55+ Best Puns about Puns and Funny Quotes

Puns are something that can sound stupid but it can make you roll out of laughter. So, you can imagine how much funny puns about puns can be. This one is above all puns. Here you find a compilation of some of the best puns about puns.

Puns about Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What you did, was totally a pun-ishable offense.
  • Why do you think that the thieves find it difficult to understand a pun? It is because they bring out the literal meaning.
  • Are you against puns? Well, no I am not at all homophonic.
  • The pun mom said to the pun dad that there is a pun kept in the oven.
Puns About Puns

_After the puns misbehaved at the school, he was pun-alized along with a detention.

_Guess what is the favourite movie of a pun? Punderful life.

_Whenever I try to write my own pun, I find it justly a hard pun-dertaking.

_Did you know that a pun lives in a pun-thouse.

_There were two pun friends who went for camping together so that they can become pun-kmates.

_The only ambition of a pun is to become an acu-pun-cturist!

_The pun’s colleague was too annoying and the pun told him that he was being pun-reasonable.

_The pun forgot to use the right pun-ctuation in his English test and thus, he failed.

_That pun was the worst comedian because his pun-chlines were really poor.

_As soon as the pun started the engine of the car, he noticed that the tyres were pun-ctured.

_The pun was completely pun-nyless and broke.

_The best quality of a pun is that it is always pun-ctual.

_Daddy pun always told his son to be pun-ctual.

__My friend borrowed a pun from me and said he would return the pun.

_The favourite vacation spot of the fishes is the Finland.

_His puns were missing the necessary pun-chlines.

_There was always a pun-gent smell on those pun-ctured tyres.

_If the people does not know the opposite of in then you can shout out at them.

_The grape left out a wine as soon as I crushed it.

_Don’t you know the meaning of apocalypse? That’s not a problem because you can learn about it later since it is not the end of this world.

_That sign said ‘falling rocks’. I tried the same but it does not feel good at all.

_If a man cannot appreciate your jokes on fruit then let that man-go.

Puns About Puns

__I would have told you a joke on unemployment but it wouldn’t work.

_The food in the restaurant that was situated in the moon was tasty but it lacked in atmosphere.

_Do you think February march? I don’t think so but April May.

_The lady sued the airline company after she lost her luggage. But unfortunately, she lost her case.

_Do you need a guy who can save two animals each? Well then, I definitely Noah a man.

_The stairs are not at all trustworthy. It is because the stairs are always up to something.

Puns About Puns

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