100+ Purple Puns That You Will Lilac

Purple is a beautiful color and, oftentimes, a sentiment rather. Being popular for a reason, it becomes a part of the irresistible pun world despite its glamour. Anyway, who doesn’t like laughing over a bunch of purple puns? I pink you will lilac this.

Funny Purple Puns

One can look pretty wearing a purple outfit and rock it. But one can feel purple once they actually rub its essence in. This means, sharing purple puns with your circle will not only make you seem purple, but also look purple, unless you’re having trouble breathing.

  • The world needs more purple puns because they’re lilac-king in this perfect world!
  • Roses are, after all, red. Violets are purple; they’re just not blue!
  • He came in front of me completely out of the pink and I screamed.
  • I came out of my room to see Purple shaking hands with Red. I guess I caught her red-handed.
  • I saw Red when he grabbed Purple’s purse and I ran to confront Red.
  • The purple lovers, at this time of the year have got real blues.
  • Even the violets today are blue, what are grief-stricken people.
  • The purple lovers were green with envy to spot their acquaintance flaunting her new purple-colored dress.
  • It was a golden opportunity to buy more purple clothes.
  • I went to shop for more purple clothes but was caught red handed when I was spotted eyeing a little black dress.
  • I was surprised when the color of my shirt changed from dark purple to lavender after a single wash. It must have shown me its true colors.
  • I felt violet-ed when the color of my shirt changed from dark purple to lavender after a single wash.
  • She was purpling with jealousy when she saw her sister Pink get a car for her 18th birthday.
  • We must purple for World War Three.
  • I went to la-vendor to buy more purple clothes.
  • Do hue see where I’m going with my love for purple puns?
  • The sea purple was very happy to meet Aerial the Princess.
  • These purple puns have gotten me stuck in a vicious purple.
  • One should purple with warm salt water before they go to sleep.
  • Her roommate was sick and tired of the purple abuse she gave her, so she left.
  • Did you hear about the disaster in the color factory? .
They accidentally spilled brown paint on purple and almost everyone was marooned
  • I lilac my book on purple puns.
  • I loathe purple even more than red and blue combined.
  • The purple lover was rich and born into purple.
  • She was over the moon for finally having a purple patch.
  • She scored an A+ for writing a purple prose on her literature exam.
  • The hidden magenta of the elections was to swing the purple states in their favor.
  • I was fawn-ed of the laven-deer.
  • I-vory he might have suffered a purple wave.
  • She was feeling blue, so I gave her a red drink, and she feels like purple again.
  • The purple lover was blue in the face for being insulted about her choices.
  • The purple lover, prone to creative writing, had several purple passages in her diary.
Purple Puns
  • When he met Blue, he purpled her.
  • We witnessed a purple rain during the pandemic.
  • Not all purple lovers have a purple heart.
  • He clothed himself in quotes like a beggar would wrap himself in an Emperor’s purple, said Rudyard Kipling.
  • Two deployments to Vietnam and a purple heart for bravery, a purple patch in history.
  • Although I was green with jealousy, she purpled me.
  • She would’ve reached here sooner but she was stuck in a big purple on her way back.
  • “I would bring the purple star from the Pacific for you,” he said to the purple lover. He purpled her so much.
