100+ Rain Puns to Pour Heavily on Your Friends!

Who doesn’t love rain? But you ought to love it when there are puns added. These rain puns are fresh and will really make you laugh hard. Try these rain puns with your friends and share some fun. Here are some fresh rain puns for you.

Funny Rain Jokes

Rain puns are funny and different. These rain puns are funny enough to seep through even if you are wearing waterproof clothing. Have fun with some rain puns. 

  • When it rains, is the sky sad?
Yes, the sky is pretty blue then.
  • Who’s that camper driving through the frozen rain?
Van Hailin.
  • Did you know, but before it rains candy, it first sprinkles?
  • Which starts raining cats and dogs; what should you do?
Seek some shelter.
  • What did the man take with him when it rained?
Ketchup, because it was raining cat soup and hot dogs.
  • If you have a waterproof rain jacket, how do you clean it?
Just dry clean it.
  • What do you call a deer that loves being in the rain?
A raindeer.
  • Do you know how snowflakes get marked at school?
Absolutely on class precipitation.
  • Why do mother Kangaroos hate the rain?
Because the kids really have to play inside then.
  • Do you know what you’ll get at the national weatherman awards if you don’t come among the top three?
You get a precipitation award.
  • If a baby owl is stuck in the rain, what do you call it?
A moist owlette.
  • Why do you think Britain is the whitest country?
Because royalty has rained there for centuries.
  • The way tornadoes play round, and dance among themselves is known as tornado twists.
  • Rain of terror exists in every dangerous precipitation.
  • Can you name a bowl that cannot be tied?
A rain-bow.
  • Guess what pours with rain while another roars with pain. A wet day underline with the tooth problem.
  • A weekend in Seattle is when it pours continuously for more than two days.
  • Do you know what goes hiss, swish, hiss, swish when it rains?
A windscreen Viper.
  • What is the opposite off a cold front?
A warm back, silly.
  • Guess what you call a dinosaur that got wet in the rain?
A driplodocus.
  • Why is it not good to fight with the cloud?
He will definitely storm out on you.
Rain Puns
  • To a raindrop the wet weather is the best yet.
  • Do you know how the skeleton knew that the rain was coming?
He felt it in his bones.
  • Do you know why the weatherman actually blushed?
He accidentally saw climate changing.
  • What does it feel like when you plan to go to the beach but it begins to rain?
Really irrigating.
  • The reason why Iron Man slept outside when it rained was because he had to get some rust.
  • Do you know why the hurricane war on monocle?
Because it had only one eye.
  • When a band is playing, and a thunderstorm strikes, who do you think is most likely to get hit by the lightning?
The conductor.
  • I only rained on your parade because I thought it would be snow problem at all.
  • What were the skeleton’s feelings about the rain?
He had no bones about it.
  • It hurts like hail when rain freezes over.
  • Water you doing? Hailing a taxi, wate’r else would I be doing?
  • The rain event is always when the storm begins.
  • Do you know what they call the clam before the storm?
Shellfish of course.
  • “Let’s go to that shed,” said one cow to the other, “we better keep each udder dry in this rain.”
  • Have to take a trip down memory rain with you.
  • When two tornadoes meet they begin dancing the twist.
  • A drip-o-maniac is actually a goblin trying to steal drops of rain.
  • Even a wizard is drenched by rain.
  • A cold drink at dinner is actually a no rainer.
  • Puddle, poodle. Potato, potato. Whatever.
  • Please bear with me, because I’ve just had a rain-wave now.
  • Do you have any idea who says thundering typhoons?
Captain Haddock, Tintin’s friend.
  • All my raindrop jokes are actually rain sailing.
  • It’s the eye of the hurricane that lets it see where it’s going.
  • Nothing ventured, nothing rained. So use this life the best you can.
  • It is the number of fans that it has that makes wind power more popular than rain power.
  • The rains find us humans to be really stupid. This simply cannot understand why we say summer rains, November rain, purple rain, etc. 
  • Out here it never rains, but it definitely purrs.
  • Thunderstorms love investing their money in liquid assets and frozen assets.
  • It’s raining down means a downpour what does raining up mean?
It’s to do with the horse
  • A bee must be really desperate three flying in the rain in search of its honey.
  • An umbrella invariably goes up whenever the rain comes down.
  • What always goes down whenever the rain stops?
An umbrella
  • The baby cloud just couldn’t hold it any longer, and we had a downpour.
  • What would you call a superhero who can bring the rains?
Rain Man.
  • You know what the weather man who likes to eat steak is known as?
  • What loves to shake and is all wet?
An earthquake on a rainy day.
  • How does Santa transport his presence in a thunderstorm?
His sleep is flown by Rudolph the rain deer.
  • At the weather race, sunny won the gold, snowy took the silver, cloudy got the bronze, while rainy only got the precipitation trophy.
  • How do raindrops compete?
By making bigger plops than the others.
  • What were the books in the rain?
Rain quotes.
  • What did the raindrop say when it was getting transformed into a snowflake?
And this is when hail freezes over.
  • While giving his flying exam just after a storm, the pilot flew right through a rainbow.
  • Can you guess what you would find at the end of a rainbow?
  • The sky always has the Blues on every clear day.
  • What do you call a grizzly bear that got wet in the rain?
Drizzly grizzly wet bear.
  • If you want to take a rain drop out what do you say?
Water you doing tonight?
  • Mon-swoon is actually when the Monday faints.
  • Rain is the only thing that can fall and never be hurt.
  • Do you know what a Mexican weather report forecasted for today and tomorrow?
Chili today, and hot Tamale.
  • It always sprinkles gummies before it rains candy.
Rain Puns

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Rain Jokes

Already sick? We’re sure that one simply can’t get enough rain puns without catching a sore throat (due to excess laughter)/ These rain puns will make you want to share them right away! Here are some more rain puns for you.

