100+ Reading Puns That Are Like Fresh Eyre

The English language is a dear one, and the literature is dear to many shelves. I might be shellfish and not lend my favorite books, but I’m sure our binding is strong enough to share some hilarious Reading Puns with each other. 

Funny Reading Puns

Aren’t Reading Puns just like fresh Eyre? Here is a specially curated list of Reading Puns you can enjoy with a strong cup of coffee and perhaps a few companions or book lovers who may also appreciate the reading puns.

  • We could finish each other’s sentences because we read each other’s teeth like a book.
  • He said he cooked the books to fix the account statements, but I was devastated he threw the books inside a fire.
  • I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but a book with a hot pink cover ruins the aesthetic of my bookshelf.
  • I didn’t realize I spent all day reading. Perhaps it was bound to happen.
  • If we are going to go by the book, we should have had dragons in this world already.
  • I had my nose buried under books, so my sister called help to pull me out.
  • I was so engrossed in my reading that when the librarian told me the place was about to close, I scream and said, “Just take a page out of my book and leaf!”
  • Well, of course, closed books are difficult to read, you haven’t even opened it yet, can’t judge a book by its cover now, can we?
  • She spoke big words I had never heard of. I guess she was an open dictionary.
  • Something was cooking in my fantasy book, and the aroma pulled me deeper and deeper into the pages of the books.
  • When I came back home, Sarah was apparently ‘putting her nephew to book’ because he broke the flower vase. Boy I would’ve loved reading books as a punishment.
  • They said I was reading too much into it and overthinking, but I didn’t even have a book with me at that time.
  • I read the book dry, but I found no answers to my questions.
  • The bookson in the oven smelled like a delight, but alas, I had to put down the book.
  • She finally took her nose out of the books and came back from the read.
  • I love to smell new books. I guess that’s putting your nose in a book.
  • I fell from the bus and started reading from the knee. They were confused whether to call an ambulance or the library.
  • Sarah reads of the new book smell, and she thinks it’s the most appealing perfume.
  • When I asked my grandfather to tell us a story, he read us into the civil war in Mars, where horses were clacking their feet.
  • “One should avoid biting that hand that reads you,” is the quote every bookworm followed as a child who loved bedtime stories.
  • “I cannot wait to go back to my comfy read,” I told my colleagues.
  • The little girl was born and read in the outskirts of Mumbai.
  • As soon as I turned my book, they started to talk again.
  • We have completed almost 15 chapters. There’s no turning book now.
  • The Kite Runner by Hosseini was completely off the book, and I’ve got goosebumps.
Reading Puns
  • On my way back, I saw a bookstore having a big sale. It was an author I couldn’t refuse.
  • One should always book towards the bright side; one can’t strain their eyes reading in the dark.
  • In this day and page, a good book is all we need to cozy ourselves up in the corner of the room.
  • The shopkeeper gave me a discount of Rs. 2000 off on my purchase of books worth Rs. 5000. His author was generous.
  • Captain Book was after the life of Peter Pan.
  • I needed to get the job at the publishing house, either by the book or by crook.
  • She had never seen her brother so angry. At her page, the words sounded strange.
  • The irony is that it is a page of workers rather than thinkers.
  • The Internet page has distracted the young youth from print media these days.
  • I was told to do the laundry, but I was caught with a book in my hand read-handed.