  • The gangster empurpled the scared blue cats.
  • She was fond of her pet Purple who was a turtle.
  • She thought she would survive the purple rain, but humans are only purple.
  • Her purples in life was to be a good Samaritan and even get a purple heart.
  • The purple speech was enough to bring tears to her eyes.
  • She was fond of purple-necks in winters because they kept her neck warm.
  • The Magic Purple was meeting for the first time, and it was to discuss the magenta of the purple rain.
  • The farmers craved a purple ground after the terrible drought the last harvest.
  • She had a master’s degree in Psychology and was an expert in non purple Communication.
  • The Wall Street Purple had recently covered a story where the color factory spilled brown on purple and left almost everyone marooned.
  • The British Purple of Psychology taught her a great deal about non purple communication.
  • Her art purple was full of sketches and purple patches. No wonder she was a successful artist.
  • She felt violet-ed for being fired from the Purple Factory after her belongings were searched without her presence or knowledge.
  • Getting into reading purple puns seems like a vicious purple.
  • The Writer’s Purple met every Saturday to share their purple passages.
  • The Purple News had recently covered a story where the color factory spilled brown on purple and left almost everyone marooned.
  • She was red and purpling with anger.
  • She was craving a bowl of purple-oni and pasta.
  • She was going to cook a delicious soup today, but she realised she ran out of black purple.
  • I asked my grandmother what rhymes with purple, but she simply said “No.”
  • Have you ever heard of the Teenage Mutant Hero Purples, who were all purple in color? Purple Power was their catchphrase.
  • “It was im-purple of me to not offer you a drink,” she said to her guest who had arrived here after a six-hour-long journey.
  • It was im-purple of the police to let a serial color on the loose.
  • The purple lovers had to mauve out by the end of the month.
  • They were mauv-ing in the right direction until they got violet with each other.
  • The purple lover was grief-stricken and couldn’t mauve out of bed for days.
  • She was so outgoing, she loved to meet new purple every day.
  • The grief-stricken purple couldn’t understand the purples of life, until she came across the British Purple of Psychology.
  • Why didn’t the Queen of Great Britain fly in a purple airway if she was royal? It was just the regular color.
  • It was purpureal how everyone was marooned in the color Factory.
  • One should learn to mauve with the changing times.
  • The journalists will be losing their jobs post COVID. I guess every industry is mauve-ing with the time.
  • Never trust a website that proposes purple terms and conditions. They will surely violet your privacy.
  • Violets are red, roses are blue, and I’ve got you confused.
  • It rained purple and all the blue crayons were marooned.
  • Orchid you not, the purple rain is not as beautiful as it sounds like!
  • She was blue because there was a lilac of purple puns in her life.
  • Law is very clear on barring domestic violets, and one cannot have purple flowers in their garden.
  • He came to visit me completely out of the purple.
  • The violet serial killer is on the loose and the police have told us to stay cautious.
  • The crayon was sad and blue but then she met red and turned to a happy purple.
  • “It was purplexing what made the serial killer so violet.” Said the police to the community.
Purple Puns

