • Where will you send the owls as a punishment who do bad things? To owlcatraz
  • Want to hear a joke on capital punishment? Executing either is so damn difficult..
  • My father made me answer some of the most difficult questions by going up and down the lift. But I got them wrong on most of the levels.
  • I tried really hard to punish the devil but of course how could I forget, that the devils had some of the best lawyers in their contacts.
Punishment Puns

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