  • I would be better of read than living in a planet of betrayal.
  • My favorite hobby is going to the park and reading the ducks.
  • The mama bird will be back to read her children some more worms.
  • Children of this page aren’t so innocent anymore and their mockingbirds have been killed.
  • And then, after about five years of a happy relationship, Sarah read-ed Harish and they lived happily ever after.
  • Sarah and Harish’s reading was a jolly event to look back to.
  • She readed driving on the mountains during monsoon.
  • In the book of my mind, I kept thinking about the bookstore I saw on my way to college.
  • I tried the oldest trick in the book, and I felt bad for being a cliché.
  • If we were to follow everything by the book, the gravitational constant would always be a perfect 9.8 m/s2.
  • Harry Potter is always in the majority’s good books, it being a phenomenal story.
  • “Reading is always a novel idea,” said our English professor.
  • The book about Mt. Everest had the biggest cliff hanger.
  • My brand-new textbook on antigravity is incredibly fascinating. It is impossible to put down.
  • The Eyre was humid and hot, and it was the perfect day to curl up in a cozy corner and read Charlotte Bronte’s works.
  • Charlotte Bronte’s books are always like a breath of fresh Eyre.
  • It was shelf care Saturday, and the smell of old books was like a breath of fresh Eyre.
  • A book on teleportation definitely takes you to some whole other place and time.
  • The book lover readed the readings puns her friends would say to her, and she would often run off for fresh Eyre.
  • I was rambling on and on about how much I look forward to going back on my book of the Lord of The Rings series, but they didn’t know what I was Tolkien about.
  • The shelf-ection of books on my shelf was the only thing good about my messy room.
  • I can be very shelf-ish when it comes to lending my books, so I usually don’t. 
  • Being greedy and shelf-ish doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • She was so shelf-less, she donated half of her books to an NGO.
  • She wanted to get rid of her shelf-esteem issues by letting go of her books.
  • Meeting my shelf-ebrities is my biggest dream.
  • Is it odd that dream can also spell read, and I dream whatever I read?
  • I could shelf more than a dozen books to the bookstore.
  • I needed to carry a pile of books back to the library, but no one would shelf me out.
  • “I shelf love to be your friend,” Harish said and smiled at the lady he met in the library.
  • This shelf-ection of reading puns is stealing my heart away.
  • “I shelf be of great service to you and your country,” said the pile of books to the librarian.
  • “It shelf be my pleasure to take you out on a date,” said the book lover to his girlfriend.
  • He pulled out a hand and said, “shelf we dance?”
  • The shelf-ection of books in Chetham’s Library in Britain is breathtaking.
  • The new shelf-ection of books in the library was like a breath of fresh Eyre.
  • Did you know seven days without a reading pun makes one weak?
  • Our English instructor didn’t promote the Braille books because they were too touch-sensitive.
  • All classic book lovers crave a Hamlet for breakfast.
  • Frankenstein’s brother prefers eye candy, rather than eating brains.
  • It is a war with words on books of adventure.
  • “What is so punny?”
asked the angry book titled Fun with Reading Puns.
  • We were just fission for laughter with the fat book of Reading Puns.
  • The English teacher collected a fine called ‘syntax’ for every error a student in her class made.
  • I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find Shake’s speare.
  • I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find Shake’s pear.
  • The book lovers went on a date to McDonald’s to order a MacBeth.
Reading Puns