Purple Jokes

Everyone likes to hear some unusual purple puns unless it’s an alert on purple rain. You know, because they tend to get violet and all of us would rather just preserve our purple patches. However, aside from this purple passage, you should read these hilarious purple puns! We swear they’re not violet.

  • How did the color propose Purple?
By saying, “I lilac you a lot.”
  • How did the color propose Purple?
By saying, “I purple you.”
  • How did the color propose Purple?
By saying, “In an orchid full of flowers, I’d still pick you.”
  • How did the color propose Purple?
By saying, “Orchid I love you.”
  • How did the color propose Purple?
By saying, “I pink I lilac you.”
  • Why can’t pink be the favourite color of a cat?
Because it’s purr-ple.
  • Why did the cops arrive at the crayon restaurant?
A group of colors got violet with each other.
  • What can a secret group of purple lovers be called?
The Secret Purple.
  • What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
“Stop holding your breath!”
  • What is a purple deer called?
  • What is the purple country that has a queen called?
Grape Britain.
  • What is the queen of Grape Britain like?
She was born into purple.
  • Where do purple lovers shop from?
The la-vendor.
  • What is an illegal purple item?
A purple kush.
  • Why was the purple car stopped and checked?
The color police suspected purple kush.
  • Why were the colors ill?
They went through a purple wave.
  • What did Fauva Gahd say about the color purple?
“I got that purple on my mind, purple in my heart, purple in my j-”
  • What is a purple lover’s favorite song?
Purple Lights by Hype Outlaws.
  • What did the purple lover hum while on her morning walk?
“I got that purple on my mind, purple in my heart, purple in my j-”
  • What did the purple soldier say?
“Don’t be afraid to have a purple heart.”
  • Why were all the residents sick?
They had purple water.
  • What is Berlogar’s worst nightmare?
All the water turning purple and shipped out in green glasses.
  • Why were all the colors astonished to see a staggering Yellow?
Because his face was turned purple and blue.
Purple Puns
  • What would be the perfect date for a purple lover?
A visit to the purple sea.
  • What can be compared to the purple sea but not replaced?
The Purpel River in Netherlands and Germany.
  • What was the purple lover’s favorite book called?
Yertle the Purple and Other Stories.
  • Where did the purple lovers work? .
In the Purple Rock Studio
  • What was the purple lover addicted to watching?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Purple.
  • What did the purple lovers sing on their journey in the bus?
The Mock Purple’s Song.
  • What were the purple lovers reading?
The Wall Street Purple.
  • What movie were the purple lovers going to stream on the weekend?
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Purple.
  • What did the Purple Man say when he stopped the city from getting pinked?
“Purple Power wins yet again!”
  • Why did the koala paint its nails purple?
So it could hide in the plum tree and no one would bother him.
  • What fruit do purple lovers like to have?
The plum.
  • What is purple in color and fixes sinks?
A plum-ber.
  • What should you do if a piece of purple fruit gets caught and blocks the drain?
Call the plum-ber.
  • Why do purple lovers like to have the plum fruit?
Because they are grape.
  • What should you do if the lights go out in your purple house?
Go to the fuchsia box.
  • Why did the purple lover break up?
Because the relationship was not mauving in the right direction.
  • What did the rest of the colors say to the grief-stricken purple crayon?
“You should mauve on!”
  • What did the chess player say to the purple lover during the game?
“It’s your mauve.”
  • Who do the hummingbirds worship?
The purple-crowned fairy.
  • What is the purple lover’s favorite dish?
Purple-oni and cheese.
  • Who was at the end of the rainbow?
Not a pot of gold, but violet.
  • Why was the serial color murdering people?
He was violet.
  • Why are purple crayons so mean?
Because they are violet-ers.
  • What would a gangster of purple crayons be called?
The Violet-ers.
  • Why was his wife hitting him with a bouquet of purple flowers?
She was violet.
  • What would a purple lover name her child?
  • Why was the purple lover not hired for the job? .
Because she lilac-ked talent
  • Why were the purple lovers laughing hysterically?
They found a book on purple puns and jokes.
  • What did the purple lovers graduate with?
A Lavender’s Degree.
  • Where do the French go to buy purple things?
  • Why was the purple crayon sad?
Because she was a damson in distress.
  • Why are violets happy?
Because roses are red, but the violets aren’t blue.
  • Why is ‘Roses are Red and Violets are Blue’ a sad poem?
Because the poet according to colored emotions meant that the roses are angry, and the violets are sad.
  • What did the doctor say when the plum asked him about his sick grape friend?
He said, “It is half-past purple and there is little hope.”
  • What was the name of the purple guy who wanted to take over the world?
Alexander the Grape.
  • Why didn’t they like the lilac house?
Because they were purplexed.
  • Why was yellow so quiet after entering purple’s room?
Because she was purplexed. 
  • What did the purple lover’s cat say?
  • Why did the purple neighbors have to move out?
Because they were being very violet.
  • What did the doctor say when the plum asked him about his sick grape friend?
“I’m afraid she has stopped mauve-ing and responding.”
  • What is a purple werewolf called?
A mauverine. 
  • How did the purple lovers describe their love for the color?
By saying, “It’s like the time stops mauve-ing.”
  • Why was magenta dangerous?
Because the other colors thought she had a violet streak.
  • Why did the colors hate watching Final Destination?
They thought it was too violet.
  • Why did no one like to hang out with Purple?
Because she was scary and violet. 
Purple Puns

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