100+ Puzzle Puns that Will Definitely Keep Also Make You Laugh out Loud

Take your time reading these puzzle puns where the setup or punchline is a question with answers. We sincerely hope that you will find these puzzle puns amusing enough to share with others and brighten up any conversation that you have.

Funny Puzzle Jokes

We all know that it is enjoyable and does not require any technology to solve riddles or puzzles. All that we need is some enthusiasm and curiosity to complete them. Now with the same enthusiasm, take a look at these amusing jigsaw puzzle puns while you’re working on one.

  • I recently discovered an arbitrary puzzle piece in my car and have no idea how it got there. It was a little bit of puzzle.
  • We have a big backyard, so I wanted the kids to play hide and seek in a different way. To build some walls, I engaged a carpenter and a puzzle creator, and let me tell you, what they accomplished was a mazing.
  • My family members are all concerned about my dependence on dot-to-dot puzzles. Although that might have been true, it’s alright. I am aware of the limit and I know where do draw a line.
  • I’m not trying to boast, although it is true, I recently completed a puzzle that the box indicated should take 2-4 years.
  • What occurs when you combine one problem with another? A mess.
  • I’m close to the home of the crossword puzzle’s creator. He is two streets down and three across.
  • What is a phoney number puzzle called? It will be called Psuedoku!
  • I concealed the upper arm in the human anatomy jigsaw puzzle that we are working on. No one else comes across this as humerus.
  • Don’t bother someone who is concentrating on a crossword puzzle. You’ll probably hear some cross words.
  • My wife and I have a distaste of newspaper crossword puzzles, which has contributed to our long and happy marriage. Thirty years have passed without a crossword.
  • What do you name a completed puzzle made up of pancakes and bacon? A whole breakfast.
  • I recently wrote a joke on puzzles, although that might be true, I entirely forgot about it. I’d appreciate any assistance in putting the pieces together.
  • Although he spent his whole career working for a newspaper’s crossword puzzle team, my uncle only ever produced one fantastic clue. He had only one magical trick!
  • Sad to learn about the passing of the jigsaw puzzle’s creator. I really hope he rests in pieces.
  • How are you doing, Dad? – Dad: I’m certainly more superior to a crossword puzzle! I’m not 3 across, 6 down.
  • What should you do if a math problem violates your civil rights? Sue-doku.
  • Dad made fun of my young sister. I need assistance with a crossword puzzle. I casually turn to my younger sister while reading a newspaper and ask “Would you please do a crossword problem for me? The postman’s luggage is the hint.” How many letters, she asked. Loads of them, I say.
  • Early this morning, the jigsaw puzzle’s creator passed away. I heard that it took him 1500 pieces to make up his bride.
  • Jigsaw puzzles that are finished always make me feel fairly calm. It was extremely piece full.
  • Jigsaws may be delicate objects. They always crumble to bits in the end.
  • I wore a jigsaw piece costume to a fancy dress party, although that might be true, I didn’t like it. I simply did not fit in.
  • When the label on my puzzle said 12–24 months, I was thrilled to complete it in just three weeks.
  • I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and crosswords, although that might be true, dot to dot puzzles are beyond limits for me.
  • The other day, I received a jigsaw blow to the head. The evidence is slowly coming together for me.
  • I just awoke with a bewildered expression on my face. Awakened while working on my jigsaw.
  • My friend realised he had eaten a piece of a puzzle while trying to finish it. He is searching for his true self.
  • I spent the first part of today morning trying to piece together a jigsaw of a tiger before realising it was actually a packet of Frosties since I was so exhausted.
  • Why was the blonde pleased that she was able to complete the puzzle in six months? It is because on the packaging, it read 2 to 4 years.
  • John queries “What makes you so joyful? That’s a long time, three months.” She responds: “In reality, it’s not. It states 3-5 years on the packaging.”
  • You might obsess about it for hours, days, or even weeks. Trying to put the parts back together may take an eternity. Or you might simply hurl the puzzle on the ground and assert your dominance.

Puzzle Jokes

Did you know that making connections between brain cells is strengthened by solving puzzles, which also boosts intellectual agility and is particularly good for short-term memory power?

Now keep this in mind and read through our amazing puzzle funs because as much as mental agility is important, having fun is also very necessary. So jump right into it and have some fun.

  • Crossword solvers were two blondes. How do you spell paint, one inquires? What color, the other one asks in response?
  • Today also saw the passing of the crossword’s creator. He was buried five across and six down.
  • I enlisted the assistance of a Jamaican buddy while doing a crossword. Hey, what’s a 10 letter term meaning enormous or huge? I questioned him. “Monumental,” he said. “No, I’m not,” I retorted.
  • Why is it that Jesus can never complete a crossword puzzle more than halfway? It is because he is perpetually stuck on across.
  • James Thurber used his downtime while hospitalised to complete crossword puzzles. What seven-letter word has three u’s in it? he once queried a nurse. I don’t know, although that might be true, it must be rare, she responded.
  • Ultimately, I completed the jigsaw puzzle. Given that the packaging stated 6–10 years, I was really pleased that it only took me two years.
  • Just finished an 8-day jigsaw puzzle. On the packaging, it said 3–4 years!
  • My anime jigsaw puzzle, I believe, was too easy. That was One Piece.
  • I witnessed a lady use a jigsaw to assault a man. He seemed puzzled.
  • This morning, my wife hit me over the head with a 1,000-piece jigsaw to get me out of bed. “For what in the world did you do that?” I said, trying to understand.
  • What is the proper name for a Peppa Pig puzzle? Bacon.
  • Jigsaw puzzles are what monks spend the most time doing. It is the inner components.
  • I use my jigsaw to create shapes out of wood whenever I’m anxious. A fantastic coping strategy is doing a jigsaw.
  • A Buddhist was having trouble finishing his jigsaw piece. All he had to do was discover his own self.
  • Today, if you notice someone working on a crossword, just approach them and say, “7 Up is Lemonade.”
  • I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and crosswords, but dot to dot puzzles are beyond limits for me.
  • I enquired of a buddy if crossword creators invented terms. No, only down and across words, he said.
  • Even though I was addicted to crossword puzzles, I was unaware of it at the time. Looking back, all the clues were obvious.
  • I know a man who recently turned 100 who produces crossword puzzles. The Queen had sent him an anagram.
  • I just awoke with a bewildered expression on my face. It is because I had dozed off while doing my crossword.
  • I have a sneaking suspicion that there will never be an edible crossword, but if there is, I’ll eat my words.
  • A buddy performed in a play on crossword puns. It was a word play.
  • Do you think Jesus could do a crossword puzzle? No because he would not want to be running into a 2 across again in his life.

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