If you are in need of more entertainment, hilarious Book Puns Make You Laugh which are bound to make the whole family laugh out loud!

Reading Jokes

Best enjoyed with a Hamlet or a happy meal consisting of a MacBeth Burger, take a look at these hilarious reading puns especially curated for book lovers and literature lovers like you.

  • Why was The Woman in the Window by Dan Mallory so similar to Saving April by Sarah Denzil?
Maybe someone took a leaf out of someone’s book.
  • Who stole all the books in Sarah’s shelf?
The Book Thief.
  • What is a carpet where everyone is comfortable reading at called?
The read carpet.
  • What would a bookworm prefer more than a bed and breakfast?
A read and breakfast.
  • What is a bookworm’s favorite breakfast item?
Read and butter.
  • What is a book lover’s favorite breakfast item?
A Hamlet.
  • What is a book lover’s go-to dish at McDonald’s?
A MacBeth.
  • What is Shakespeare’s favorite fruit?
  • What is Shakespeare’s go-to dish at McDonald’s?
A MacBeth.
  • What was Shakespeare’s favorite breakfast item?
A Hamlet.
  • What is a bookworm’s favorite meal?
  • What is it called when you find a book you have been looking for after a long time?
Back from the read.
  • Where is the bookworm now?
Gone with the wind.
  • Where is the bookworm now?
Gone with the book.
  • What does a book lover say to a poet friend when waking them up?
“Rhyme and shine!”
  • What would a bookish Captain chasing the Lost Boys would be called?
Captain Book.
  • What did one old book say to another?
“Old pages bring a lot of back pain. My binding is falling off and I might’ve lost a few pages.”
  • Where did the bookworm go off to read?
The New Grub Street.
  • What did one book lover say to another when they lost a great book and couldn’t find it anywhere?
“The fault is in our stars.”
  • What did John Green say when he made a mistake?
“The fault is in our stars.”
  • What took the book lover’s innocence away?
Harper Lee’s novel on ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  • What is a bartender’s favorite book?
Tequilla Mockingbird.
  • What name was called to the short highted book lovers for teasing them?
The Little Women.
  • What did the book lover tell her friends when she was busy?
“Sorry, I’m completely booked.
  • Why couldn’t Sarah stop reading that book about anti-gravity?
Because it was impossible to put down.
Reading Puns
  • Why couldn’t Sarah muster up the courage to read the book about gravity?
Because it kept falling out of her hands.
  • What did Charlotte Bronte’s fan tell her? “”
You’re such a breath of fresh Eyre!
  • What did the Charlotte Bronte fan say before leaving for the library?
“I need some fresh Eyre.”
  • What did the book lover say to her friend?
“You should not be afraid to treat your shelf some time!”
  • What did the book lover say to her friend?
“I cannot control my shelf when it comes to buying books.”
  • What did the book lover say to her friend when she lost her favorite book?
“I’m looking for Alaska.”
  • Why was John Green lost in Canada?
He was looking for Alaska.
  • What do book lovers do with their favorite books?
They take a shelfie.
  • What is a literature lover comedian’s favorite book?
The one with all the reading puns.
  • What is a literature lover comedian’s favorite book?
The Pun Also Rises.
  • What is a literature lover comedian’s favorite book?
A Thousand Splendid Puns.
  • What would Khaled Hosseini write as a joke?
A Thousand Splendid Puns.
  • If Khaled Hosseini ever writes a book on readings puns, what would it be called?
A Thousand Splendid Reading Puns.
  • What did the book lover say when her friend told her she doesn’t like Lord of The Rings?
“You don’t know what you’re Tolkien about!”
  • What did the book lover say when her friend asked if she could borrow a book from her?
“I’m sorry, I can’t, I’m very shelf-ish about my books.”
  • What did the book lover say to his crush?
“It shelf be my pleasure to take you to the library, or perhaps coffee?”
  • What do book lovers look forward to spending together?
Shelf-entine’s Day.
  • What is it called when you spend Valentine’s Day with your bookshelf?
A book lover’s way of celebrating Shelf-entine’s Day.
  • What is it called when all your favorite authors show up in front of you?
Shelf-ebrities showing up in your dream.
  • How did the book lover ask out his crush on the dance floor?
By asking, “Shelf we dance?”
  • How do book lovers call each other?
With their shelf-phones.
  • What is the funniest book about reading called?
A Shelf-ection of Reading Puns and Jokes.
  • What do rich book lovers travel in?
In a shelf-icopter.
  • What is a helicopter full of books called?
A shelf-icopter.
  • Why don’t book lovers like to lend their books?
Because they are shelf-ish.
  • How did the book lover ask a girl out on prom? “
By saying, “Shelf we dance?
  • What did the book lover say when she lost her favorite book to a nasty fall?
“I need some fresh Eyre.”
  • What is a drunk book lover’s favorite book?
Tequila Mockingbird.
  • What is a Shakespearean play that has been written up and saved as a Word document called?
A play on Word.
  • What does the priest say when two book lovers get married?
“I now pronouns you she and he.”
  • Which dinosaur knows most of the synonyms?
The Thesaurus.
  • Which is the most educated dinosaur?
The Thesaurus.
  • How did the book lover bless her daughter who was getting married to her boyfriend?
By saying, “Metaphors be with you!”
  • What did the book lovers say when they start watching Star Wars, the movie?
“Metaphors be with you!”
  • What did the English instructor say just before an open-mic poem day?
“Metaphors be with you!”
  • What did the Thesaurus eat for breakfast?
A synonym roll.
  • What is a poet’s most desired breakfast?
A synonym roll.
  • What makes a Caesar salad?
Stabbing vegetables 23 times.
  • What did Frankenstein say when he discovered hairdryers?
“This is blowing my mind!”
  • What made the book lovers constantly laugh?
A book on Reading Puns and Jokes.
  • What is the title of a book written by a stand-up comedian who majored in English?
“Pun with Reading Puns.”
  • What was the retarded book lover frantically looking for?
Shake’s pear.
Reading Puns

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