  • A fog is actually a cloud that’s lazy and doesn’t want to get up In the morning.
  • Do you know how you rap a cloud?
With the rainbow of course.
  • What’s the capital of Rainland?
  • Rain rain go away. Come sometime when I don’t play.
  • Where did Iron Man sleep outside when it rained?
He was dead tired.
  • When the wife asked Red the Viking how he knew that it’s going to rain, he just replied, “Rudolph the red knows rain dear.”
  • Why do you think Snoop Dogg would need an umbrella?
Fo’ drizzle.
  • Raindrops keep falling on my head, and my back, and my neck, and my whole body.
  • Why do we actually have an earthquake when it rains?
Because the earth wants to shake itself dry.
  • Can you guess why hurricanes move really fast?
If they moved slow we would name them slow-i-canes instead of hurry-canes.
  • I loved to see how the water king rained over his subjects of his Kingdom.
  • When the pilot flew through the rainbow while giving his flying test, he passed with flying colors.
  • The water kings sat with his son and said that he was born to rain.
  • I really drought that there will be any rain at all tonight.
  • We had a rather icy day instead of freezing rain yesterday.
  • If a holy man says: holier than thou; what does a rainy man say?
Wettier than thou.
  • When I went to the gym today, I met with my personal Rainer.
  • What is the stupidest thing that can happen in the rain?
For a man to drown in only a few drops.
  • I’ve managed to collect 2 raincoats, an anorak and the dingy that’s my savings for a rainy day.
  • The best gift for you to store your in is in the cloud bank.
  • Any reason why it should rain money?
Because it actually makes cents.
Rain Puns
  • Although the weather forecast said that it is going to rain for three months, I really drought it.
  • If a man is wearing touring woods, and standing in a cemetery, what would you call him?
Max Bygraves.
  • It only rains money whenever there is change in the weather. Otherwise it only rains water.
  • When it rained on my whiskey bottle, it didn’t get ruined but my spirits were dampened.
  • Can you name a bow that cannot be tied?
A rainbow.
  • Guess what happened when the guy tried shooting the rim with a gun?
Of course, he mist.
  • A rainbow is actually the favorite accessory that the rain has.
  • Her reign is the favorite precipitation of the queen.
  • “Eureka!” he said, “Now I know that I want a Meatier shower!”
  • Guess what the raindrop said when it was evaporating?
Oh, oh, I’m really going to pieces now.
  • When I saw the baby owl caught in the rain, I realized that it was a moist owlet.
  • When the man asked how soon Monday would come, his wife replied: Mon?
  • It may be impossible to rain a tree, but you sure can climate.
  • It was a real mist opportunity that it didn’t rain out here today but rather blew out.
  • When the emperor asks whether this was actually rain, the courtiers set together: “Hail Caesar!”
  • What would you call a parrot with an umbrella on a rainy day?
Polly unsaturated.
  • What kind of undergarments do the rain clouds actually wear?
  • If it rains during your wedding, make good use of the situation, change your plans, and have a bridal shower instead.
  • If you haven’t seen the new movie about the tornado, you must. It’s got a great twist.
  • When it poured, Santa said to Mrs. Claus: “Come and look at the rain, dear.”
  • They say it is mandatory that you turn your lights on when it rains in Sweden. How the hail will I know when it’s raining in Sweden?
  • Cows love lying down in the rain because they actually try to keep each udder dry.
  • At my last job, I would make it rain. But the customer is finally complained saying they were being hit with quarters and cents.
  • It’s too wet to woo for an owl to become affectionate at all in the rain.
  • When you cross any classic card game with a hurricane what do you get?
Bridge over troubled water.
  • I’d run fast, and I would either escape the storm in time or just cry drying.
  • Be careful not to step in a poodle when it’s actually raining cats and dogs.
  • The world’s wettest animal has to be the Rain-deer.
  • The pitter-patter of the rain in my house is truly wonderful. But I think it’s time I better look for the one who stole my roof.
  • You know it’s really fowl weather when it rains ducks and geese.
  • Guess why the umbrella had to go to visit a doctor?
Because it was feeling quite under the weather.
  • This is August. August who?
August of wind, who would shortly become Harry-Cane.
  • Something worse than raining cats and dogs is hailing taxis.
  • Give an elephant an umbrella, and it will be the only thing that’s great and stands in the river when it rains and yet never get wet.
  • When it poured, we had salad wraps in our hands. So when we went home, we just started screaming: “Lettuce in, it’s raining outside.”
  • Using beast in fly in the rain?
Definitely, but only with their yellow jackets on.
  • It’s Wendy today, but it could be Claudia tomorrow.
  • A drizzly bear is actually a bear that has got wet in the rain.
  • Lightnings are what raindrops use to help them see where they’re actually going.
  • Can you think why you have to act really quickly during a flood?
Because it is an emergent sea after all.
  • It is going to rain tonight, accordion to the weather forecast.
  • It is the high pressure that makes a forecaster feel under the weather.
  • Lightning bolts actually crack up when they begin to laugh.
  • It’s really fascinating to know that an umbrella stands good in both dry weather and wet weather.
  • A plain bow is actually a rainbow without any color at all.
  • Hurry Cane, you really have to rain away before that storm gets to you.
  • Do you know what hurricanes like to order the most for dessert?
Candy clouds.
  • A spy has to go undercover whenever it rains.
  • I bet you that twister is the best game that every tornado loves.
Rain Puns

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