50+ Funny Ravioli Puns That Add Fun To Your Daily Rotini

Pasta becomes tastier when accompanied by a good sauce, some delicious side dish, or some ravioli puns! Yes, you heard that right. Ravioli puns are your newest friends at the dinner table. While you relish your pasta to make your stomach feel good, these ravioli puns are here to make you laugh and feel better! You will enjoy them thoroughly.

Funny Ravioli Puns

Are you looking for ravioli puns to make your Instagram captions or gift card messages more interesting? Well, here they are. Some of the hilarious ravioli puns await you, and we can’t wait for you to read and enjoy them. They are as good as a tasty bowl of pasta.

  • My friend finished cooking pasta and called out,” Food’s ready! Time to raviol-eat!”
  • I had pasta at a church, which was indeed a ravi-holy experience.
  • While I have pasta, I always listen to Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’” My favorite part of the lyrics is ‘They see me raviollin’….they hatin’”
  • I have decided to eat pasta daily because I am on a ravio-lean diet.
  • My colleague at work came up to me and said,” You like pasta, right? Do you have time to grabioli some ravioli?” 
  • I went to have dinner at my friend’s house, and ravi-holy shit, she cooks pasta better than anyone else I know.
  • I was not very hungry. So, I decided to have a small bowl of pasta ravi-only.
  • Pasta has always been a good friend to me. Whenever I feel ravi-lonely, I read ravioli puns.
  • I had pasta at a new restaurant in our locality that was something to rave-ioli about.
  •  I could never get pasta how good the ravioli was.
  • Ravioli never gets invited to hang out with the cool pasta because it is a little square.
  • A postmodernist ravioli can also be called an intellectual impasta’.

Ravioli Puns

Do you often go to restaurants and order pasta for yourself and your friends? Then, you are all going to love these ravioli puns. They are funnier than you think and spread a warm smile on your face. Also, don’t forget to share them with your friends who are as big a fan of pasta as we are! Happy reading!

  • I don’t remember a meal better than this ravioli I’ve had in the pasta few years.
  •  The pasta was so good that he kept stuffing all of it into his ravi-holei of a mouth.
  • I prefer not to experiment with my pasta. When it comes to food, I am very ravi-old school.
  • With ravioli puns, I am never ravi-lonely or sad.
  • When it comes to pasta, my mantra is, “ Feel ravi-holy when you have ravioli!”
  • I am so ravi-fully in love with pasta!
  • When a very old packet of pasta came to the party, everyone bullied it by shooting,” Ravi-oldie!”
  • When a bag of pasta proposed to its lover, it said,” I want to grow ravi-old with you, my love!”
  •  I love pasta more than anything else because I think it’s the ravi-only one for me.
  •  When the priest blesses a bag of pasta at church, you call it ravi-holy.
  • When Italians want to pasta parcel, they bring ravioli to birthday parties.
  • The chef stole a ravioli recipe and made a copy pasta.

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